Where Are the Osbourne’s?

LOS ANGELES(AP) – A gunman who apparently believed his neighbors were demons shot to death a 67-year-old man and critically injured his son before surrendering, police said.
The man was arrested Monday evening after a three-hour standoff at a North Hollywood home.

Does anyone know where Ozzy Osbourne and his son are, and if so, are they in good health?

Cats Rule I was sitting

Cats Rule

I was sitting here at the computer having a snack, and my cat, Tunch, jumped up on the desk to get in the way say Hello. I was eating sliced pineapple, which I like to dip into a little powdered sugar. Tunch stuck his nose down to investigate, not knowing what was on the plate, but still willing to offer his taste-testing skills, got a big snoot of powder up the nose. He then totally freaked out and fell off the desk. I felt bad for him, but I am still laughing.

BTW- IF you are planning on getting a cat, first go buy a couple little boxes to put things in. Like pens. Change. Lighters. Anything that can be knocked off of a flat surface, in other words.

Bizarre Office Injuries

As I type this, I have an aching butt. Today, I had the most bizarre office injury I have ever had. I moved into a new office, and I have a brand new leather chair– really nice- the whole room smells like the leather, and I love it. At any rate, I also got one of those plastic floor thingies for the chair to sit on. You know what I am talking about- it is there for ease of rolling and to protect the carpet.

I was typing away, when I thought I had to go do something. I stood up, then realized I was an hour early, and I went to sit back down. This is when tragedy stuck.

Apparently (actually there is no apparently about it), I misjudged where I should plant my copious ass and where my brand new chair was. Needless to say, I missed the chair, and just managed to plant my butt on the very edge of the seat of the chair. I sat down rapidly enough that the momentum created enough force to rocket my new chair (aided by the new chair mat) backwards at light speed. I continued downward, narrowly missing my chin on the desk, throwing hot coffee all over my newly painted office. My ass hit the hard mat with massive force.

I could have died, and the only thing I thought was “Thank God everyone else is at lunch.”

In short, my butt hurts, and tomorrow I have to be in a car for hours. Down pillow, anyone?