Late Night Nut Graf Open Thread: Preznit Burger Kings

Leopards-Eating-Faces-Party Open Thread: Even the Hardcore MAGAts Are Getting Restless

Guess this is why the Repubs decided Granpa Ranty needed some broad-spectrum media exposure for WALL!!!(tm) The basest of The Base are beginning to suspect they’re not his top priority… and the Elite Media Village Idiots are no longer pushing the Big Lie with the same sweaty enthusiasm:

MARIANNA, Fla. — A federal prison here in Florida’s rural Panhandle lost much of its roof and fence during Hurricane Michael in October, forcing hundreds of inmates to relocate to a facility in Yazoo City, Miss., more than 400 miles away.

Since then, corrections officers have had to commute there to work, a seven-hour drive, for two-week stints. As of this week, thanks to the partial federal government shutdown, they will be doing it without pay — no paychecks and no reimbursement for gas, meals and laundry, expenses that can run hundreds of dollars per trip…

In Florida, where Republicans dominated the November midterms and the state’s only Democratic senator went down in defeat, conservative towns like Marianna — along with farm communities in the South and Midwest, and towns across the country that depend on tourism revenue from scaled-back national parks — will help measure the solidity of public support for Mr. Trump and his decision to wager some of the operations of the federal government on a border wall with Mexico.

Jim Dean, Marianna’s city manager, said he had already been concerned, even before the shutdown, that the hurricane would prompt public agencies to consider reducing their footprint in the region. What if an extended shutdown contributed to keeping the prison closed indefinitely?

“I worry about the government pulling out of rural America,” he said.

This, after all, is one of many towns across the country where private industries are few and the federal government is intimately connected to livelihoods. Wedged near the border with Alabama and Georgia, Marianna’s 7,000 residents depend on the federal medium-security prison to employ nearly 300 people in good-paying jobs with attractive benefits…
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Vulgar Snark Open Thread: Jim Webb for Secretary of Defense

It’ll never happen, of course, because Trump has the successful bully’s instinct for avoiding confrontations with anyone who has both the temperament and the capacity to fight back. In fact, I’m pretty sure this rumor was floated by Trump sycophants (possibly in employment with the NYTimes) hoping to flatter Lord Smallgloves by suggesting he was the sort of Manly Leader who could keep Jim Webb on a leash, like a platinum-charting rapper who buys a tiger for a pet.

But I’m nasty and petty, and from the same (bogtrotting “Scotch-Irish”) clan as Mr. Webb. So I can enjoy this fantasy, from the other side of the looking-glass. Because I’m pretty sure that Webb, within a few weeks, would not just “walk out” but lunge across the table to punch out Donald Trump — who might actually have a fear-induced fatal aneurysm before the Secret Service pulled Webb away.

I would watch the hell out of that video when it was leaked to YouTube… even if it didn’t include Mike Pence simultaneously crying out to his God and wetting himself, while the rest of the craven Oval Office cabal scrambled for cover.

… Representatives for Vice President Mike Pence and Mick Mulvaney, the acting White House chief of staff, have reached out to Mr. Webb, one of the three officials said. Separately, a senior Defense Department official confirmed that Mr. Webb’s name had been circulating at the White House. Those two and the third official all spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the internal discussions.

Mr. Webb did not respond to a request for comment, and a White House official said the vice president’s staff has had no contact with Mr. Webb. How seriously he is being considered was unclear; Mr. Trump likes to float names as he considers his options for various openings in the government — sometimes to test responses and sometimes to keep the news media guessing…

Mr. Webb, now 72, graduated from the Naval Academy in 1968 and served in Vietnam as a Marine rifle platoon and company commander. He was wounded twice and awarded the Navy Cross, a prestigious award that ranks just below the Medal of Honor, along with other valor awards…

James Fallows, ever the optimist, points out that Webb’s old-working-class-white-guy misogyny (Fallows does not use those words, but that is what’s described) would probably endear him to Trump.

Cold Grey Pre-Dawn Open Thread: Merry Festivus, Wall Street!

You knew Trump was a serial bankrupt when you threw your panties the keys to the economy at him, bankers!

Soft Target Open Thread: STEEL SLAT BARRIER

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Saturday Morning Open Thread: Cold Moon

From the Washington Post:

The year’s final full moon rises Saturday evening. Its nickname, the “Cold Moon,” is apt for the first full moon of winter, and it will be bright in the night sky.

The 13th full moon of 2018, “the cold moon gets its name because December is the month when it really starts to get cold,” according to NASA…

This year’s Cold Moon will also be brighter than normal. This is because the full Cold Moon is coming during perigee. Perigee is when the moon is at or near its closest approach to Earth. When the moon is far off, it is in apogee. Perigee also causes higher-than-usual tides, which are ongoing and anticipated in the days ahead…

One positive note, for us sane not-Republicans:

Late Night Open Thread: ‘Adult’ Beverages

*Not* an adult: