Going Galt

I was wrong about the rain, and it has turned out to be beautiful. I’m going to get some errands done and swing by Animal Friends.

Here is a question for you: It is 75 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, there is a cool breeze, and you are about to take a drive in the country. What is in your CD player?

Answer: Allman Brothers- Live at Ludlow Garage or Eat a Peach. I really see this as a no-brainer, but you might think otherwise.

Let them drink Veuve Yellow Label

There’s long been a theory that certain parts of the luxury goods market are recession proof. I guess not:

Britain’s millionaires, who more than doubled in number between 2003 and 2007 as property prices soared, have seen their wealth drop by almost a quarter in the past year, the CEBR said.

“It looks as though the experience for millionaires is relatively similar to that chronicled by the Sunday Times for their rich list, which showed a fall in the number of U.K. billionaires this year from 75 in 2008 to 43 this year,” the CEBR said.

The newspaper showed a 38 percent drop in the wealth of those on the list of the nation’s richest individuals, larger than the 24 percent decline estimated for the average U.K. millionaire in today’s report, the CEBR said.

The wealth squeeze has also hurt luxury goods sales. The CEBR cited reports saying that sales of Bentley Motors Ltd. cars fell by two-thirds so far this year, while Bayerische Motoren Werke AG car sales are down 35 percent.

But that’s just the UK: I’m sure the Galt’s Gulch Bentley dealership is doing just fine.

Rich Gentleman Have It Boys, Indigestion!

As we learned yesterday, nothing says “I’m hip” in libertarian circles like a smirk and a Jack Germond reference, but Fagin Nick Gillespie has upped his game today with this post:

“When It Comes to School Choice For Low-Income DC Residents, Obama Offers Crumb (And Is One)”

This is better than what he announced via Education Secretary Arne Duncan, which was simply to tell the voucher participants to take a hike. However, it still amounts to little more than an aristocrat flipping a coin out of a carriage window after running down a child in the street.

Poor Obama. Yesterday, Kim Jong Il, today, a Dickensian villain. It is early in the month, I am betting we can go full Godwin by June.

BTW, for a pretty interesting profile/fluff piece on the Chancellor of the DC Schools, Michelle Rhee, go to Time. I read that a while back while in a doctor’s office waiting for something.

Reason Goes the Full Wingnut

In a few years when people look back and say to themselves “What the hell happened to Reason magazine,” it might be useful for them to direct their web browsers to this Nick Gillespie post, where he just completely loses it about a photo op in which Obama and Biden buy hamburgers:

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden jaunted off to an Arlington, Virginia restaurant called Ray’s Hell Burger, where they and their posse ingested mass quantities of burgers and house-speciality “cheesy tater puffs.”


Obama should know better: You really don’t have to pay for fawning coverage from the Fourth Estate (now reduced for quick sale by owners!), though I’m sure all the starving members of the White House press corps are happy with the free-to-them grub, especially now that Jack Germond isn’t standing in the way of the fixin’s bar.

These sorts of ultra-lame, super-calculated P.R. stunts really chap my hide. They’re simply the obverse of official stories that Kim Jong-il doesn’t ever go to the bathroom or that Mussolini could beat even Italian champs at tennis, clearly phony embellishments to alternately make leaders either superhuman or super-normal.

I like how he skipped the Dijon mustard angle preferred by a different genus of wingnut and instead went for mentioning totalitarian regimes. Well played, Nick, although I’m sad you couldn’t work in Hitler and liberal fascism! I guess the teabag demographic is a bigger player in magazine sales than I expected.

RIP, Reason Magazine.