Debate Open Thread: Let Us Begin

YouTube livestream here.

Guardian liveblog here.

Everybody ready?

Debate Prelims Open Thread

I’m getting the feeling, after reading comments for the last couple days, that there will be a certain drop-off in debate viewers among the BJ commentariat. Not that I blame y’all. But I am by both genetics and training one of those people who cannot let go, so Trickster God and my router willing, I’ll be here. My go-to viewing choices are the Guardian‘s liveblog (always), and YouTube’s livestream (for as long as I can stand it).

Wired has a long list of ways to watch the debate.

New one to me — Regal Cinema will have free screenings, some in IMAX, at a whole bunch of locations. So if none of your IRL friends want to share the experience, there’s more choices to do so communally.

Late Night Farce Open Thread: Another Brilliant Trump Ploy

At this point, I figure the kids are giving Deadbeat Donnie free reign, so that after the November 8th fiasco they can use his actions to sue for a medical conservatorship.

(Next fun chapter of this Dickensian saga involves Ivanka & Jared tussling expensively with Don Jr. & Eric over who gets the keys and the twitter passwords… with Melania, standing in for Barron, in a supporting role. Key question: Which party gets custody of Mark Halperin?)

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Trump & Pence, Deliberately Undermining Our Voting Process

… because OF COURSE HE DOES, since he’s a committed proponent of the Republican plan to restrict and obstruct the rights of all Americans who are not reliable conservative Republican voters.

Ari Berman has a book to sell, and it looks like a very worthwhile read. Here’s a review by David Cole, in the NY Review of Books, “How Voting Rights Are Being Rigged”:

The Brennan Center for Justice identifies fifteen states that have new voting restrictions in place for the first time for the 2016 presidential election, and five more that have had restrictions in place since the 2012 election. These include several states considered “battlegrounds” in the upcoming presidential election, or that have competitive elections for Senate seats, including Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Hampshire, Virginia, Illinois, and Arizona. In each of these states as well as many others, legislatures have imposed rules, like those in North Carolina, that limit opportunities to register and vote, and that demand forms of identification at the polls that many poor and minority citizens do not have—all in the name of fighting nonexistent “voter fraud.” Meanwhile Donald Trump, also invoking the specter of fraud, has sought to impose voting restrictions of his own, urging his followers to watch polls in November, a practice designed to deter Democrats from voting.
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Tuesday Evening Open Thread: Admirably Succinct

Also, an important note from the Rude Pundit:

I know a shit-ton of people down South and in the Midwest, working- and middle-class whites, most of whom never went to college, some not even graduating from high school, who think Donald Trump is a fucking hateful fraud, a showboating pissant, and a giant talking turd. When you try to “figure out” what drives Trump supporters and think that those of us who say, “Yeah, fuck them” are smug coast-clinging liberals, you are insulting the fuck out of the millions of people in Trump country who grew up in similar circumstances and decided that being racist, sexist, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, and conspiracy-theory-loving jerk is wrong and work to make their area of the United States a little more tolerant and progressive…

As we keep slogging towards the election, what’s on the agenda for the evening?