Monday Morning Open Thread: Just Another Week of International Embarrassment (At Best)

But seriously, folks…

Singapore is twelve hours ahead of the US-Eastern time zone, so the next item on the public agenda seems to be a one-on-one meeting between Trump and Kim scheduled for 9am Tuesday local time (9pm Monday from our perspective). Per the Washington Post:

The two men, joined only by their interpreters, could talk as long as two hours, depending on how well their conversation goes, according to a senior U.S. official who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private details.

Following their one-on-one time, Trump and Kim will hold an expanded bilateral meeting along with senior members of their delegations, the official said.

The private meeting without aides represents an risky attempt by Trump to build a personal rapport with the young authoritarian leader. Trump has said he believes he will be able to determine quickly whether Kim is serious about taking steps to denuclearize…

Meanwhile, it’s Duck Facepalm & Cover Time…

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Sunday Diversions Open Thread

Another set of amazingly expected indictments

This is about as surprising as finding out that North Carolina is a bit humid in the summer.

Open Thread

Friday Morning Open Thread: Striving for Equilibrium

At least you’re not the only one wishing it were the weekend already…

(When you just know some nervous editor demanded the suit be photoshopped in…)

Felon Fellow Feeling Open Thread: One Part of His Job Trump Actually Enjoys

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Open Thread: Would That We Could Be So Lucky

Nagah haapn, as a Repub tool once said… but here’s Jeb Lund with some red meat for the cheap seats:

Donald Trump is afraid of going to prison. Ordinarily that might seem like a silly statement: Trump is probably the most corrupt president in American history, and some of his closest bag men open the door each morning to see if the sky looks like indictments. But this is America, where the man who drafted memos arguing that torture is legal teaches law at U.C. Berkeley, and Henry “Two Genocides” Kissinger advised the Bush administration but summered with the Clintons.

And yet this might be the second time Donald Trump has gotten something right…

Trump should be and is afraid. He has no real friends in Washington that didn’t ride in on his coattails (and possibly commit a crime to do so). He has no party, save a GOP that let him loose like a bull in a china shop so they could sneak in the back and rob the safe. He has been a Democrat and he has been a Republican and he has alienated the ruling castes of both. He is not one of them, and no part of Trumpworld, post-tax-cuts, is essential to the preservation of their class’ domination of politics.

Meanwhile, for the first time in a long time, both parties have unambiguous incentives to make a show of strident anti-corruption. The Democrats — having dropped the ball on the opportunity to seek restorative justice for any of the plunder of the subprime mortgage market or even to do something as simple as sending Dick Cheney or the other architects of the Bush-era torture policy to The Hague — have a historically unsympathetic antagonist. And Republicans no longer really have the Clinton campaign to point to (though Trump tries) and need to maintain the illusion to their values-voter base that Trump is different from them (other than in his abject tastelessness)…

The moment Trump looks like he’s finished with some part of his fan base, his intraparty constituency plummets to zero. The Democrats will finally have a gimme with which to practice the arcane art of exercising state power to enforce the morals of a community. At the same time, the rump of Republicans who survive 2018 and those seeking to unseat Democrats in borderline seats in 2020 will have good reason to depict Trump as a uniquely toxic aberration that must be burned away to cleanse the rest of the party. There is no greater non-verbal distinction between the GOP and Trump than incarcerating him…

… It is not silly to demand that we realize a dream so unlikely that it clearly daily haunts the dumbest chief executive in American history: After a long list of extraordinarily deserving, very very beautiful, very very talented runners-up — from Jefferson Davis, to Warren Harding, to Richard Nixon, to Ronald Reagan, to George W. Bush — Donald Trump can become the first president from the United States to die in prison…

Open Thread: “Normalizing” the Abnormal, A Continuing FTFNYT Series

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