Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Speaking of Godwin…

Okay, so Bobby Jindal is desperate to be somebody’s VP candidate, and presumably he thinks attacking Trump makes him look like a new-gen Spiro Agnew for one of the GOP Establishment candidates. (The other Bible-bangers weren’t gonna give him the time of day anyways, what with Catholics only barely qualifying as Christians in Huckabee/Cruz world, and Santorum is polling even lower than Bobby.) I still say that an Indian-American in the Deep South should be very, very careful about encouraging “Those People, you know they’re not like Us” murmurs among the rubes…

For context, this is about Kim Davis, Christ’s Living Martyr in Kentucky. When the media rushed to get every GOP candidates’ opinion about Davis being willing to go to jail rather than do the job she’s (well) paid for, Trump was sensible enough to say that SSM is now the law of the land, full stop. Since the rest of the GOP klown klan were already hustling to out-Taliban each other, Jindal seems to have decided to gum The Donald’s ankles rather than just me-too’ing the day’s reading from the altar. Hey, it’s not like he has much dignity left to lose!

Thursday Evening Open Thread: Suuuuure He Will…

…. Because a guy who’s proudly, publicly, walked away from four business bankruptcies and three marriages is gonna take Reince Preibus’s piece of paper so very seriously.

Give me a million dollars, in cash, right now, and I will sign a pledge to lose fifty pounds before the 2016 election. Hell, I’ll do it for half that — as long as the only penalty for failure is “Multiple pundits will make frowny faces on the teevee when I fail to honor the agreement. Also, a sternly-worded letter has been released.”
Apart from taking delight at the fervor with which the Republican Party drives to enclown itself, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: The Common Clay of the New West

They don’t know much, but they know what they don’t like.

Apart from the eternal verities, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Late Night Open Thread: Jeez, JEB!

My wrist isn’t up to typing a full catalog, but candidate JEB! had a lousy August and it’s looking like September isn’t gonna be much happier for him.

He’s looking more and more like he only got into this poker game because “the family” couldn’t bear to have Dubya as their most enduring representative, and now he’s down to his boxers and socks and fearful of having to limp home in the morning with Trump’s NO CLASS LOSER Sharpie’d on his hairy back.

Late Night Open Thread: Bonfires of the Vanity Candidate

Ernie Boch Jr. is a mostly harmless local moke who inherited a used-car empire from his old man and has managed not to run it into the ground. Naturally, he considers Donald Trump — who vastly increased the few millions he inherited into the current showy enterprise — a Great Man, a visionary, a role model for us lower beings. Boch got a certain amount of free media over the weekend by throwing an avowedly nonpartisan, nonprofit “raucus rally” for Trump at Ernie’s bucolic estate.

Ben Jacob’s description, in the Guardian, of “Donald Trump’s Seduction: A Huge Fanbase” is too good not to share…

As Donald Trump left the stage at Ernie Boch’s mansion in suburban Boston on Friday night, attendees clawed at him, shouting for attention, for handshakes and, of course, for selfies.

Despite the requirement for attendees to make out $100 checks to his presidential campaign, the Republican frontrunner insisted the event was not a fundraiser…

Boch brought in what he called “the world’s best cover band” and provided an open bar, a wide range of entrees including lamb shanks and fish tacos, and a cake in the form of Trump’s signature baseball cap – motto: “Make America Great Again”.

In the same way their children would paw at One Direction or Taylor Swift, the mostly upper-middle-class New Englanders who made up the crowd could not hide their delight at the chance to meet the man who has upended the race for the White House.

Three days before, on a hot Tuesday afternoon in the heavily Catholic town of Dubuque, Iowa, the atmosphere was markedly less fancy. The venue, a convention center, looked nothing like Bosh’s ornate lawn party, as a largely blue-collar crowd lined up for hours to see and hear Trump speak…

In Dubuque, Bob Cooksley, a retired veteran from Sherrard, Illinois, told the Guardian: “I just like that he hasn’t been a politician, and doesn’t try to get re-elected as representative or senator or governor. He doesn’t have none of that.”…

Carl Semrow, 16, of Brodhead, Wisconsin, agreed: “He has very good American ideals to turn this country around, such as capitalism.”

On top of his business success, Trump’s bold persona steals hearts. Dino Rossi, of Newton, Massachusetts, envied what he saw as Trump’s fearlessness.

“Oh, I wish I had big nuts like him,” said Rossi. “He’s not afraid of anybody or anything. That’s pretty cool.”… Read more