How Stupid Is NoQuarter?

I know, I know. That is like asking “How much is infinity?” So while an exact measurement of the idiocy at this last bastion of Hillary support is, shall we say, difficult to attain, I can report that they are stupid enough that they took this spoof at FDL seriously:

I know we’re not supposed to directly quote AP stories without paying them serious cash, but this story is so important and has such major ramifications for this election — which will of course decide the leader of the free world — that I feel it vital to get this information out there immediately. The AP is to be praised for their tough-minded professional journalism.

Bernie Mac makes off-color joke at Obama event

See for yourself:

It simply does not get any better than this. I might as well shut down this blog, because there will never be anything better than this. I have screenshots of the rest for when they inevitably disappear it, but you might want to chronicle some of the comments.

Such luck- I fell asleep on the couch, woke up to go to bed, but needed to turn off the lights in the office, and while in there I stumbled across this at memeorandum. What a score.

*** Update **

Still not getting it. Someone please tell her that even the author of the FDL piece acknowledges it is a spoof.


Michelle Malkin is pissed:

Make sure you click on all those links and then be sure to leave the links in the comments section of this clueless CNN piece about Col. Day.

Why? Because you wouldn’t know about Col. Day’s extraordinary heroism if you only got your news from CNN, which falsely states in a reductionist hit job on Day: “McCain Truth Squad defender was Swift Boat Vet member.”

I understand that 99% of what I write here is snark and sarcasm, but I am being completely serious when I state I do not understand why she is so angry. I have read the CNN piece, and there really is nothing offensive there. Go read the entire thing and tell me if you can figure out what is so controversial.

I honestly have no idea what is so terrible about this CNN piece. It can’t be that he is being called a Swift Boat vet, as Michelle thinks they are truth-tellers and he clearly was in the Swift Vet commercial. It can’t be that they said anything offensive about Day, because they didn’t. Is it really because they did not inlcude a several paragraph summation of Day’s military background, as Jesse Taylor states?

Again, I am being serious- what is she so upset about?

Someone Also Thought Putting Rob Schneider In Movies Was a Good Idea

I am a little late to the game on this, but this is all kinds of awesome from K-Lo’s House of Crazy:

A totally crazy Saturday-morning thought: Wouldn’t George W. Bush make an awesome high-school government teacher? Wouldn’t it be something if his post-presidential life would up being that kind of post-service service? How’s that for a model? Who needs Harvard visiting chairs and high-end lectures? How about Crawford High? (Or wherever?) Reach out and touch the young before they are jaded, or break them of the cynicism pop culture and possibly their parents have passed down to them. Whatever you think of President Bush, he’s a likable guy in love with his country with some history and experience to share.

Like I said, crazy. Saturday. Have a good one.

A solid front-runner for the worst idea of 2008…

I Report, You Decide

Captain Ed, over at Hot Air, puts up another video attacking Obama (this time for flipping on gun control), and states the following in his title:

“Obama still doesn’t get YouTube, does he?”

Yeah, Ed. They guy who fueled his candidacy with YouTube videos and viral videos and whose campaign has a YouTube page and was notorious for emailing youtube links to the press and who raised closed to 300 million on the internet doesn’t understand YouTube. At least not as good as John McCain, who will talk at length about “a google.” Posts like this from Captain Ed and others make me wonder if the right-wing bloggers lack a complete and total sense of awareness and understanding of reality, or if they really are just Rovian hacks who have completely internalized the concept of attacking your opposition’s strengths.

Or maybe both.

The Dimmest Bulbs on the Internet

Sometimes you just never can tell what the fauxtrage du jour from the right will be, and this one caught me off-guard (or, in Republican speak, with my pants down and my hand underneath a bathroom stall):

During the course of the hearing, Congressman and Obama Superdelegate William Delahunt (MA-10) asked Mr. Addington about water boarding. Mr. Addington responded that he would not go into details because Al Qaeda is probably watching.

Congressman Delahunt’s response was, “I’m glad they finally have a chance to see you.”

Mr. Delahunt now denies he meant what he said. But what he clearly said was “I’m glad they finally have a chance to see you.” Al Qaeda now knows the face of one of the men who relentlessly pursues its henchmen and deals with their interrogations. Mr. Addington volunteered for public service, not a death sentence with Congressional encouragement. Mr. Delahunt is both a vile liar and a cowardly lion willing to roar down at Mr. Addington while encouraging terrorists to do his dirty work in a war he has been ineffective at stopping.

The left, while attacking Charlie Black for stating the obvious — that a terrorist incident helps the GOP politically because they are seen as more competent in the national security arena — is defending this degradation of congressional discourse and vile swipe at Mr. Addington.

This discourse — a member of Congress glad Al Qaeda has a face it can pursue — is beneath the dignity of the Congress and beneath the dignity of civil discourse in this country.

They are, apparently, serious. Think about that for a minute.

They are now demanding censure of Delahunt under the laughable premise that Al Qaeda is now going to hunt down David Addington. Never mind that John Yoo, who is just as responsible for much of administration policy, has had his face plastered all over everything for years and has been the target of approximately ZERO assassination attempts. At any rate, I think after they punish Delahunt, I think they should go after some other more high profile sources, who have clearly been posting Addington’s likeness in an attempt to have him offed by evil terrrorists. We can start with the following:

The Associated Press
US News
Matt Yglesias
The Washington Note

Granted, finding all of those pictures requires a passing familiarity with the internet and “a google,” and these are Republicans at Red State and McCain supporters, so maybe this technology eludes them, too. But if Al Qaeda is watching C-Span as Mr. Addington asserted in one of his dodges during questioning, I am betting they use the intertrons.

Regardless, on and on it goes- it seems as if the entire establishment is calling out for Al Qaeda to attack Addington. And mind you, this is the same media that tried to have Cheney and Rumsfeld offed by publishing photos of their vacation homes, so this is not a new thing for these terrorist enablers.

And if you don’t find it troubling enough that all of these sources have “lowered the discourse” and provided Al Qaeda with a target to pursue, you don’t even realize the true extent of the perfidy- here is an entire PBS show flashing pictures of Addington and other members of the inner circle (event moving pictures, Sen. McCain) for Al Qaeda. A government subsidized network, in league with the terrorists.

But, my friends, brace yourself. It only gets worse. If you look here, you will see that the rot is deep and the fix is in. The White House itself is in on this:

Vice President Dick Cheney attends a classified briefing, Friday, May 11, 2007, aboard the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis in the Persian Gulf. Seated with the Vice President from left is U.S. Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates Michele Sison; U.S. naval commander Vice Admiral Kevin J. Cosgriff; USS John C. Stennis Strike Group Commander Rear Admiral Kevin Quinn; Chief of Staff to the Vice President David Addington. White House photo by David Bohrer.

In fact, a quick search of the White House website reveals several photos of Addington, as well as information that could be used to “pursue” him. Why does the White House hate America?

Oh, and by the way, this quote from David Addington somehow seems relevant:

“We’re one bomb away from getting rid of that obnoxious court.”

HAHAHA, funny shit, amirite, Red State?

*** Update ***

The Newshoggers have heard of “a google” too. And really, anyone who thinks this is a defense of Delahunt is just looking for an excuse to be outraged. Delahunt may be a total jackass, and I don’t know why he said what he said, but the notion that Al Qaeda now has a fix on Addington’s “super duper secret” identity is even dumber than Delahunt’s initial remarks. As one commenter quipped below, maybe we should just give Addington a Valerie Plame mask.