All The News That Is Fit To Print (When It Says What We Want To Hear)

After surveying the response of Greater Wingnuttia (via Memeorandum) to the NY Times piece we discussed earlier, it is good to see there has been no reforumulation in the wankosphere as to what constitutes media bias. The old formula still holds:

“If I disagree with or don’t like a story, then it is liberal media bias. If I agree with or like a story, then it’s so powerful that not even the liberally biased media can ignore it.”

So the NY Times writes a story about the security situation getting better, and the wankosphere goes into overdrive to show that this times, the NY Times gets it right. All those other times, they just had BDS or something. Captain Ed:

The New York Times finally discovers a breaking news story from Iraq — that life has improved as a result of the surge.


Now that the Times has finally acknowledged the success of the surge and the reality of Petraeus’ testimony, will they apologize for disparaging the American commander so viciously? Will they retract their political hitpiece of an editorial of September 11th? Don’t bet on it. The Times will undoubtedly take the position that all of this success happened yesterday.

You kinda wonder if he even read the NY times piece, or just got so excited by the headline that he went into overdrive. The deep thinkers at NewsBusters:

That’s not a cement mixer you hear. It’s the collective Dem gnashing of teeth. Things have gotten so bad — meaning good — in Iraq that now even the New York Times is reporting it.

A slight error in the gloating at Weekly Standard, as they admit that things WEREN’T going so great until very recently:

What those articles say is that we’re finally winning in Iraq, that the lives of ordinary Iraqis are getting better, and that the surge has saved the lives of thousands of innocent people. Apparently that’s not a story the “reality-based community” is very comfortable with.

Yes. They are so uncomfortable with the notion they reported it on the FRONT PAGE.


Well, knock me over with a straw–and get Harry Reid a Kleenex. The NYTimes, yes, the NYTimes, reports what you’ve been reading from milbloggers and embeds in the blogosphere for weeks and months…

Yes, Micehlle. They try to report things as they see it, not as how they want things to be. A novel concept. And so it goes on virtually every right-wing blog- shock that the NY Times is reporting this news. For a brief moment of sanity, head to Tom Maguire, who notes the following:

That said, the Times had a still-defensible point about the lack of progress towards political reconciliation in Iraq:

The chief objective of the surge was to reduce violence enough that political leaders in Iraq could learn to work together, build a viable government and make decisions to improve Iraqi society, including sharing oil resources. Congress set benchmarks that Mr. Bush accepted. But after independent investigators last week said that Baghdad had failed to meet most of those markers, Mr. Crocker dismissed them. The biggest achievement he had to trumpet was a communiqué in which Iraqi leaders promised to talk more.

Dan Drezner also puts things into context:

This report, combined with reports on monthly deaths from sectarian violence, suggest that the effects of the surge are clear — we’ve managed to get Baghdad back to the place it was prior to the February 2006 bombing of a Shiite shrine in Samarra. I believe this is also a period in which even members of the Bush administration admitted that their Iraq policy was “adrift.”

The Times also goes on to note the following:

By one revealing measure of security — whether people who fled their home have returned — the gains are still limited. About 20,000 Iraqis have gone back to their Baghdad homes, a fraction of the more than 4 million who fled nationwide, and the 1.4 million people in Baghdad who are still internally displaced, according to a recent Iraqi Red Crescent Society survey.

Which, no doubt, will be ignored or treated as proof of their liberal bias. Regardless, I reiterate my previous sentiments. I am glad that things are a touch safer, and I hope this is a lasting trend. We have, however, been down this road before, and should things unfortunately take a turn for the worse, no doubt it will be the fault of the pinkos at the NY Times who just have BDS.

Steyn- Not Smart

Pervez Musharraf had cricket star Imran Khan arrested:

Police in Pakistan arrested cricket legend Imran Khan and later charged him under anti-terrorism laws after he emerged from hiding to join a student protest Wednesday…

Khan, who led Pakistan to cricket World Cup glory in 1992, founded a small but vocal opposition party and called for Musharraf to be hanged for treason after the military ruler imposed emergency rule on November 3.

Mark Steyn at NRO remarks:

Imran is a ghastly opportunist who played a big part in fomenting Newsweek’s phony-baloney Koran-in-a-can story. But it’s hard to see what Musharraf has to gain by arresting him. I wonder if the finer points of the “emergency” are slipping beyond his control.

Steyn, of course, is dead wrong. Musharraf understands the finer points perfectly well- the Decider decides who is a threat, the Decider then throws them in jail to protect us from danger using “terrorism” as the justification, and then the decider detains them forever, sometimes in a secret location, sometimes sending them to Syria, and often times torturing them ourselves.

Musharraf understand things very well, and even though Marc Steyn is British Canadian, by now he should understand this is just the American way of doing things. Hell, he and his amoral and idiotic cohort have spent the better part of the last 6 years making this the new reality. You would think they would recognize it in practice.

The “War” on Thanksgiving

Uh-oh! Seems like some Seattle Public Schools official hates America!

With so many holidays approaching we want to again remind you that Thanksgiving can be a particularly difficult time for many of our Native students. … Eleven myths are identified about Thanksgiving, take a look at #11 and begin your own deconstruction.

Myth #11: Thanksgiving is a happy time
Fact: For many Indian people, “Thanksgiving” is a time of mourning, of remembering how a gift of generosity was rewarded by theft of land and seed corn, extermination of many from disease and gun, and near total destruction of many more from forced assimilation. As currently celebrated in this country, “Thanksgiving” is a bitter reminder of 500 years of betrayal returned for friendship.

Guess who’s having a tantrum?

Look, I’m all for truthful, historically accurate lessons about Thanksgiving. But the “diversity”-peddlers’ agenda is not about historical accuracy. It’s about guilt-mongering and institutional racism indoctrination. […]

Tear up your kids’ construction-paper headdresses pronto and prepare for an Unhappy Un-Thanksgiving.

Heaven forbid that these seditious teachers actually tell students things that are, you know, historically accurate! Shorter Malkin: “I’m for historical accuracy, except when it reflects poorly on our ancestors. Inter these traitors!”

Added: Do you think Michelle Malkin, along with the other residents of metropolitan Wackistan, have a series of fill-in-the-blank templates for all these “War on X” posts?

That Ain’t S’posta Happen!

For those who don’t read the “Republican or Bust” crowd at The Corner, they’re a little rattled today. Yesterday, Ron Paul raised an astonishing $4,000,000.

Update: Glenn Greenwald has thoughts.

Danger, Will Robinson!

Michelle Malkin, last week:

Update 1:00pm Eastern. Snort-worthy blue-on-blue spat of the day: ThinkProgress vs. CNN.

Snort-worthy reverse conspiracy theorizing of the day: ThinkProgress in a tizzy over a McConnell aide’s e-mail to reporters about blogger coverage of Harry Reid’s poster child abuse, which the left-wing group touts as proof! proof! that McConnell was “involved in the right-wing campaign to smear Graeme Frost and his family.” He’s no more “involved” in the “right-wing smear” than CNN or any of the other MSM outlets trailing behind and finally asking hard-headed questions about the story behind the story.


Update 1:10pm Eastern 10/10. Snort-worthy conspiracy theory of the day…The tinfoil hatters at ThinkProgress actually believes conservative bloggers were in cahoots with Mitch McConnell, whom I lambasted below. The unreality-based community really does live in a different galaxy.


The Horses Mouth brings us this story:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s spokesman acknowledged yesterday that he alerted reporters last week to questions bloggers raised about the financial circumstances of a 12-year-old boy Democrats had used to urge passage of an expanded children’s health insurance program.

But Don Stewart, the Kentucky Republican’s communications director, said he also wrote a follow-up e-mail later the same day that said a blogger he respected had determined that there was no story and that “the family is legit.”

Personally, I would call that ‘proof! proof!’

I believe that would make the current score in the Frost affair:

Tin-Hat Nutroots Leftard Members of the Unreality Based Community from Another Galaxy: 11833

Citizen Journalist Michelle Malkin: 0

Seriously. Is there any aspect of this story our intrepid ‘reporter’ has gotten right? The Frost’s aren’t rich. They aren’t paying for expensive schools. They don’t run a lucrative business. They don’t live in a mansion. They were not claiming they would be hurt by this veto.

And most important of all, they don’t have marble counters.