Debt Ceiling Kerfuffle: Lawrence O’Donnell Explains that Liberal Outrage Helps Obama With Swing Voters

Gigantic Cloud of Smug

Tonight, Lawrence O’Donnell dropped some more knowledge about the debt ceiling negotiations, and I must admit to a sense of self-satisfaction that what he said tonight dovetails nicely with what I’ve been saying for a week (see and here) about Obama governing and courting swing voters1 simultaneously:

Outrage notes have been struck today in the liberal blogosphere and elsewhere that the President was entertaining modest modifications in Medicare and Social Security that could save trillions, even though liberal democrats in the past have done exactly that. The President’s willingness to discuss raising the retirement age in Medicare or Social Security has met rage from some who don’t know that the eligibility age of Social Security has already been raised, that a gradual increase of a retirement age was enacted in 1983, increasing the full retirement from 65 to 67, and that increase had the support of liberals in the House and the Senate.

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Like they love PAC

Sarah Palin’s PAC subsidized her family vacation (via):

Sarah Palin’s political action committee spent tens of thousands of dollars covering the costs of the former Alaska governor’s “One Nation” East Coast bus tour this spring — a trip that Palin (R) has repeatedly characterized as a “family vacation.”

According to a list of itemized expenditures filed by SarahPAC to the Federal Elections Committee and published Thursday, Palin’s committee spent nearly $14,000 on the “bus wrap” that festooned the family’s tour bus with images of the Liberty Bell, Constitution and American flag. The committee spent $10,000 on “logistical trip consulting,” $3,600 to the bus driver and at least $7,000 on lodging.

In other news, as ABL points out, Jane Hamsher is on the anti-Obama warpath.

Griters gonna grift. There’s an audience for anti-Obama Firebagging, there’s a bigger audience for leatherclad teabagging motorcycle mamas. That’s about the only difference. Let’s quit pretending otherwise, once and for all.

Update. I want to be clear here, I am not that much of an Obot these days. I read Krugman’s and Atrios’s criticism of how Obama has handled the economy every day and I agree with a lot of it. I am not confident the budget debt ceiling deal Obama makes will be a great one. I love Tbogg. But FDL’s attacks on Obama and his supporters are nuts, and they’re not worth taking seriously.

Jane Hamsher Calls Obama Supporters “Dumb Motherfuckers.”

Hey, it’s better than Joan Walsh’s favorite term: Obamalovers

Keep your eye on Firedoglake, people. That ship is sinking fast. Jane Hamsher is suffering stage 5 Obama Derangement Syndrome. It’s so bad that she is now ignoring what Democratic aides have reported regarding Obama’s meeting with Cantor, and is sucking the milk from Cantor’s teat:

For the record I don’t think it’s a big deal if Obama has to take sole responsibility for raising the debt limit. But he does.

It undermines his intention to run in 2012 as the “fiscally responsible” guy who closed the deficit, and that’s why he is cussing mad. Well, that and the fact that he has to undergo ritual humiliation at the hands of the GOP every 2 months to get what he wants.

The irony is that the Obamabots are so out of touch with who Obama is and what he wants they don’t realize that by cheering for the McConnell deal, and his prowess in making McConnell “blink,” it amounts to twisting the knife for him. It makes it impossible for him to reject the deal the end — which empowers the GOP to hold out.

Cantor offered a temporary extension three times last night, and by both Democratic and GOP accounts, that’s what made Obama snap. He wouldn’t be rejecting it “even if it brings my presidency down,” and taking his case to the American people, if he thought he had scored some big victory.

You gotta feel sorry for the guy. His most ardent supporters are the dumbest motherfuckers in the world, and they don’t realize he thinks they are digging his political grave.

At this point, Jane Hamsher is a parody of herself. She spews whatever brain jizz happens to be coagulating in her mind directly into the faces of her sycophants, and they lap that shit up like their only dream in life is to play the role of Hamsher PermaFluffer. I mean, it’s downright comical.

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Debt Ceiling Shenanigans: Lawrence O’Donnell Breaks it Down (and Criticizes “Progressives”)

Ol’Blue Eyes Strikes Again

Lawrence O’Donnell has been on fire as of late. Here’s his latest on the debt ceiling shenannies. Notably, he had the following to say:

Consider the lead editorial today in Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal. Normally a champion of the most ludicrous Republican policies and strategies… they have finally caught on to what they say today: “the President’s strategy all along: take the debt limit talks behind closed doors, make major spending cuts seem possible in the early days, but then hammer republicans publicly as the deadline nears for refusing to raise taxes on business and the rich.”

If the Republicans had a plan that they thought would work when they took the debt ceiling hostage, it could only have been the misguided expectation that when the moment came for the presidential decision in these discussion, Barack Obama would simply cave to the hostage takers’ demands. Ironically, others who shared that view as the possible outcome, here on the left side of our politics, have positions in the blogosphere and megaphones in which they have trumpeted their distrust of Barack Obama’s strength of character and his command of presidential power. As of tonight, the one person who we know is not panicking about what to do next is Barack Obama. Eric Cantor, however, has just described the meeting tonight at the White House this way to reporters. He, the president got very agitated, said that he had sat there long enough, that Ronald Reagan wouldn’t sit here like this, and that he’s reached the point that something’s got to give. a Democratic aide tells NBC, Cantor’s account of tonight’s meeting is completely overblown.

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