Open Thread: Somebody Pull Up the Drawbridge, Y’All!…

Release the danged alligators, already!


With so much on the administration’s plate — leaks, Russia story, pending executive order and Obamacare repeal and replacement — Priebus said he would not go to Florida with the President this weekend as had been previously planned, a source told CNN. He was on the manifest, and a big donor reception by the Republican National Committee which Priebus used to chair was on Preibus’ schedule.

But the President said he thought it wouldn’t be a good idea since he is not happy with the state of matters right now, the same source said.

A White House official disputed that Priebus was supposed to travel to Florida, adding that he stayed home this weekend for a family celebration.

White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who initially decided to also stay in Washington Friday, ended up traveling to Florida Saturday and is joining Trump, Sessions, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross at dinner at Mar-a-Lago.

Another Night of the Long Sporks?

Under Cover of Darkness Open Thread: CPAC, Milo, and the Limits of Cleek’s Law (Part the Second)

Cleek’s Law: Today’s conservatism is the opposite of what liberals want today, updated daily.

Roy Edroso, at Alicublog:

I see Milo Yiannopoulos’ friends have turned on him. Just kidding — they were never his friends; just a bunch of conservatives and libertarians who took him up because, one, he hated things they also hated (liberals, women, the transgendered, et alia); two, he celebrated things they also celebrated, primarily the vicious, spiteful treatment of anyone weaker than themselves; and three, because he was ostentatiously gay — indeed an old-fashioned caricature of homosexuality straight out of the Liberace playbook — and allowed himself to be associated with them, which gave conservatives and libertarians two things they thought would advantage them in the dreary Culture Wars they’re always pursuing: glamour and victim status…

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Time to call Congress

You know what to do.

Call Congress. If your Senator is a firm No vote to Puzder, thank them and their staff.

If they are a firm Yes vote, tell them they are wrong.

If they are mushy, encourage them to vote no.

Burn those phone lines up.

And let’s see if we can get another minor win.



Puzder is withdrawing.


Operations Security Failure! Cyber Security Edition

Operations Security is defined as:

Operations Security, or OPSEC, is the process by which we protect unclassified information that can be used against us.  OPSEC challenges us to look at ourselves through the eyes of an adversary (individuals, groups, countries, organizations). Essentially, anyone who can harm people, resources, or mission is an adversary.

OPSEC should be used to protect information, and thereby deny the adversary the ability to act.  Nearly 90% of the information collected comes from “Open Sources”. Any information that can be obtained freely, without breaking the law, is Open Source.  .  It is social network sites, tweets, text messages, blogs, videos, photos, GPS mapping, newsletters, magazine or newspaper articles, your college thesis, or anything else that is publicly available.

Our OPSEC objective is to ensure a safe and secure environment. OPSEC is best employed daily when making choices about what communications to use, what is written in emails or said on the phone, postings  on social networking sites and blogs.  Any information you put in the public domain is also available to your adversaries.

The bottom line is that we can be are our own worst enemy.  Google yourself or your organization and see how much you can find out.

Someone needs to do their annual training right quick!

Боже мой!


Late Night Angry Music Open Thread

He had the makings of a leader
Of a certain kind of men
Who need to feel the world’s against him
Out to get ’em if it can

Men whose trigger pull their fingers
Of men who’d rather fight than win
United in a revolution
Like in mind and like in skin…

N!R!A! I owe some commentor a hat tip for this — really enjoying this whole Drive By Truckers album.

Because some people didn’t pay enough attention during the Cheney Regency, from the Washington Post:

At the beginning of Sunday night’s American Music Awards, co-host and former “Saturday Night Live” star Jay Pharoah told the audience they weren’t going to talk about politics: “Tonight is all about the music,” he announced.

That was not entirely true. Minutes later, Pharoah launched into his impression of President-elect Donald Trump (“I love Bruno Mars. I don’t know what color he is, so I can’t deport him. … I love ‘Uptown Funk.’ It was totally about me. … I’m gonna funk this country up, bigly.”)

But punk rock group Green Day was the most overtly political; lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong is a vocal Trump critic. During the performance of their new single, “Bang Bang,” they segued briefly into “Born to Die” by punk band MDC, singing Trump-themed lyrics: “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” They repeated the line (which has been heard at anti-Trump protests) three times before they finished the song…

Plus, there was this onstage banter between presenters Mark Cuban (entrepreneur and noted Trump nemesis) and Broadway star Idina Menzel:

Cuban: “Congratulations on your new album. I know you’ve been looking forward to that for a long time.”

Menzel: “Thank you so much. What are you looking forward to?”

Cuban: “Not being invited to the inauguration is a good start.”…

A Prediction for the SCOTUS and the next GOP trifecta

Let’s assume that Hillary Clinton appoints at least one new net liberal to the Supreme Court during her term in office. In that scenario, the minimal composition would be five center left jurists, one idiosyncratic moderate conservative, one corporate conservative who has a fascination with “sovereign dignitude” and a pair of justices who think Lochner should be good law. The following scenario also works if any of the last four is replaced by another center left judge.

Let us assume that to get to that point it is fairly like that the Senate will go nuclear and abolish the filibuster as McCain indicated (and since walked back) that the Republicans consider a left of center Supreme Court majority to be fundamentally illegitimate even if it resulted from Democrats winning a lot of presidential elections in a generation or more.

Let us assume that at some point in the future there is a GOP trifecta. Let us also assume that a significant chunk of the future GOP’s base will be made up of people who strongly desire either an economically or culturally reactionary court.

With those assumptions, the following prediction is very easy to make.

When there is a GOP trifecta in Washington and a liberal leaning Supreme Court, the Supreme Court will see an increased number of justices equal to the difference between liberal and reactionary justices plus one.

Late-Night “Yeah, We Knew It Was Coming” Open Thread: PIVOT!


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