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Other felony news (NC-09 edition)

He is not the only one being charged. From the Raleigh News and Observer:

Four other people — Caitlyn E. Croom, Matthew Monroe Mathis, Tonia Gordon and Rebecca Thompson — also face charges related to absentee ballot collection in Bladen County over the past two elections, Freeman said.

Texas vs Azar : stay calm

The district Court decision in the trolling lawsuit Texas vs HHS is out. The district Court judge just decided to toss several centuries of precedent.

This decision will be slapped around on appeal.

Keep on signing up. This will get quickly stayed and the judge will get bench-slapped.

update 1one of the conservative legal minds behind King v Burwell<\i> has this comment

update 2

GOP Clown Car Open Thread: Kelly Is Out, But Nobody Wants In

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NC-09 Update

People will be going to jail for this:

Reminder, as Flynn will testify, the first enthusiastic and accurate flipper can get a damn good deal.

Open thread.

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Dems Give Repub ‘Homebody’ Nightmares

I’d say he was angling for an asylum deal, anywhere, but the Oval Office Occupant is too vain to admit he might be in trouble — even if he’s smart enough to understand this isn’t the kind of buy-his-way-out trouble he’s used to as a corrupt NYC real estate developer.