Hey Kellyanne, what’s your game now can anybody play?

This is funny:

“[Conway] would shill for Trump in extensive fashion and then she would get off the air, the camera would be turned off, the microphone would be taken off and she would say ‘Blech, I need to take a shower,’ because she disliked her candidate so much,” Brzezinski said Monday.

“‘I have to take a shower because it feels so dirty to be saying what I’m saying,'” Brzezinski described Conway as saying. “I guess she’s just used to it now.”

Honestly who cares what troubles Kellyanne’s beautiful mind, but it might piss Twitler off so I hope it gets a lot of play.

I love you in your big jeans, you give me nice dreams

Matt Bai just can’t quit Chris Christie:

Trump needs a guy like Christie to come in and grab the wheel of this careening presidency, and he needs it to happen now.


But whatever else you want to say about Christie (and I’ve always found him to be a more complicated and gifted politician than his detractors can stand to admit), the man knows how to bring focus to a political operation, and how to advance a governing agenda, and how to balance public bluster with backroom pragmatism.

Chris Christie’s approval rating in New Jersey is nearing single digits. He narrowly avoided time in the clink for his involvement in one of the most widely derided political scandals of our era.

But Matt Bai still loves him. Why weren’t Eliot Spitzer and John Edwards given this post-debacle treatment?

Because they’re democrats, of course.

I can see for miles and miles

I like to try to keep an eye on what’s going on in the world of right-wing media and blogs, but I find reading Fox, let alone, Breitbart, just too soul-crushing to do on a regular basis. I read alicublog and I’ve started following Will Sommer on twitter (he’s the guy who had all the great pictures of the Pizzagate rally). Sommer also has an excellent newsletter.

What do you guys read to keep up with the wingnutosphere?

Still tote gats strapped with infrared beams

This doesn’t really surprise me:

Still, Hannity’s version of entertainment can go too far. Last year, after ending one of his many spirited on-air arguments with liberal contributor Juan Williams, Hannity pulled out a gun and pointed it directly at Williams, according to three sources with knowledge of the incident. He even turned on the laser sight, causing a red dot to bob around on Williams’ body. (Hannity was just showing off, the sources said, but the unforeseen off-camera antic clearly disturbed Williams and others on set.)

Once More Into the Breach

All I have to do is pick up chairs and a coat rack.

I can do this.

But it makes me feel better each time it begins

First of all, to answer Dave’s question, yes, it’s worth engaging with journalists, especially those who clearly take the time to seek out good, non-establishment sources.

Now, onto what may destroy this country. K-Thug today quite rightly calls out the Republican moral midgets in Congress for bowing down before Dear Leader. I’ve been wondering for a while: what would reasonable Republican Congressional criticism of Trump even sound like? I take it for granted that they’re all crazy assholes, but even crazy assholes might have some respect for reality and truth. Yes, McCain and Huckleberry Hound like to get off the occasional anti-Trump one-liner before voting for whatever hack Russian double agent Trump has nominated for the cabinet, but they never attempt to give an honest account of just what’s so fucked up about Trump. So I was surprised to see this from Mark Sanford, of all people:

I ask Sanford, in our early February interview, whether it’s fair to say Trump doesn’t impress him. “Yeah, that’s accurate,” he tells me. “Because at some level he represents the antithesis, or the undoing, of everything I thought I knew about politics, preparation and life.”


Sanford swears he has nothing personal against the new president; in fact, he’s heard good things about him personally from several mutual acquaintances. But, he says, he can’t “look the other way” as Trump peddles false information to suit his political aims.

“I believe in a war of ideas … and I tell the staff all the time: Look, we’re in the business of crafting and refining our arguments that are hopefully based on the truth,” he adds. “Truth matters. Not hyperbole, not wild suggestion, but actual truth.”

I hate the whole hunt for a reasonable Republican game people like to play, so I don’t want to make it sound like Mark Sanford is a great guy, but he’s saying what every non-brain dead Republican in Congress (I think there’s at least a few dozen in this category) should be saying, that Trump’s detachment from reality is simply not acceptable. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s probably the politically smart thing to do for the medium-to-long term.

But so far no one’s doing it besides Sanford. He must have done a lot of good thinking out there on the Appalachian Trail.

It’s the Puz that refreshes in the corridors of power

I wonder if there’s any truth to the rumor that whenever Trump publicly humiliates a fellow winger that winger is instructed to shout “thank you, sir, may I have another?”

Trump’s decision to not release a statement about Puzder’s withdrawal says a lot about his leadership style. He always wants to wash his hands of things that reflect poorly on him. He didn’t even tweet out well wishes. He just pretended like it didn’t happen.

In all seriousness, I do think there’s some side of the winger psyche that craves being hurt and dominated by a strong man (or woman, I’m sure they’re all lining up to be abused by Sarah Palin on Earth 2).