Open Question

I have an open question about Rick Santorum. Is it scarier that:

A.) He was so stupid that he ran his mouth like this, without realizing the firestorm he would create.

B.) He might actually be a full-fledged bigot.

I would argue A, because bigots are pretty predictable. You never know what stupid people will do. And that is scary.

Who Cares?

This is the dumbest thing I have seen in a long while:

Senator John F. Kerry said yesterday that he will stop declaring that his first speech on the floor of the US Senate highlighted his support for the Roe v. Wade decision on abortion rights, a recollection he has learned is not true.

As he has campaigned for the presidency, the Massachusetts Democrat has on numerous occasions stated that his maiden speech as a senator was about abortion rights. Kerry did so last month before a group of women in Des Moines, as he pledged to nominate only supporters of abortion rights to the Supreme Court.

But the Congressional Record shows that Kerry’s first speech in the Senate, on March 19, 1985, was made in opposition to President Reagan’s push to build 21 MX missiles.

File this under who gives a shit. This is the kind of stuff that just simply turns people off to politics. This is not a lie, this is not a sign of acharacter flaw, it was just a lapse in memory. It infuriates me when the press does this about people I like- it still infuriates me when they do it about people I don;t like. Isn’t there something else that those column inches could have been used to discuss? Something, you know, worthwhile? Maybe the Boston Globe should start reading blogs to find out some important things to look into. I would suggest Talk Left, Instapundit, Tacitus, Sullivan, or Yglesias as a starting point.

I Am At A Loss

I don’t know how to even begin to deal with quotes like this:

Right Wing blogger John Cole of Balloon Juice, who has described ‘Mohammed’ as a hero, while considering the masses of Iraqis cannon fodder, would like to know if I have changed my mind about Mohammed.

Apparently, ‘left wing’ blogger Mac Diva likes to put words in my mouth- I have never thought of Iraqi citizens as cannon fodder. IN fact, as I was in favor of the war, there is a firm argument to be made that I may care more about the Iraqi people than Mac, who would prefer they had remained under Hussein. Mac’s obvious response will be- “I think Hussein was a monster too, but war is worse.” Which, of course, means the Iraqis would have remained under Hussein. Regardless, I wouldn’t make that argument anyway- I am assuming Mac cares about the average Iraqi- I am not sure why she does not extend the same benefits to me, except that it helps to prop up the rhetorical straw men that are the foundation of her argument. It is easy to create an argument (albeit, a poor one) when you run on the basic premise that your political opponent is an evil hater.

Not content to leave it at this smear alone, Mac does some stream of consciousness editorializing about the young child Ali, who is now limbless because of an errant bomb:

Cole can continue trying to hoist the opportunist Mohammed onto a pedestal. I will continue to hope for Ali’s recovery.

Is the left this sick? Are they this blinded by their own hate? Can’t you celebrate what Mohammed has done, and still be hopeful for Ali’s recovery? I am. You should be able to do both, as well, Mac.

Are Democrats really not only the ‘Glass is half full’ party, but the ‘Glass is half full, too small to begin with, held by the wrong person, and I don’t like what is in it’ party?

Fan Mail

Some new fan mail from “Daryl:”

its funny how you take pictures of protests off a independent media source, while your pictures of american loving iraqs comes from corporate owned media.

Fine, send me some professional pictures of the peace protestors. The Indymedia ones I have up now are kind of grainy.

maybe you should take a step back and do a little more research..

If I take a step back, I can’t reach the keyboard. Ba dum dump tshh! Seriously, though, twerp. I am in Morgantown, West Virginia – I could hardly be farther removed from the action in Baghdad or San Francisco. To suggest that I need to pause, and step back, so as to clarify my thinking, is absurd.

where are all the wmd?

First Guess: Iraq, somewhere hidden
Second Guess: In your pants after a few tequilas and tacos

the pretext for this war, oh wait i forgot its operation iraq freedom or what not.

I’m with you. The name does suck. I was happy with Operation F— France, but that didn’t get much State Department support.

go back to and report back some more wonderful facts genius.

Roger that, skippy. I’m on it. Y’all come back now, ya hear?

I Just Hope

That the Palestinians don’t start rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Can these guys ever pick a winning team? Cripes:

While many in Iraq and around the world are celebrating the fall of Baghdad, there is sadness and anger among radical Palestinian groups. Radical Palestinians saw Sassam Hussein as a friend, ally and sponsor of their struggle.

Since the US-led attack on Iraq began, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians have turned out to demonstrate against the war, holding pictures of Saddam Hussein.

Can we trust them to run a state? Isn’t one Syria enough?