Super Rich White Lady Not Upset She Helped Elect Trump

Fuck Jill Stein:

Stein is not losing any sleep over what might have been—in her telling, Clinton wouldn’t have been much better. “There are differences between Clinton and Trump, no doubt, but they’re not different enough to save your life, to save your job, to save the planet,” she says. “We deserve more than two lethal choices.”

I say again, fuck Jill Stein.

The American Taliban Marches

These fucking wankers:

An anti-Muslim activist group is rallying in numerous cities across the country, marching in opposition to Islamic law, which the group believes is a threat to American society.

ACT for America, a lobbyist organization with close ties to the Trump administration that has helped pass state-level bills targeting Islamic law and refugees, organized the protests as a nationwide “March Against Sharia.”

While demonstrators argue they are protecting free speech and defending traditional American values, counterprotesters say the marchers underscore a larger trend of intolerance that is increasingly evident across a politically divided country.

Here’s a background on these nutters from the SPLC, who is also live-blogging this nationwide douchebag cosplay.

Nope. Still Don’t Feel Sorry For You

Yep, still not feeling sorry for these fucking assholes:

I went back this spring just after the House passed the AHCA, the bill to repeal and replace Obamacare that would cause 23 million fewer Americans to have health coverage, according to Congressional Budget Office estimates. The optimism was gone. Resignation had replaced it.

“You know, thinking about it, I’m not even sure what I expected. I just thought it would miraculously work out wonderful for everybody,” Bobbi Smith, a 62-year-old Obamacare enrollee who voted for Trump, says. “So I guess maybe I didn’t put enough thought into what I would expect from a health care act.”


This includes Kathy Oller, an Obamacare enrollment worker who supported Trump in the 2016 election. She feels let down by the Republican health care plan — “If they take the expanded Medicaid away, it really, really is gonna kill Kentuckians because they won’t have health insurance,” she says — and she’s already seeing other ways that Trump health policies are hurting Kentucky. Obamacare sign-ups, she said, were slower this year, as people in Kentucky were confused about whether the health care law still existed.

But Oller doesn’t regret her vote for Trump — “I don’t have regrets,” she says plainly — and she trusts that Rogers, whom she has also voted for, knows what he’s doing. She gets most her news from his weekly emails to constituents; she cites his arguments for why the law needs to be repealed.

Maybe what this world needs is fewer Kentucky voters, which the Trump bill will most certainly help accomplish. After all, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t stop it from yelling racial epithets and then drowning itself.

I don’t feel bad for these mother fuckers in any way, shape, or form. They didn’t think, and when they did, they came to the wrong conclusion or decided they didn’t care the Democrats were worse. Which is fine. They are free to do that. But the problem here is they are fucking me and a lot of other people, because this week, while we’re investigating Trump and Russia and Trump is agitating a war in Qatar and Iran, the Senate is working behind closed doors to screw every single American. So go fuck yourself Kathy Oller and Bobbi Smith.

Open Thread: The Idiots, They Are Always Among Us

I’m with Mr. Dworkin, but YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID:

Left-wing skepticism of the “Trump/Russia” story has existed since Clinton’s campaign first blamed hacks of the Democratic National Committee and campaign Chairman John Podesta’s emails on Russian interference. For five awkward months, Democrats from Clinton down to interim DNC Chairman Donna Brazile dodged questions about the contents of the emails by saying they would not comment on what appeared to be foreign meddling in the election…

“False thrillers will now be written about the Russians hacking the American elections,” wrote director Oliver Stone last year. “Money and TV serials will be made. I’ve never read such hysterical junk in the New York Times (call it what it is — ‘fake news’), in which the editorials have become outrageous diatribes of alleged crimes by Russia.”

Stone, who wrote a blurb for “The Plot to Scapegoat Russia,” is now promoting his own sit-down interviews with Putin, early clips from which show Putin making eyebrow-raising arguments — “our intelligence agencies always conform to the law” — with no on-camera pushback…

The crux of the complaint is that Democrats, locked out of power in Washington, are focusing on Russia to the exclusion of other issues. That criticism befuddles some elected Democrats, who have seen the Russia issue boil over in their town halls, and who’ve simultaneously voted against most of the Trump agenda, slowing it to a snail’s pace.

“People want us to keep trying to advance legislation that will strengthen infrastructure, that will affect their lives,” said Sen. Christopher A. Coons (D-Del.). “But they also say: What the heck was that? Get to the bottom of it.” Asked about the idea that Democrats were being hawks toward Russia, Coons, laughed. “I’m sorry, you’re concerned that our response might be too bellicose? I’m concerned that we might not be responding enough,” he said…

But we still have no single-payer national health plan, much less the rainbow-pooping unicorns that some of the differently hinged promised during the 2016 campaign!

Six months, tops, there will be a roadshow headlining RoseAnne DeMoro, Michael Tracey, and Kyle Chapman, Based Stickman…

Back Home in West by God Virginia

Long drive home from a pleasant visit at ABC’s up north, although the traffic was damned hellish and the entire state of Pennsylvania is under construction. Also, Massholes are the Ohio drivers of the Northeast, the difference being Ohio drivers are in the passing lane doing ten miles under the speed limit in an uninspected chrysler whose turns signals don’t work, while Massholes are in a brand new BMW X5 in whatever fucking lane they want doing whatever fucking speed they want and not using their turn signals because they don’t have to because TOM BRADY or some fucking bullshit. Fuck the Wahlbergs.

At any rate, here was the playlist on the ride home (DougJ ignored the last one, maybe he will come in and grief me on this one):

Allman Brothers: Eat a Peach
Beatles: Rubber Soul
CCR: 20 Greatest Hits (again)
Grateful Dead: disc 1 of Hundred Year Hall
Michael Jackson: Thriller
Led Zeppelin: III
Led Zeppelin: II
Yonder Mountain String Band
Frampton Comes Alive (disc 1)
The Police: Zenyetta Mondatta
Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream
Litle Feat: Waiting for Columbus

I am going to take a nap. Also, fuck you people for not recognizing my genius.

This shit ain’t easy, people.

This picture of me has been making the rounds with my friends on FB, so I thought I would share. Me in 1991 in Germany.

Sums up my mood about now.

Keep the Pressure on these Mother Fuckers

Thursday Evening Open Thread: America’s Embarrasment-in-Chief


Look, Donald, I’m dyslexic (too), so it’s hard for me to read something out loud and not sound like a moron. That’s why, when I know I’ll have to do so, I always practice my script in advance. It’s a two-minute speech, you putz! You could’ve pre-read the thing during the commercials on your favorite Fox News shows! Get “your guys” to print it out on a big card, using Comic Sans!

Of course, the speech would still be a thuggish demand for tribute from a guy who famously can’t back up his threats, but at least you wouldn’t look like a second-grader told to read Granny’s hand-written blessing at the family Thanksgiving table…

Apart from [facepalming], what’s on the agenda for the evening?