Fucking Schrödinger’s Exoneration Here

Does this sound like an innocent man who was totally exonerated by the Mueller report:

God I hate this motherfucker and all the stupid pricks and lying sacks of shit that put him in office and continue to enable him.

Happy fucking Easter.

You Can Just Get Fucked, McCarthy

Eat a bag of dicks, bigot:

Republicans clamored for House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s head Monday, demanding he give up his gavel or resign from Congress as part of their campaign of revenge against Democrats who pursued and promoted allegations of collusion between President Donald Trump and the Russian government.

Trump and senior White House aides, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) and other allies of the president on Capitol Hill raced to paint the California Democrat as an overeager disciple of a theory debunked by the Justice Department in a summary of special counsel Robert Mueller’s findings released Sunday.

Pretty sure I know what Nancy’s response to this will be.

Frackers in Our Midst

I was getting undressed for a nap at around six when someone knocked on the front door. I mentally thought to myself “You got to be fucking kidding me” because I knew it would be a pain in my ass because anyone I want to see will just knock and come in because that’s just how things happen here. At any rate, I got dressed, went downstairs, and it was someone I had never seen before holding a clipboard and as I opened the door she said “Hi” and started her spiel.

Apparently she did not notice the mat she was standing on, which is pretty clear:

I interrupted her and said “I don’t want any and how much is this going to cost me?” She just smiled and said “Well actually you might earn some money,” and it turns out SWN wants to buy my mineral rights. I said “No, thank you” but she was persistent and talked about how much they wanted to pay me (something like 700 bucks or something) and I again said no, but this time added for clarity, “I oppose fracking.

She seemed surprised, which makes no sense, because there are a lot of people in my little community who oppose the bastards. At any rate, to review, the reasons I oppose fracking are:

1.) The motherfuckers refuse to tell us what they are pumping into the ground.
2.) They refuse to do due diligence for all the externalities they are creating.
3.) They lobby our statehouse and our reps and continuously get their severance tax lowered when it should be increased, because they already have sunk costs with all their wells and aren’t going to abandon all the gas here.
4.) They have destroyed our roads and refuse to fix them
5.) There is a relationship between fracking and seismic events.
6.) Even when they sign a lease, they try to screw the people with whom they have signed the lease.
7.) i have probably lost 100 hours of my life sitting behind SWN flagmen who have stopped all road traffic while they do shit at their well sites and another 100 hours driving 12 miles an hour behind water trucks and other equipment.
8.) They lied about how many jobs would go to WV residents.
9.) They have fucked up rent prices for apartments because they bring in all these out of state workers who rent apartments, screwing poor people around here who have to basically live in shacks because rent is out of control now.

With that in mind, when she asked me “why do you oppose fracking,” I simply said “It’s probably for the best if we do not go into that.” And then I went inside and took a nap. I don’t know how long she stood there.

Sunday Afternoon Non Football Related Open Thread

I feel so shitty every time I so much as get an alert I have received a text or email I mutter “Go fuck yourself.”

Also, fuck the patriots. And Trump.

Why the Schultz Campaign is So God Damned Irritating to This Democrat

Beyond the fact that Schultz is just fucking stupid, and beyond the fact that literally no one is clamoring for another billionaire President, and beyond the fact that his advisors are cynically telling him to attack Democrats, and beyond the fact that he might swing another election to Trump, the reason I hate Howard Schultz with a contempt I normally reserve for people who leave their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot or ask “Cold enough for you?” when it is 2 degrees out is the fact that anyone advocating centrism at this point in time is basically a fucking proto-fascist.

The country’s policies (despite the wishes of the majority of the people) have swung so far to the right on virtually every issue, whether it be protecting the bankers, tax policy, environmental policy, abortion rights, you name it. We won’t even feel the true impact of the total radicalization of the courts for decades. I’ll be 75 and we’ll still be suffering from the lunatics being put on the bench the past two years.

Anyone who supports centrism right now is basically ok with all of that. They’re ok with the status quo. What they want is today’s fascism, but with more polite dialogue and milquetoats Ted Talks and fewer four letter words and would you people please stop being mean to rich people eating in public and can’t we just agree to disagree while I strip away your voting rights and reproductive freedom and raise the price of your insulin 40,000%.

Fuck Howard Schultz. This country needs a hard swing leftward. After AOC’s second term as President and she has four new Justices seated we can talk about a couple test case blue dogs.