Late Night Open Thread: Vulgarian Whale

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Monday Morning Open Thread: Everything’s Political

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Speaking of cartoon animals, when did Joe Scarborough fall out of love with Trump? From the Washington Post, “Donald Trump’s Chicago scam”:

… Has anyone noticed that Trump’s campaign now regularly stages media events designed to eclipse any negative coverage that predictably follows Republican debates?…

When news broke early Friday night that the Chicago rally had been cancelled because of safety fears, you didn’t need to be a programming genius to predict what would be jamming America’s airwaves for the rest of the night. And for the next four hours, the candidate who is promising to weaken libel laws spoke on cable news channels about how his First Amendment rights were being violated. He was doing all of this while reaching a far larger audience than he could have ever done while actually speaking at a rally…

The rally was cancelled, we were told, because law enforcement officials consulted with the campaign and concluded that scrubbing the event was in the best interest of public safety. One problem: The Chicago Police Department said that never actually happened.

And if you find that curious, perhaps you will find it even more interesting that a political campaign whose security has been so stifling as to draw angry comparisons to fascist regimes would plan a key rally for Trump in the middle of a racially diverse urban campus. The fact that that campus sits in the middle of a city that is so Democratic that it has not elected a Republican mayor since before Franklin Roosevelt was sworn in as president makes the venue’s selection even more bizarre.

Following the rally’s cancellation, Trump supporters expressed surprise at the number of protesters that were filling the lines and streaming into the event on a campus that is 25 percent Hispanic, 25 percent Asian and 8 percent black. William Daley, the son of former Chicago mayor Richard J. Daley, did not share that surprise. “Whoever picked that location knew what they were doing as far as poking that sleeping dog there,” Daley suggested to the New York Times that the venue was staged for the purpose of provoking protests that would energize Trump’s own supporters…

Apart from the neverending circus, what’s on the agenda as we start another week?

Sunday Morning Garden Chat

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PSA, just in case.

From loyal garden correspondent Marvel, last week:

This afternoon, we expect the start of a week-long Willamette Valley rain cycle. The morning was balmy (mid-50s), so we went out back and did some initial clean-up in some of the raised beds. We removed their Winter covers (sturdy 6-mil plastic hung over PVC ribs) and weeded the living daylights out of the soil. Taking the row covers off was the garden equivalent of switching on a kitchen light and surprising a roomful of cockroaches (eek): it was hard to believe the vitality, variety and quantity of weeds that had been lurking and thriving in their clear-cloaked paradise. Happy to say: the weeds pulled out easily and we finished the clean-up well before the first storm clouds moved in. We’ll let the beds get a good soaking, then next week it’ll be time to work in some new compost & leaf mulch.

marvel 16 mar WinterGrowth16

We also trimmed and cleaned-up the Winter veggies: the kale is robust and (knock on wood) pest free; the parsley survived a couple of nasty frigid blasts; the garlic’s ready to start forming lovely bulbs and a half-bed of second-growth cabbage is looking strong & willing.

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The peas I planted a coupe of weeks ago are nearly ready to sneak their little noggins out of the ground. Yay.

Here north of Boston, the very first daffodil buds opened up yesterday, in the southern-facing front bed next to the heat-leaking basement window. Sturdy green shoots dotted around the microclimes of our tiny property promise the usual progression: the daffs along the eastern chimney wall will open next, followed by the ones in the tree-shaded west side yard, and finally the ones along the northern exposure of the back chainlink fence. By that time, the irises in the front beds should be well along, and the vinca / creeping phlox flourishing blue & purple.

Now I need to begin spring cleaning… and finish making lists & order my tomato plants, too!

What’s going on in your garden (planning) this week?

On Donald Trump (Not) Appearing in Chicago

You know what also struck me about Maddow’s timeline clips? The longer he’s on the trail, the hoarser and puffier and more exhausted Trump looks. For all his braggadocio, Trump doesn’t look like a well man.

For further discussion:

Late Night Open Thread: A Work of Modest Genius

Via Dan Drezner’s twitter feed, IIRC. A sample:

… Now we’ve got these people – I don’t like these people, let me tell you, they’re really awful, they said, “Hey Trump, you’ve got small hands,” and so I went after them, I really did, I sued them, and what did they do? They decided they wanted a fight and I said, “Okay, we’ll see who’s still here in a few years,” and see, we’re still here, on this battlefield. It’s a yuge battlefield, and it’s really, really, great, it’s so special. See, we’ve built this cemetery, so how big it is? It’s so special. And these guys – we’ve got the best guys – they tell me, “Hey Donald, give us someone who can lead us and we’ll beat these rebels,” and so I made things happen – it’s what I do – and boom, look, we’ve got this big, big win. These guys died winning, and I’m sure that makes their families just so, so happy, all this winning. It’s really great that we can be here to make this place special because of all the winning they did…

Kudos to the Angry Staff Officer!

Thursday Evening Open Thread: Carson’s Revenge

Ted Cruz should’ve thought twice before ratfvcking Dr. Carson in Iowa. Per the Washington Post:

MIAMI — Conservative favorite Ben Carson, who last week suspended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, plans to endorse Donald Trump on Friday morning, according to two people familiar with his thinking.

The endorsement, perhaps the most high-profile nod for Trump since New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie backed him, was finalized Thursday morning when Carson met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, the luxury club owned by the Republican front-runner, the people said…

The support of Carson, a famed retired neurosurgeon and author, will likely give Trump a boost with GOP base voters and evangelicals, who embraced Carson’s campaign in its early days and fueled his brief rise to the top of Republican primary polls…

Appearing Thursday on Fox News radio, Carson hinted that he is “certainly leaning” toward a candidate and spoke highly of Trump.

“There’s two Donald Trumps. There’s the Donald Trump that you see on television and who gets out in front of big audiences, and there’s the Donald Trump behind the scenes,” he said. “They’re not the same person. One’s very much an entertainer, and one is actually a thinking individual.”…

Sure, Trump’s a dishonest, vain, philandering blowhard and hypocrite, but at least he’s not Ted Cruz!

Apart from cheering (continuing) confusion among our enemies, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Same Stuff…

As BettyC so kindly pointed out, there was another Democratic debate last night, this time on Spanish-language Univision in cooperation with the Washington Post. New and intelligent questions were asked, and both candidates responded in an adult fashion, much to the disappointment of the Media Village Idiots.

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign manager seems to have manhandled a female reporter from “the famously Trump-friendly Breitbart News… and her employers signally failed to support her. In case anyone needed a further clue as to Repub social values…
Apart from that, what’s on the agenda for the day?

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