Open Thread: Our Failed Media Experiment, (Up)Chuck Todd Edition

I first became aware of the rumors of a break between Comey’s FBI and the CIA when ex-CIA guy Evan McMullin stepped in to challenge Trump. How about you guys?

Late Night Open Thread: Same As It Ever Was, But Louder

No more pretense, no more dogwhistles, just the bully’s boasts.

Open Thread: No Bread for the Mobs, But Plenty of Circus

All together now: YOU DID THIS, REPUBLICANS!

Look at it this way: The B-roll when President-Asterisk is informed of the latest successful terrorist act on American soil will be much more eyeball-grabbing than that crappy ‘My Pet Goat’ footage…

Early Morning Open Thread: Man-Baby Symbol of the Year

But you can’t say Time‘s choice is “not normal” — the magazine has always had a predilection for showy authoritarians…

Open Thread: Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn

Sure, the caption claims that’s Arthur Laffer, of the infamous Laffer curve, but look at that demented grin!


Apart from picking out theme songs for the Apocalypse Trump’s inaugural ball, what’s on the agenda for the evening?