Open Thread: Winners & Losers

You’d think some of the Repub ratfvckers and dog-whistlers would at least remember a few lines from the first part of that book they talk about loving so much… like, for instance, Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and a stone will come back on him who starts it rolling. From the numbers guy at the Washington Post, “We Can Now Name the Winner of the GOP Debate…“:

Fox News released the results of the first major-outlet national poll since the first Republican debate three months two weeks ago. Comparing those results to the Fox poll released immediately before the debate, we can, as objectively as possible, declare a winner: Ben Carson, who saw a five-point jump in the polls — a 71 percent increase over where he was two weeks ago…

Trump essentially held steady. Don’t read too much into a one-point drop, given the margin of error here and the fact that these numbers are rounded. Trump certainly didn’t see a gain, though. Is this his peak? Who knows anymore. But feel free to read things into Jeb Bush’s change: He dropped six points — and three spots in the ranking.

Over time, Bush has gone from the consistent leader to part of the second-tier pack. Scott Walker also dropped a fair amount and is now in the third tier, which Fiorina has just joined. (Marco Rubio and John Kasich, whose debate performances were generally praised, basically didn’t move.)

In total, 42 percent of the support from Republican voters went to people who have never held elected office: Trump, Fiorina and Carson. Feel free to read into that, too.

What I’m reading, as a cynical Democrat, is that Fox has convinced its Repub-base watchers that government is just another crappy reality show, so they might as well vote for the gaudiest bloviator on the dais. The sercon Establishment picks eroded their perceived support, the niche candidates didn’t impress anyone who wasn’t already enamored of them, and the winner was that nice quiet doctor man who was just different enough, for some reason, that those half-watching while they did other stuff remembered his name when the pollsters called.
Apart from being cruelly cynical about almost half the American voting public, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

Just A Slob Like Some Of Us

The only thing better than Donald Trump is people who go on the teevee to tell people how rich and classy and yooge Donald Trump is.

Donald Trump supporter Terra Compton Grant explained to CNN that the GOP presidential candidate’s plan to deport up to 20 million undocumented immigrants was a way to provide more jobs for whites “and some of the blacks.”

Over the weekend, Trump released details of his plan, which would make Mexico pay for a wall along the southern border, end birthright citizenship, and it would triple the ICE budget to forcefully deport all undocumented immigrants in the country.

On Monday, Grant told CNN host Carol Costello that she agreed with Trump’s plan even if it was not clear how he was going to pay for all of it.

“We’ve got to get a border, we’ve got to get a wall,” Grant insisted. “We have a lot of illegal immigrants that come into this country, they work illegally, they make American money, and then they send it back to Mexico to support their family. So, that money is going back to Mexico. So, the money is there to make that happen.”

According to Grant, Trump’s heart and mind were “in the right place.”

I really do, I love the plan,” she continued. “I love the idea that, hey, let’s get some of these illegal immigrants out of the country, let’s get them out of here so maybe more whites who have not been able to acquire jobs, maybe they can get into jobs [and] some of the blacks.

Grant added that she had a “good friend” who was deported but Facebook allowed them to stay in touch.

Dog whistle racism is simply too subtle in 2015.  What we need is Disaster Area concert racism.

The yoogest, classiest racism ever.  Very big.

Tales From Real Ameritrump

BuzzFeed’s Ivor Tossell gave us this road map of Trump three weeks ago:

I’ll be damned if Weigel’s not firmly on Stage 4 right now.

A few hours before Donald Trump’s plane landed, 20 minutes south of where he would speak, people gathered outside the Flint Assembly Plant to take a peek into the past. Some of them were retired, reuniting with friends. All of them remembered how there used to be more to the place.

“I worked at Plant 36,” said Jerry Hubbard, who retired in 2001, after outlasting his part of the vast “Buick City” complex that was dismantled as the auto jobs left. “It’s all gone. It’s all limestone. You can’t rape a place like that. General Motors jobs made this place.”

Only one presidential candidate seemed to care: Donald Trump. “A lot of what he says hits a chord with me,” said Hubbard. “Immigration and jobs going to China — this area’s really suffered from that. I just like somebody that stands up for what he speaks about.”

Trump’s rise and persistence as a presidential candidate has been credited to name recognition, to voter anger and to a specific contempt for the Republican Party establishment. But he is also the candidate talking most directly about the loss of manufacturing jobs to foreign countries.

In the Democratic race, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has adopted a similar theme, but Trump’s appeal here captured something that went beyond policy: a brew of impossible nostalgia coupled with a pledge to destroy other countries, most notably China, in negotiations. On Twitter, “Make America Great Again” is a goofy, meme-ready slogan, best displayed on ironic hats. There are places, such as Michigan, where it makes real sense.

Never underestimate the power of inchoate rage, properly harnessed. Even if it’s by Mr. von Clownstick here.  How long he can ride this beast, well, who knows, but there’s going to be a lot of damage in its wake.

Cheap Laffs Open Thread: “Can We Recalibrate?”

Let us savor [trigger warning – RedState link]:

You need to read some stuff, but it is not for the faint of heart. What you are going to read is not redacted, not safe for work, but you need to see it and read it and then read past it. I apologize in advance and keep your kids away. But please read below and then keep reading. I challenge you…

Guess what, dumb bass, the non Washington Republicans, like us, want no fucking part of the current Republican Party, like you. Leave the real conservatives alone, quick mailing shit, quit begging for help, and most of all, KEEP BASHING TRUMP. You are incredibly fucking stupid.

I am getting, even here at the end of this week, at least twenty-five a day like this. The first part of the week it was about 100 an hour. There has been no escape…

Conservatives have a real and legitimate reason to be pissed off at the GOP. Polling suggests conservatives hate the Republicans in Washington more than Democrats hate the Republicans in Washington. That anger has galvanized conservatives and pushed them toward Donald Trump. To his credit, he has capitalized on that anger.

But folks, this is anger at an unhealthy level. It is anger that has gone beyond the righteous anger of repeated betrayals from Washington. It is an anger that has become unhinged and is potentially uncontrollable. Anger at that level is more often destructive than constructive.

I want to beat Hillary Clinton next year. I want to beat her with a Republican who is not just another party apparatchik surrounded by lower level party apparatchiks within the Republican Party.

But I know we cannot beat Hillary Clinton with this level of anger. We won’t be able to draw people to our side and our cause like this.

I get the anger. I do. I am angry at the betrayal and the repeated lies from Washington Republicans who say they love children, but won’t even defund Planned Parenthood.

I get the anger of voters who sent men and women to Washington to fight Obama only to give him a blank check and keep Obamacare funded.

But I don’t get this anger. If this is the anger that flows out of Trump supporters, I do not think it is sustainable. Yet it comes daily. It is poisonous to debate, to democracy, and to the soul itself.

Yes, Republican voters have been betrayed. But I do not think people who are angered at the present President demeaning the integrity of the Presidency will ultimately side with any candidate whose base of support generates rage and hate. I refuse to believe that the people angry at Washington and the GOP have let their anger consume them. But the people in these emails and so many like them have been consumed by anger.

Those of you who see it within the ranks of the candidate you support, and not just with Trump supporters, need to try to channel the anger and draw out the happy warriors…

Will nobody help poor, besieged Erick hammer that last nail into his own palm?

He’s come up in the world over the last six years, though. Now that he’s a professional grifter, I mean “political operative”, no longer on the semi-pro circuit, he doesn’t even suggest his loyal readers pay to mail bags of artificial sweetener to Donald Trump’s office. Guess he no longer needs the Amazon commission.*

*Unlike Balloon Juice! When you shop online, click through the link at the top of the left-hand column!

Apart from pointing & mocking, what’s on the agenda as we wrap up another week?

Tuesday Evening Open Thread: LOSERS!!!

Apart from the Crazification Factor, what’s on the agenda for the evening?