Ministry of Silly Walks?

I don’t even know how to begin to deal with this story:

WASHINGTON (AP) – Watch your step! The Pentagon is developing a radar-based device that can identify people by the way they walk, for use in a new antiterrorist surveillance system.

Operating on the theory that an individual’s walk is as unique as a signature, the Pentagon has financed a research project at the Georgia Institute of Technology that has been 80 to 95 percent successful in identifying people.

Paging John Cleese, paging John Cleese!


Time Capsules are interesting ideas, if you remember where you put them:

In 10 days, this city plans to revisit the moment 100 years ago that President Theodore Roosevelt rode into town in a horse-drawn carriage, gave a rousing speech about the great pioneers of the Pacific Northwest and put a copper box into the cornerstone of a towering monument to Lewis and Clark.

That is, if anyone can find the box.

Portland is frantic to find the time capsule. Nobody knows exactly where it is.

Sheer genius.


I am willing to bet this little experiment did not go through Institutional Review:

HARTFORD, Conn. – Three college students were arrested for allegedly staging a kidnapping as a part of a psychology experiment to see how bystanders would react.

James Sanchez, 21, Steven DiStefano, 19, and Lun Chai, 19, were charged with breach of peace, which is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.


Jesse Jackson, Asshole

Is there any question that Jesse Jackson is a race pimp? I know the left gets their panties in a knot when you say you want to beat someone with a tire iron, but if I had a choice of who I would club, it would start with this wart on humanity’s arse (and I don’t give a shit about how much ‘good’ he may have done in the past):

From the Stanford Review:

Mr. Jackson spent a large portion of his speech emphasizing the existence of a racial divide in the United States. He demanded that the audience look closely at the military, which is 35% black and 15% Latino. He argued that the withdrawal from Iraq of the Marines, who have a higher white percentage, suggests racism on the part of this nation’s military commanders, as the Army, which has a higher percentage of blacks than the Marines, would have remain in Iraq. He argued that the US builds itself up on the backs of “the black, the brown, and the poor.”

I want to see the left defend this one. Oh, then there was this word salad from Jackson:

We didn’t know how good baseball could be until we could play.” He also questioned, “Why is it on the ballfield that we can rise above skin color and focus on uniform color?”

Um, because survival in sport is based upon strict meritocracy?

He mentioned that sports is the one area where blacks do not have to run 12 yards for a first down to prove themselves whereas whites only have to run eight for a first down.

I’d run twelve-teen yards to punch you in the mouth.

(Via Krempasky)

Stupid Cuba Comments

I was having trouble falling asleep, so I had the 2 am version of Hannity and Colmes on, and Colmes made one of the most blockheaded arguments I have heard in a long time. His argument (and I am paraphrasing- I will get the transcript up when it is posted- should be fun to see how close I get this quote):

“If we make an exception for Cuban refugees fleeing from their dictator, don’t we have to do the same for North Korea, Iran, Syria, and any other dictator? How will we apply this universal principle?”

Um, moron, as a nation, WE make our immigration policy. It doesn’t have to be based on universal principles, but should probably be metered with a fair dose of pragmatism. In other words, we can have any immigration policy we want. We could have an immigration policy that only allowed in one-eyed individuals fluent in six languages who can rub their belly and pat their head at the same time. I am not sure what sense that would make, but neither am I sure why you are incapable of understanding that we can make an exception for Cuban refugees.

Do these guys think? Ever? It is hard to make Hannity look quick on his toes, but Colmes sure was doing his best tonight.