Just the Balls on These People


The lack of self awareness and sense of entitlement of these folks is just breathtaking:

AIG’s CEO Robert Benmosche — who came in to rescue the company after the 2008 financial crisis — told the Wall Street Journal that the outrage over the bonuses promised to AIG’s members was just as bad as when white supremacists in the American South used to lynch African Americans:

The uproar over bonuses “was intended to stir public anger, to get everybody out there with their pitchforks and their hangman nooses, and all that — sort of like what we did in the Deep South [decades ago]. And I think it was just as bad and just as wrong.”

Yes, enduring some public criticism for receiving multimillion-dollar bonuses after helping crash the global economy is a lot like being hanged from a tree by your neck until you die.

I just really loathe these people.

Clearly needs more time with Bartlett’s book of Hyperbolic Analogies

It will take more work than this to get people scared of slightly broader background check rules for gun buying. I imagine Rwanda would have turned out differently if the tutsi were heavily armed and paranoid.

They’re Really Handling This Gracefully

The mother of all Hoekstroika’s:

House Republicans called the Obama administration’s birth-control mandate “religious bigotry” and compared it to the events of Pearl Harbor and Sept. 11, 2001.

The heated remarks came at a press conference marking the mandate’s first day.

“I know in your mind you can think of the times America was attacked,” said Rep. Mike Kelly (R-Pa.), a freshman.

“One is December 7 — that is Pearl Harbor Day. Another was September 11 — that was the day of the terrorist attack.

“I want you to remember August 1, 2012 — the attack on our religious freedom. That is a date that will live in infamy, along with those other dates.”

Starting Wednesday, most employers will have to cover contraception in their health plans without a co-pay.

Here are some of the new provisions that go into practice today because of the ACA that have Mike Kelly all bent out of shape:

Breastfeeding comprehensive support and counseling from trained providers, as well as access to breastfeeding supplies, for pregnant and nursing women

Contraception: Food and Drug Administration-approved contraceptive methods, sterilization procedures, and patient education and counseling, not including abortifacient drugs
Domestic and interpersonal violence screening and counseling for all women

Gestational diabetes screening for women 24 to 28 weeks pregnant and those at high risk of developing gestational diabetes

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) screening and counseling for sexually active women

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) counseling for sexually active women

Well-woman visits to obtain recommended preventive services for women under 65

Can’t you just see how this is an all out assault on the baby Jeebus?

One of These Things Ain’t Like The Other

Ahh, wingnuts:

In a closed door House GOP meeting Thursday, Indiana congressman and gubernatorial candidate Mike Pence likened the Supreme Court’s ruling upholding the Democratic health care law to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, according to several sources present.

He immediately apologized.

One helps provide millions of Americans gain access to health insurance, works to lower costs of health care, and does innumerable good things, but a black President might get credit for some of that. The other had 3k Americans killed in a terrorist attack. SAME DIFFERENCE!

Every time I think of Mike Pence, I think of the multiple thrashings he has received from Matt Yglesias:

As I believe I’ve mentioned before, one politician who I think is rarely dishonest in his presentation of his views is Representative Mike Pence (R-IN), who gives every indication of being genuinely stupid.

If Pence heard that, he would probably think it was a compliment.

Smoking Bans are Like The Holocaust

Here’s John Raese, who is running against Manchin:

He’s talking about the newly established smoking ban:

Smokers can no longer light up in bars, restaurants and workplaces in Monongalia County. The countywide smoking ban goes into effect today.

Hookah lounges and cigar bars that meet the county Board of Health’s definition are the only exemptions to the new law.

Monongalia County Health Department staff will start routine inspections next week, said Jon Welch, program manager for public health environmental services.

This small government conservative wants the feds or the state to override the decision of the local community.

Another Republican Bottom-Feeder Speaks Up

Via Dave Weigel at Slate, news that the man responsible for the ‘Hoekstrokia‘ is trying for a new personal depth record:

Reactions are just exactly what you’d expect, per the Washington Post:

… “Really, really dumb,” Republican strategist Mike Murphy said over Twitter. “I mean really.”
The Michigan chapter of Asian & Pacific Islander American Vote, a nonpartisan group, called the ad “very disturbing” in a statement. A member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights called the ad “blatantly racist.” A group of Detroit black ministers joined in, arguing that the spot is “no different than him having a black person speaking in slave dialect.”…
The ad never actually mentions China by name; it was filmed in California with a Chinese-American actress. (In a conference call, Hoekstra told reporters that the actress’s parents are “100 percent Chinese.”)
“It’s not a stereotype at all. Through the creative, this is a young woman in China who’s speaking English,” Hoekstra added on Fox News Monday afternoon, referring to the fictional environment of the ad. “That’s quite an achievement.” On WJR radio Monday morning, Hoekstra called it “probably the best ad of the political season.”
Republican consultant John Weaver, who worked for now-Gov. Rick Snyder in 2010, defended the ad, saying it was “not racially charged or over the edge in any regard, other than perhaps harming the sensibility of the political correctness class in Washington.”

“Really, really dumb” seems to be a pretty fair assessment of Hoekstra in general. Just the sort of mean, loose-lipped dumb that appeals to the GOP “base”. As Weigel adds:

[T]he stupidity is the point: This is lizard brain stuff, meant to remind the hard-luck Michigan voter why he’s so afraid of China. Hint, hint: It’s DIFFERENT. It’s not even that it’s Communist, or in the words of Rush Limbaugh, “Chi-Coms.” They are foreign and scary — and hell, that’s redundant… So I’m not surprised at all to see Hoekstra’s campaign fundraisinging off the backlash in an e-mail to supporters…
Here’s where Hoekstra loses me — the poor-little-candidate act. He’s not a racist, and only the slowest critics are saying he is. He’s a Senate candidate looking for a way to stir up voter anger about the debt (which, according to exit polling in GOP primaries, is fading somewhat as an issue), and doing so with… an ad in which a smug Chinese lady brags about how she’s going to bury us. (Is this going to happen before or after her ride on a hastily-built high-speed train?) He knows that a lot of Americans worry about this, possibly unreasonably so. And he’s taking advantage of that.

It’s all about the public victimization — the man who claimed “Iranian twitter activity similar to what we did in House last year when Republicans were shut down in the House” is being abused, again, by minions of the freedom-hating Democrat party. C.R.E.A.M.!

If you find Hoekstra’s broken-winged-bird cries inspirational, here is Senator Stabenow’s website. Full disclosure: I happily voted for Debbie Stabenow, back when she was starting her career as a Michigan State representative and then senator, and I was living in Ingham County.

Pete Lose It Now

Here’s Pete Hoekstra’s local ad promoting the key message of his Senate campaign: he’s an asshole. Pete’s going to learn the hard way that winning a D+4 state is different from winning a R+7 district.

If you want to relive the rest of the national Super Bowl ads, you can find them here.