Foreign Mischief Open Thread: “Let’s Support Trump, Purely As Men”

Different country, same misogyny…

Anybody had a chance yet to read Jane Mayer’s latest?

Rosenstein Update #2

and John subtweets the entire country:



Our Failed Legacy Media Open Thread: Infinite, Fractal, Recursive Fvckup-ery!

Fortunately, the attempt to defenestrate Rod Rosenstein seems to be going nowhere — for the moment. But what in the name of Murphy the Trickster God could the NYTimesmen responsible for starting this rumor have been thinking?

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GOP Venality Open Thread: Kavanaugh’s Latest ‘Murder Board’

Per the Washington Post:

Just as he did several weeks ago to prepare for his confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, Brett M. Kavanaugh was back inside a room at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building — again facing questioners readying him for a high-stakes appearance in the Senate.

This time, the questions were much different. An array of White House aides, playing the role of various senators on the Judiciary Committee, quizzed Kavanaugh last week about his sex life and other personal matters in an attempt to prepare him for a hearing that would inevitably be uncomfortable…

The epicenter of the scramble to rescue Kavanaugh’s nomination was inside the second-floor office of outgoing White House counsel Donald McGahn — the nominee’s lead champion in the West Wing who, in coordination with Senate Republicans, had helped engineer a rapid transformation of the federal judiciary and was about to secure a second seat on the Supreme Court for President Trump…

Democrats are also plotting their own strategy for the hearing. Furious about Grassley’s ­decision to limit testimony to just Kavanaugh and Ford, Democratic aides planned to find other potential witnesses — such as a trauma expert — who could help bolster their case.

If they couldn’t be heard under oath, Democrats discussed holding news conferences where those other experts would speak, aides said. A top priority, according to Democratic officials, was ensuring Ford felt supported, whether it was having enough friends and family in the hearing room with her or finding people who can speak publicly about Ford’s character…

[Warning: Linked media in the following tweet NSFW]

Professional GOP (Never-Trump branch) publicist:

Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Trump’s Real Base Is Furious & Thrashing

Forget the carefully crafted folktales about humble salt-of-the-earth workers — the True Trump Believers are American Poujadists, middle-class small business owners and their spokespersons, the ‘populists’ whose only political interest is in keeping their taxes low and all people-not-them ‘in their place’. People like Ross Doubthat, for example. Or Erick Erickson, Voice of the GOP Gated Community, who’s been losing his meagre moiety of marbles on twitter all week…

‘Serious’ GOP professional looks for a pony in that shitpile…

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Manafort’s Information

The Special Counsel’s Office has filed a superseding criminal information on Paul Manafort.  

It is a 78 page document outlining all of the various ways that Manafort and Gates worked under the direction of pro-Russian oligarchs in the Ukraine and then attempted to hide their tracks and their money.

He will be pleading guilty to two charges: Conspiracy to Defraud the US and Obstruction of Justice.

Open Thread as more information comes in:

update 1: Manafort is flipping