There’s another Georgie deep inside

What’s up with Kellyanne’s husband turning on Trump?

George Conway, a high-profile attorney and the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, on Thursday appeared to once again question claims made by President Donald Trump’s legal team.

Oh what a thing to do

Hear me now, believe me later: as inconsequential as the Stormy Daniels story is, it could be very damaging for Trump.

I’m told that in her 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper Daniels suggests that Trump, how to say this, likes it when women aren’t nice to him, treat him in perhaps denigrating ways.

In the meantime, try to hit 50K sometime soon for the Balloon Juice fund that is split equally among all eventual Democratic challengers in Republican House districts.

Goal Thermometer

Because I Love You All SOOOOOO Much

Well the bar rooms and smelly bordellos

Some very strange stuff went on at last night’s Roy Moore rally. Here’s one of his friends talking about a visit they made to a Vietnamese brothel where there were lots of underage girls. The fact that Moore left without sampling the wares is supposed to prove he’s not a pedophile.

Here’s Roy Moore’s wife talking about how one of her attorneys is a Jew. It looks like some Amy Schumer skit gone horribly wrong.

Peggy Olson’s blues

I watched the first season of Handmaid’s Tale. I kept telling people “I know that this sounds crazy, but this show feels real to me, it honestly taps into how a certain portion of the right thinks.” Well, Trent Franks.

My prediction as all these Congressional sex scandals come out is that there will be a roughly equal number of Democrats and Republicans involved, but that the Democratic scandals will involve run-of-the-mill fucked up behavior, while the Republican scandals will involve more exotic stuff. I won’t be surprised if wetsuits and dildos make their way into the storyline. I sincerely hope that we don’t hear about any hanging or eye-gouging, but I’m not sure I’d bet against it.

Look, I know that outside the elite liberal Acela corridor, people bear their bosses’ children all the time. Go to any exurban Panera Bread west of the Hudson and you’ll hear folks talking about it. But this thing just got rolling and we’ve already got one pedophile and one character from the Handmaid’s Tale. The media’s going to have a tough time spinning all the perversion that comes out as reg’lar heartland behavior.

What a lovely way of saying how much you love me

For my money, this is a little weirder than whatever Al Franken did:

Rep. Trent Franks, an Arizona Republican who is among the most conservative members of the House, said he would resign his seat after House officials learned that he had asked two female employees to bear his child as a surrogate.

While we’re at it…what’s the over/under on the total number of wetsuits that come up in the complaints against Republican Congressmen?

Just seventeen if you know what I mean

The George Soros forgeries are getting better and better:

Debbie Wesson Gibson was in her attic hauling out boxes of Christmas decorations last week when she noticed a storage bin she said she had forgotten about. Inside was a scrapbook from her senior year of high school, and taped to a page titled “Those Who Inspire” was a graduation card.

“Happy graduation Debbie,” it read in slanted cursive handwriting. “I wanted to give you this card myself. I know that you’ll be a success in anything you do. Roy.”


At a Nov. 27 campaign event in the north Alabama town of Henagar, Moore said, “The allegations are completely false. They are malicious. Specifically, I do not know any of these women.”

At a Nov. 29 rally at a church in the south Alabama town of Theodore, Moore said, “Let me state once again: I do not know any of these women…

I hope Alabama is ready for lots of boycotts if they elect this pedophile.