Straight outta Hopkins

I love the flute in the new Ben Carson hip-hop radio ad.

Your purple prose just gives you away

Bobo’s latest mash note to Rubio-Ryan was less of a bodice-rippper than usual but oh what a last line:

If Ryan and Rubio do emerge as the party’s two leaders, it will be the wonkiest leadership team in our lifetime.

He’s got big balls and she’s got big balls

I agree with Steve M. that this reduces conservatism to its true essence:

Rich Lowry told Megyn Kelly that the reason Trump is going after Carly Fiorina is that ‘she cut his balls off with the precision of a surgeon‘ in the last debate and thus she has become a much bigger target for Trump to take aim at.

That’s what it’s all about: quien es mas macho?

Update. This email a reader sent young Conor is amazing:

Trump fights. Trump wins. I want an Alpha Male who is going to take it to the enemy. I am tired of supporting losers. I used to vote for President based on their positions. Now I am going to vote for President based on emotion. I want a strong man to be president, an Alpha male, somebody who is going to rip the other side a new one. I am tired of losing the fight before we even have a fight. That is why I support Donald Trump. Ted Cruz is my second choice. Never Jeb!

The jig is up, the news is out

Epic Bobo today. Starts off by talking about his Snooze Hour buddy Mark Shields and closes by calling Fiorina and Rubio renegade geniuses:

That’s where Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio come in. So far, Fiorina has looked like the most impressive candidate. She has a genius for creating signature moments.


Rubio is young and thus uncorrupted, and he is a genius at relating policy depth in a way that is personal.


It’s going to be somewhat the same, but edgier and more renegade.

And we all know how much neocons love uncorrupted young men.

Sunday Afternoon Open Thread: Clowns to the Right of Me, Jokers to the Left

Apart from more of the same, what’s on the agenda as we wrap up the weekend?

Kinder, gentler machine gun hand

That Ted Cruz machine gun bacon clip richly deserves an embedded video not just a link to an article about it.

Fuck yeah! OTOH, I don’t think Cruz quite pulls it off. He’s more dweeby Ivy league grad than rock n’ roll cowboy.

I’m still hoping someone goes the full Putin and airs his pecs a little.

This is no ordinary love

Way back in 1976, the New York Times must have known that Trump would eventually become a Republican presidential candidate, because they were already drooling over him:

He is tall, lean and blond, with dazzling white teeth, and he looks ever so much like Robert Redford.

It’s not the full Thune treatment:

The first thing everybody knows about him is that he is tall (6 feet 4 inches), tanned (in a prairie, sun-chapped sort of way) and handsome (John McCain jokes that if he had Thune’s face he’d be president right now).

This is my all-time favorite, about Chris Christie:

Seriously though, watch out for Christie after the weight loss, he’s a handsome devil.