McClellan’s Rehab, Slower Than Expected

Captain Ed:

Expect all sides to redefine McClellan in order to either boost or reduce his credibility. To the Right, McClellan will have been the worst press secretary of modern times, and to the Left a man of extraordinary ability chased out of his job by Bush’s minions. The truth will be somewhere in the middle. When he left office, most people on both sides considered him a mediocrity at best. His status as favored punching bag for the hard Left can best be captured in the Keith Olbermann farewell McClellan received as he exited in April 2006. It will be particularly amusing to watch this fringe try to rehabilitate McClellan now.

Let’s see that rehabilitation of character that Ed seems to think is going to happen. Firedoglake:

For three years, Scott McClellan stood before the White House press corp and humiliated himself, saying things he knew were probably false or misleading, while pretending that by dissembling for his President he was serving his country. In now confessing his sins and spins, he still clings to the hope of redemption by saying, gosh, they meant well, even if they were all lying about everything.

No rehab there. Let’s try Too Sense:

McClellan has every reason to lie or twist events: making himself a sympathetic character helps him sell books and he wants to minimize the role he played in one of the most flagrant violations of the public trust by the office of the President in history.

Nope, none there either. Let’s try Steve Benen:

One can’t help but wonder, of course, if this is McClellan’s way of trying to save his own skin — as the Bush gang is condemned by history, McClellan doesn’t want to be associated with failure.

Of course, if he’d thought to speak up when it mattered, instead of after the fact, McClellan’s ability to make a difference might have had an effect. Now, it’ll sell books, but it’s a little late in the game.

Nope, no rehab there. Maybe the GOS:

Well, that’s one way to put it. Another might be to say that for three years he willingly distorted and lied about Iraq, about domestic spying, about secret prisons, about torture, and of course, about the White House role in the outing of Valerie Plame. Or he didn’t lie and, as the truth was revealed about these many issues, he chose to stay on and defend Iraq and domestic spying and secret prisons and torture and of course, the people who lied to him about their role in the outing of Valerie Plame. Which is it?

No mercy there, either:

What about the the Rude Pundit:

Hopefully, the book will tank, and McClellan will be reduced to blowing Hannity for nickels. Screw this obsequious pig-fucking son of a bitch, this grubby little man-whore, attempting to purge his soul of the taint and stench of death and sorrow while pulling in a buck or two. He’s not honorable enough to have fallen on his sword, rhetorically or literally. And he’s not even loyal enough to have shut the fuck up (at least an admirable quality in the abstract). He deserves a room in Hell lined with televisions playing his sneering statements of complicity on an endless loop while he’s forced to sit on a couch made of the bloated corpses of Katrina victims. Way too little, way, way too late, you miserable bucket of spooge.

That ain’t rehab in my book.

Even the libertarians are jumping on him:

According to press reports, McClellan says that the Bush administration lied to him about everything, all the time. Which sounds about right, though one gets to wondering either just how clever McClellan is or how dumb he is that it took him so long to figure that out.

No, Captain Ed, the fringe isn’t going to try to “rehab” this dick.

What will be funny is watching Bush sycophants attack him because he has dared to speak ill of W. That will be entertaining.


Apparently, over the week-end, Obama errantly said that is Great Uncle helped to liberate Auschwitz, when he actually liberated Buchenvald:

Obama’s campaign clarified the comments about the candidate’s great-uncle liberating Auschwitz, saying Obama was “mistaken,” and was referring to Buchenwald, not Auschwitz. “Senator Obama’s family is proud of the service of his grandfather and uncles in World War II – especially the fact that his great uncle was a part of liberating one of the concentration camps at Buchenwald,” said spokesman Bill Burton.

This, of course, sent the fact-checkers in the right wing blogosphere into hyper-drive– “Obama rewrites history” stated one, “Dumber than Bush, Dumber than Quayle,” stated another! It is true- this lack of vetting of great uncle’s stories of their military history is a serious, serious lack of judgment, and who knows what kind of mayhem it could lead to were Obama to become President.

Why, he may not know the difference between Shia and Sunni.

He may actually go to Arizona to celebrate a birthday when New Orleans is flooding.

He may invade the wrong country after terrorists attack us.

Who knows what kind of mayhem this appalling lack of judgment might lead to?

*** Update ***

I really can not tell you how silly these guys look making this line of attack. You really need to click the memorandum link above and check out the reactions. After eight years of fellating the guy who was so dumb his press conferences should have come with a laugh track, they are now really trying to claim Obama is stupid.

A Whole Lotta Jacobs

This is quite a gem:

Jose is again the top boy’s name for babies born in Texas in 2007, evidence, as one approving blogger puts it, “that decades of Hispanic immigration has fundamentally changed this state’s character.” Did anyone ask Texans if, you know, they wanted to fundamentally change the state’s character? (You can search by state and year here.)

Why, those bastards. I bet no one asked Texans if they wanted to get older every day, but lo and behold, it is happening! This remark is so revealing, as it really shows you the modern conservative mindset- “THINGS ARE CHANGING AND IT SCARES ME TO DEATH! What can the government do to stop this?”

At any rate, I looked up WV and the surrounding states, and one name stuck out as exceedingly popular- Jacob.

It is #1 in WV, KY, and Ohio, #2 in PA and VA, and #4 in Maryland. Just seems like a whole lot of Jacobs, and there is pretty clearly a generational component to names. Jacob did not break the top ten in names in Kentucky until 1991, Ohio in 1992, West Virginia in 1993, Virginia in 1995, and Maryland and Pennsylvania in 1996.

Interesting, although I have no idea what it means, and I did not go through all fifty states, so I have no idea if this is a regional thing. I will bet there is a thesis for someone in there somewhere.

For the record, Jacob’s Ladder was released in 1990.

*** Update ***

BTW- The name Jose has been #1 in Texas since 1992, suggesting clearly the “problem” is worse than we thought.

Communists at the NRO

Ruh roh. Byron York shows his inner defeatist:

For many of us, the war was supposed to be about U.S. national security and only about U.S. national security. It would be nice if we could make Iraq a better place, just as it would be nice if we could make Afghanistan a better place, but that was never a sufficient reason to go to war. The reason to go to war was to find and kill every last son of a bitch who had anything to do with 9/11. And that job was not the main focus in Iraq, and in any event is unfortunately not finished.

One of the main reasons John McCain is facing such an tough job today is that we are now in the sixth year of a war that the president of his own party started by mistake. That’s a major headwind when you’re running for president; an error of that magnitude will exact a political price. Would anyone be surprised if voters say that they’ve had enough?

Is that the first time someone at the NRO has stated, without mincing words, that the Iraq war was a “mistake?” I thought that only defeatocrats and terrorist enablers felt that way (as well as the majority of the population).

As the right-wing pundits begin to realize what a horrible drag the Iraq War will be on their 2008 electoral chances, expect the rhetoric to continue to shift from “It was the right thing to do all along” to “Of course it was a mistake, everyone agrees it was a mistake by that idiot Bush, no one has ever argued otherwise, but now that we are there we have to WIN! (ponies ponies ponies!).”

Meanwhile, I will leave it to the rocket scientists at the NRO and elsewhere to perform this rhetorical shift all the while attempting to maintain the other rhetorical front in which they must attempt to convincingly argue that the war in Iraq has “made us safer.”

Good luck with that, sophists everywhere.

*** Update ***

Tim IM’s Derbyshire may have also called it a mistake (another reader reminds me Derb was against the war from the beginning, so that doesn’t count).

K-Lo’s House of Crazy

A commenter calls it:

Oh,noes! It’s Memorial Day, and Google didn’t prep some fancy holiday-theme logo. I’m sure K-Lo will be all over this…

She does not disappoint (and praises a site named for dogshit in the process.)

Oh, and for what it’s worth, The Corner has no fancy graphics honoring Memorial Day today either.