Lying to the Judge Was Probably Unwise

Nice going:

A Florida judge revoked bond Friday for George Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.

Seminole County Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. ordered Zimmerman to surrender to the county sheriff within 48 hours.

Lester accused Zimmerman of having misrepresented how much money he had when his bond was originally set in April. Prosecutors say he had $135,000 at the time Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, told the court, under oath, that they were indigent.

Lester’s decision came after prosecutors asked him to revoke the bond.

“The defense, through Mrs. Zimmerman, lied to this court about the amount of money that they had,” said trial prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda. “I don’t know what words to use other than it was a blatant lie.”

So all that money you wingnut losers donated to Zimmerman landed his stupid lying ass in jail. Love it.

Why Would He Do This?

Does he not realize this sort of self-serving statement is just going to infuriate everyone? Better yet, does his lawyer not understand this will just infuriate everyone:

A Florida judge Friday set a $150,000 bond for George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot an unarmed black teenager and touched off a firestorm of controversy about race and the American justice system.

Zimmerman, 28, appeared in court in a dark suit and gray tie, and, in a surprising move, took the stand. There, in a voice verging on meek, he apologized to the family of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old he admits he shot — but only, he says, in self-defense.

“I wanted to say I am sorry for the loss of your son,” he said to the parents, who attended the hearing in the central Florida city of Sanford, where the shooting took place. “I did not know how old he was. I thought he was a little bit younger than I am, and I did not know if he was armed or not.”

What a load of nonsense. This wasn’t an apology, it was excuse making and playing to the prospective jury pool.

“I’m sorry for the loss of your son.” They didn’t lose him. They didn’t misplace him. He didn’t run away or die of leukemia or vanish into thin air. You fucking shot him to death for the crime of walking while black in your neighborhood.

“I did not know how old he was.” Who cares? Is there some sort of catch and release program down in Florida? Unarmed black minors are off limits, but unarmed black adults are fair game for cowboy wanna-be cops who want to play with their guns?

“I thought he was a little bit younger than I am, and I did not know if he was armed or not.” Again, just more bullshit. If you didn’t know whether he was armed or not, why did you confront him, against the expressed rules of Neighborhood Watch and the directions of the 911 dispatcher? Why were you carrying a gun, again against the explicit rules of Neighborhood Watch?

I can’t wait to hear this idiot testify under oath.

The frontier next door

In 2010 Carl England found Pernell Jefferson, who by that time already had a respectable rap sheet, trying to break into a neighbor’s apartment. England hit Jefferson with a stick. Jefferson pulled a gun and shot England in the chest. Oklahoma had and still has an ALEC and NRA-approved ‘stand your ground’ law so prosecutors let him walk.

This year England’s 19-year-old son and a 32-year-old friend went on a tear on twitter about that incident. Then they fetched their guns and shot five black people. Carl England was white and Pernell Jefferson is black.

It seems likely that George Zimmerman will walk for shooting an unarmed teenager. The special prosecutor has more or less thrown up her hands and I can hardly blame her, caught between that stupid law and the absolute hash that Sanford PD made of their initial response. That, at least, might go punished. I have some hope that the Federal investigation into their department will at least shame the Sanford PD into doing a better job next time.

Almost everyone affected by these ‘stand your ground’ laws grits their teeth and accepts that sometimes the law is an ass. I have no doubt that Martin’s family will as well. However, the more often successful defenses fail to pass the justice smell test the harder it will get for some people to resist evening the scales by hand. It has already started.

This, Too, Was Inevitable

No one could have predicted:

According to NBC News correspondent Mara Schiavocampo, George Zimmerman has launched a new website:

    Zimmerman’s attorneys have confirmed the site is operated & authorized by him RT @thinkprogress:@maracamp How do you know this is authentic? 9 Apr 12

On the website — — Zimmerman solicits donations to support his “living expenses and legal defense.” He writes: “I have created a Paypal account solely linked on this website as I would like to provide an avenue to thank my supporters personally and ensure that any funds provided are used only for living expenses and legal defense, in lieu of my forced inability to maintain employment. I will also personally, maintain accountability of all funds received.”

He also features a photo of a vandalized black cultural center at Ohio State University.

Might as well get in on the wingnut welfare gravy train, this time with the broad appeal to the Stormfront crowd. Although you will be pleased to know that Stormfront and Neo-Nazis are “civil rights groups” according to Fox.

Strap On a Piece

These people are certifiable:

A Republican member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives who once posted a comment on Facebook about shooting at police officers accidentally dropped one of his guns on the floor at the start of a committee meeting Tuesday morning.

State Rep. Kyle Tasker (R-Nottingham) explained to onlookers that he had donated blood that morning and the effects caused him to drop his gun at the start of a House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee meeting. The committee was meeting to amend an abortion bill pending in the Legislature. The gun did not fire.

State Rep. Steve Shurtleff (D-Concord), a member of the committee, said that he was sitting three seats away from Tasker in the committee room when he heard “a clang” and saw that the gun was on the floor. Shurtleff said Tasker routinely wears two guns in a shoulder holster to legislative meetings.

I think it is insane he carries one gun, but the fact that he carries two makes this even better. God forbid your primary weapon malfunction during a committee meeting- best to be prepared with a back-up gat.