Pretty Amusing

In case there are a few Sanders supporters I haven’t alienated yet, this from Alexandra Petri is pretty funny:

If Sanders supporters complained about other things the way they complain about election results

This game is rigged. The pawns get to move almost NOWHERE, whereas the QUEEN (DETECT ANY RESEMBLANCE HERE???) can just move wherever she likes with no apparent rhyme or reason. She’s not a bishop or a rook. Why does she move like one? Also, the black pieces have to move second, which is TOTALLY unfair and needs to be looked into, unless I am playing with the white pieces today.

I played exactly the same word as my opponent, using exactly the same letters, and received fewer points for it — just because I wasn’t on some pink square, which my opponent claimed gave you DOUBLE the points. Pretty sure that’s the definition of rigged. Why would you just randomly have squares all over the board that counted for MORE or FEWER points when it’s just the same words? Also my opponent had two BLANK tiles, which just got to be WHATEVER letters she wanted. This seems made-up. Milton Bradley are shills who are trying to prevent the revolution. Also, “BERN” is totally a word.

Sometimes when the ball lands it is worth 10 points and sometimes it is worth 15 points? This is not consistent. Also, sometimes you only need to win, like, 18 games? But other times you need to win maybe 30? The rules should not be like this. I hear that this game was invented by kings, and now I know why: BECAUSE IT SILENCES THE POINTS OF THE LITTLE GUY. Plus, to win you need ads, and you know who pays for ads.

THIS GAME IS EVEN MORE RIGGED THAN THE ECONOMY. Hear me out. Usually when you get a heart or the queen of spades, it is an obvious negative, but somehow if you get ALL of the hearts and the queen of spades, you win? This is a blatant lie meant to disenfranchise voters, except for the time when it happened to me by mistake, then it was good.

I chuckled.

I was wrong. I’m sorry.

A little more than a year ago, I wrote the following after it was announced that Senator Sanders had raised an impressive $1.5 million in the 24 hours after he announced his candidacy:

The mister and I played a small part in Bernie’s surprisingly successful showing: We made our first political contribution of 2016 to Sanders’ campaign yesterday in the hope that his candidacy would drag Hillary Clinton a few centimeters leftward. Little did we guess we were droplets in a socialist cash tsunami!

Sanders is still surfing that tsunami, but now I am heartily sorry to have been a part of it. Sanders’ arrogant statement yesterday, in which he failed to condemn the appalling behavior of his supporters at the Nevada Democratic Convention and instead engaged in crybaby complaining about the process, was the last fucking straw for me.

For weeks if not months now, whenever someone would suggest that Sanders might screw the pooch by irreversibly ginning up ill-will toward the Democratic Party among his fringier supporters, I insisted that Sanders cared too much about making progress on his issues and preserving his influence in the senate to go down such a damaging path.

Well, the statement linked above suggests that y’all were right, and I was wrong. Sanders seems prepared to Nader us, so (to quote valued commenter Burnsie) fuck him, the horse he rode in on, the farrier who shod the horse and the farmers who grew the wheat and oats.

I still hope and trust that the vast majority of Sanders supporters will come around after Clinton wins the nomination. All the ones I personally know plan to do that — they aren’t morons.

I still suspect that many of the loopier BernieBros were never Democrats in the first place but rather Greenies who voted for Jill Stein in 2012 because Obama wasn’t pure enough for them or Paultroons who are in it for the Fed audit. So if they defect, it won’t much matter.

But I’ve learned my lesson about making political gestures. This is serious shit; it’s too important for playacting. I wish I were confident Senator Sanders understands that.

I deleted my Attytood bookmark today…


No, not really. But one histrionic, illustrated account of a meaningless personal gesture deserves another, and Will Bunch’s “I burned my Democratic voter registration card today” is a dramatic chipmunk of a post:

[A]s a concerned citizen and a progressive independent voter, I’d love to see an open convention and an honest debate about the future of the Democratic Party here in Philadelphia. I have little doubt that a fair and transparent confab, guided by rank-and-file progressives and not by lobbyists, would cast the money changers from the temple and embrace policies — like health care and college opportunity for all — that are favored by the majority of American voters.

I’m not optimistic that will happen, not in the least. So, TTFN, Democratic Party…ta-ta for now. Don’t worry, thanks to Pennsylvania’s closed-primary rule, I have little doubt that I’ll be back again in April 2020…to vote for an honest progressive alternative to President Clinton.

Good riddance, you fucking crybaby. Your preferred candidate couldn’t get enough votes to win the Democratic primary, boo-fucking-hoo. Been there, done that, got the stupid orange hat.

And BTW, that bit about the Democratic Party being “way too corrupt to be a real agent of progressive change”? President Obama is the current head of the Democratic Party, and comparing his progressive accomplishments to Senator Sanders’ is like comparing the mass of the fucking sun to a lentil.

So yeah, nope. You join the snow-white unicorns in the Indy Corral over yonder — we grubby, corrupt Democrats will sack up and take on the Orcs. You’re welcome.

God, I can’t wait until this primary is over. Bunch seems like a good guy and will no doubt go back to being not-stupid soon. But it’s disturbing to see these silly-ass GBCW posts from otherwise sensible people, in the same way it’s disconcerting to learn that someone you previously considered smart and perceptive admired Ayn Rand past puberty.

[H/T: relentless performance art troll srv]

“Rules, it appears, have no place in a revolution.”


This is what Bernie Sanders and Jeff Weaver are allowing a pretty good run to devolve into- a disgraceful mess that will tarnish Bernie’s legacy:

Sanders, who had national campaign operatives on the floor at the Paris, has yet to comment on the near-riot his local operatives enabled as they poured gas on a fire that started with a lawsuit against the party and ignited after arguments about rules, voice votes and rejected delegates.

Despite their social media frothing and self-righteous screeds, the facts reveal that the Sanders folks disregarded rules, then when shown the truth, attacked organizers and party officials as tools of a conspiracy to defraud the senator of what was never rightfully his in the first place. Instead of acknowledging they were out-organized by a Clinton campaign chastened by county convention results and reanimated to cement the caucus numbers at the Paris, the Sanders folks have decided to cry conflagration in a crowded building, without regard to what they burn down in the process.

If what happens in Vegas happens in Philadelphia, the chances of a unified Democratic Party in the general election are virtually nonexistent and the odds of a President Trump suddenly don’t look so long.


The slow simmer toward the boiling over that evening began as at least two national Sanders operatives – Joan Kato, the former state director who became national delegate overseer for the campaign, and attorney Matt Berg – were in the room. There would later be debates over credentials – again, this occurs at every convention –with Sanders people complaining that they were illegally denied access.

When security called for the convention to end, it descended into screaming, chair-throwing and obscenities, with many videos like this one (warning: language) posted online to show the chaos. Congressional hopeful Jesse Sbaih, a Bernie backer, was up on stage for a moment in the sun. Others, too, tried to wrest control from Lange; some Berners charged the stage, according to numerous witnesses.

It was ugly; maybe not Chicago ’68 ugly, but ugly.


Despite all of this, the Sunday chalking of the walls and sidewalks and the social media nastiness still going on, some facts are ineluctable, some of them elucidated in this post from the state Democratic Party:

►Sanders lost the caucus on Feb. 20. He had no right to the most delegates, even if the Clinton campaign was asleep at the switch for the county conventions. The Sanders campaign simply did not follow through. As the Medium post reveals, the Sanders folks just did not show up; the Clinton delegates did:

Clinton only had 27 delegate positions vacant on Saturday. Sanders left 462 vacant. Clinton filled 98 percent of her available delegate slots at the State Convention, and Sanders only filled 78 percent of his available delegate slots.

End of story. They lost

►On the 64 delegates the Sanders campaign insists should have been seated, the Democratic Party post reveals only six showed up and:

The remaining potential delegates were ineligible for two main reasons: 1) They were not registered Democratic voters in Nevada by May 1, 2016, and 2) Their information — such as address, date of birth and name — could not be found or identified, and they did not respond to requests from the party and campaigns to correct it.

Rules, it appears, have no place in a revolution.

“They’re lazy, they don’t read the rules and when the rules are pointed out to them, they cry by exaggerating some Democratic talking point (everyone should participate, rules are unfair, it’s mean to do this),” said one longtime Democrat who attended what he called his “first and last convention.”

I’ll just repeat what I said this morning- Bernie voters are like college students who want their current grade changed because they didn’t read the syllabus, or because their GPA is important, or because they thought they did better, or they don’t think the rubric on an assignment is fair, or because they worked really hard and are convinced they deserve a better grade.

I’d also point out that all of this is in contrast to the 2016 Clinton campaign, which is the photo-negative of the 2008 shitshow fail parade that we all endured. The Clinton team has been on point the entire time. There haven’t been stupid misstatements, her surrogates haven’t been running around saying stupid things about Guam or that black votes don’t count, there hasn’t been anything that reminds me of 2008 from them. They’ve run an serious, sober, meticulous 50 state campaign, and this as much as anything is why they are winning. They haven’t been flawless, but compared to the Bernie Sanders butthurt amateur hour, it’s been the best campaign this century. She is a much better candidate this time around.

I am so sick and tired of the Bernie or bust crowd and their bullshit. You don’t get points for introducing new voters when you spend the entire campaign telling them their vote doesn’t count and they got screwed and the system is corrupt just because you aren’t getting your way.

You fucking assholes.

Just an FYI

I have now officially lost all patience with Bernie and his supporters after the bullshit in Nevada this weekend:

There was palpable tension between the two camps throughout the day at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, with Clinton supporters barely outnumbering those supporting Sanders among the more than 3,400 conventiongoers. Still, a 33-person delegate lead was enough to sway the division of a dozen delegates who were up for grabs Saturday in her favor.

Who would win the majority of those delegates remained uncertain going into Saturday because Sanders was allotted more delegates to the state convention. In April, Sanders had turned out more of his supporters to the county conventions — even though Clinton had won the popular vote in the February caucuses — thus allowing him to send more delegates to the state convention.

Based on the presidential preference of conventiongoers, Clinton won seven delegates Saturday, while Sanders won five between two categories of delegates. Each category — at-large delegates and Pledged Leader and Party Official delegates — had an odd number of delegates, which means a narrow Clinton win gave her the delegate advantage in each category.


Several Sanders supporters, however, put together what they called a “minority report” of 64 Sanders supporters they believe were wrongly denied delegate status. According to state party representatives, six of those were eventually allowed as delegates, and the rest were denied delegate or alternate status because either they or their records could not be located or they were not registered Democrats by the May 1 deadline.

Eight Clinton supporters were denied delegate or alternate status for similar reasons, according to the state party.

They then basically rioted, Hotel Security had to shut shit down, and that led to Berners screaming that the fix was in. They don’t even get that things couldn’t proceed normally because they were acting like juvenile delinquents. As I noted elsewhere, Bernie voters are like college students who want their current grade changed because they didn’t read the syllabus, or because their GPA is important, or because they thought they did better, or they don’t think the rubric on an assignment is fair, or because they worked really hard and are convinced they deserve a better grade.

I am sick of these petulant assholes thinking that just because they really, really want Bernie means they can do or say anything they want.

When I joined the Democratic party, I didn’t come with a bunch of demands. I knew the party I was joining, warts and all, and I supported it and tried to make changes within via donations and voting. That’s how it works in a two party system. That’s how it works in a democracy.

Sick of these fucking wankers.