This is Your Brain. This is your Brain on Arianna Huffington.

From the Cannabis News, this dandy little description of Arianna Huffington’s latest anti-SUV ad campaign.

Patterned after the commercials that try to discourage drug use by suggesting that profits from illegal drugs go to terrorists, the new commercials say that money for gas needed for S.U.V.’s goes to terrorists.

“This is George,” a girl’s voice says of an oblivious man at a gas station. “This is the gas that George bought for his S.U.V.” The screen then shows a map of the Middle East. “These are the countries where the executives bought the oil that made the gas that George bought for his S.U.V.” The picture switches to a scene of armed terrorists in a desert. “And these are the terrorists who get money from those countries every time George fills up his S.U.V.”

A second commercial depicts a series of ordinary Americans saying things like: “I helped hijack an airplane”; “I gave money to a terrorist training camp in a foreign country”; “What if I need to go off-road?”

At the close, the screen is filled with the words: “What is your S.U.V. doing to our national security?”

Hey Arianna? What are your thoughts on drilling in ANWR? Oh, against it.

Look- Oil is an issue that needs to be treated seriously. I do not like our dependence on foreign oil for a number of reasons. I wish there was another way to heat my house, get to the grocery store, etc. But until there is a real renewable resource that works, oil is here to stay. Deal with it. And quit carping on people for their choice in vehicle. IF you were really serious about saving oil, you would quit trying to guilt people who drive their SUV’s with stupid campaigns invoking terrorism and Jesus. This creates nothing but enemies. Domestic ones.

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Alex Knapp at Heretical Ideas has more.

Is This Racism?

Is This Racism?

I took my son to see Michael Moore live at the Roundhouse, in north London, before Christmas. The US radical and author of the best-selling book Stupid White Men was (mostly) clever, funny, angry, sharp, iconoclastic and sceptical about the lies and humbug processed by the US government and big business. Sure there were some flunked bits you expect that, the troughs are part of the adventure, an evening with a well-worn rebel.

What we did not expect was to feel so enraged at one point that we almost walked out. It was when Moore went into a rant about how the passengers on the planes on 11 September were scaredy-cats because they were mostly white. If the passengers had included black men, he claimed, those killers, with their puny bodies and unimpressive small knives, would have been crushed by the dudes, who as we all know take no disrespect from anybody. God save us from such stupid white men, especially now, when in the US and the UK, black people’s lives are being ripped to shreds by drugs, lawlessness, fear and frightful violence plus the endless circle of racism, exclusion and incarceration. This is not awesome, Mr Moore; it is a calamity, for descendants of slaves unimaginably more so.

Probably not. Moore is not a conservative. Check out Moorewatch.


UN Sees 1/2 Million Casualties in Iraq War

Which, given the U.N.’s record in Rwanda, means that the estimate is about 400,000 fatalities short of the threshold to REALLY DO NOTHING.

Seriously, though- Isn’t this the same analysis that got released a couple of months ago and was ignored/debunked?