Monday Evening Open Thread: The Farce Awakens

Someone reminded me of what I was saying when I first started commenting here, eight or nine years ago: The only time the Very Serious People are willing to give a black man or a woman a job is when they’re desperate for someone to come in and clean up the mess they’ve made. So maybe there’s a shot we’ll finally get the first woman President in 2020 — assuming there’s an election then, or a nation capable of holding one.

Apart from organizing among ourselves in preparation for the upcoming debacle, what’s on the agenda for the evening?

I kinda hope Melania and Barron do stay in the NY penthouse — it’s not like they’re responsible for the old man’s upcoming implosion, and if half the latest stories about his inner circle / older kids are true, thing may go full-metal Game of Thrones at the Trump White House before next summer.


Late Night Open Thread: Dave Chappelle’s SNL Monologue

One reason I was never an SNL watcher even in its 1980s glory days was that much of the audience laughter seemed less programmed than automatic — signalling their enjoyment of material without actually listening to its performers. But Mr. Chappelle’s monologue is quite as thoughtful as the internet reviewers agreed, in my opinion.

Late Night Open Thread: Propertied White Grifters

There is a long “Constitutional” tradition, going back to Thomas Jefferson and his fellow slave-run plantation owners, aping the worst European-aristocracy men-of-property kleptocracy. Our most perilous historical era came when the propertied “flower of Southern manhood” attempted by force to ensure that their title to outsized tracts of valuable land should not be imperiled by “stealing” their right to hold other humans in slavery. It is not a coincidence that today’s American neo-Nazis still aim so much ire at rootless money-grubbing cosmopolitans — people who don’t own land, property that can be milked for resources.

It’s unclear how much property Donald Trump actually owns, but it’s clearly important to him that his name be slapped on every physical ‘development’ for which his mortgage-holders allow him to stand as a figurehead. It’s also significant that some of his nastiest court battles have concerned his “right” to despoil such properties as he will, regardless of regulation, nuisance to his neighbors, or safety of his guests/clients. In such cases, his assertions somewhat resemble those of the Bundy clan — another bunch of dole-dependent grifters outraged at the idea that “tha gubmint” wants to prevent them from using “their” (our common) land however they will.

A slumlord like Trump’s old man, a real estate developer knocking together cheap McMansions and jerry-built office parks in hopes of a quick turnover before the basements start to subside or the parking lots to flood, is never a sympathetic figure. But a reality-tv “star” with a far-flung chain of celebrity properties — big-city skyscrapers, Palm Beach mansions, Scottish golf courses — there is a man who might gamble on becoming the closest thing America has to aristocracy. Assuming, of course, he can attract the support of the xenophobic, bigoted, socially inbred “Heartland”‘s revanchist white peasantry, living resentfully off government-paid agricultural support and federal welfare programs, and slobbering over (cosmopolitan media elite professionals’) fairy tales about the return of the Good Old Days, when only white men of property could act with impunity.

Open Thread: Sad Angry Little Men

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Early Morning “Random Trump Dings” Open Thread

And here I didn’t know sarcasm was even permitted to Mormons. This time tomorrow, Trickster God willing, we’ll be sharing the high of an HRC win and the lows of Trumpdolyte twitter-rants…

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