Late-Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Someone Should Tell Sec. Nielsen Where the Word ‘Quisling’ Came From

Nielsen’s Norwegian ancestors would second Mr. Rauchway’s rebuttal.

Just red meat for The Base, before the big lie, per the NYTimes:

what was said
“I haven’t seen any evidence that the attempts to interfere in our election infrastructure was to favor a particular political party. I think what we’ve seen on the foreign influence side is they were attempting to intervene and cause chaos on both sides.”
— Kirstjen Nielsen, the homeland security secretary, at the Aspen Security Forum on Thursday

the facts
This is misleading.

Ms. Nielsen’s claim contradicts an assessment from the intelligence community and was later reaffirmed by the Senate Intelligence Committee — as she knows, since her spokesman had to walk back similar comments she made in May.

But she had plenty more ‘jests’ for the crowd…

I bow to no one in my lust for delicious pork products, but asking who doesn’t love bacon? right after defending, y’know, NAZIS, seems a little too on-the-nose.

It’s almost as if there were some kind of pattern

Our Failed Media Open Thread: Faux News & Friends… But *Also* (Some of) the NYTimes

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Graphic Evidence

(Walt Handelsman via

One could wish that the Oval Office Resident weren’t quite such a gift to America’s hard-working editorial cartoonists…

(Matt Davies via

(Tom Toles via

(Mike Luckovich via

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Russiagate Open Thread: COMPLICIT

But it’s not just Trump who’s acting just like someone whose career relies on keeping a foreign oligarch happy…

NRA Treason-Assisting Open Thread: Red Sparrowhawk

Maria Butina, leaning in! Per Buzzfeed:

A 29-year-old Russian graduate student who worked for years as a gun rights activist was arrested and charged as a spy on Sunday, according to a criminal complaint unsealed on Monday.

Maria Butina, a protégé of Alexander Torshin, a powerful Russian banking official and close associate of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was charged with “conspiracy to act as an agent of a foreign government” without registering, as required under US law.

According to court documents, which spell her first name as Mariia, Butina worked “at the direction of a high-level official in the Russian government” from 2015 through at least February 2017 to cultivate relationships with US politicians and activists friendly to Russia. Descriptions in the document match Torshin, though he is unnamed…

Butina had become a familiar face in conservative political circles. She founded a Russian gun rights group, Right to Bear Arms, in 2011 and repeatedly claimed on social media that she was a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. In 2013, her gun rights group got John Bolton, now Trump’s national security adviser, to appear in a video that was used in the group’s lobbying…

Torshin was enthusiastically pro-Trump on social media during the campaign. He also sat with Donald Trump Jr. at the 2016 NRA convention, an event at which he reportedly tried to meet with high-level Trump campaign officials, including Jared Kushner. Don Jr.’s lawyer later told McClatchy his exchange with Torshin “was all gun-related small talk.”

A few days before Trump announced his presidential bid, Butina wrote an op-ed about the impact the 2016 election could have on the relationship between the two countries.

“It may take the election of a Republican to the White House in 2016 to improve relations between the Russian Federation and the United States,” she wrote in The National Interest magazine. She had sent the article to Torshin in advance for his approval.

A month after Trump began his presidential run, Butina was among the questioners at a town hall in Las Vegas, where she asked him to describe his foreign policy “especially in relations with my country.”

Trump said that if elected he would improve relations between the US and Russia, adding, “I know Putin and I’ll tell you what, we get along with Putin.”…
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Open Thread: “But the Bigots Deplorables BASE Loves Him for It!”

Helsinki “Optics” Open Thread: The HAND, Sarah!

If your goal is to present this ‘summit’ as just another diplomatic meeting, WHY WOULD YOU PICK A PHOTO WHERE PUTIN SEEMS ABOUT TO UNZIP HIS FLY?

Party like it’s July 1914, Mike!…

Even the ever-supplicant Media Village courtiers Axios

President Trump’s press conference with Vladimir Putin was a disaster. And that was the assessment of many of his GOP allies…
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