The Irony of It All

The American Prospect staff, in another anonymous posting on their political blog Tapped, heaps praise on the NY Times, for, of all things, transparency:

THE NEW TRANSPARECY. Check it out! The New York Times has launched a page with bios and headshots of the paper’s editorial board members. Great idea! Tapped hopes The Washington Post follows the example and does the same. Posted at 01:34 PM

Apparently the irony of it all has escaped them. And they are the ones who misspelled transparency.

Chicago Police on Ice

This is sort of amusing:

The Chicago Police Department has apologized for issuing a community alert that described a man suspected in a series of sexual assaults as resembling hip-hop artist and actor Ice Cube after a local television station aired one of the rapper’s videos during its evening newscast.

Police are searching for a man who sexually assaulted three woman in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, a trendy area on the city’s North Side.

A police alert released Sunday described the man as a black male in his mid-20s who “resembles the popular rap artist ‘Ice Cube.'”

The Chicago TV station owned and operated by CBS, WBBM-TV, subsequently broadcast one of Ice Cube’s videos when it reported the story Monday night.

“We acknowledged the information should not have been on the alert,” Police spokesman David Bayless said Tuesday. “We took immediate corrective action. We apologize to Ice Cube for what was an honest mistake and came with no ill intent.

According to my brother, who lives in Chicago, some policeman went on television and made matters worse by apologizing to “Ice-T.” I guess all black people look alike to the Chicago police. I dunno whether I would attribute this to racism or, as I have filed it, general stupidity.

Ny Shooting

There has been a shooting in the NYC council chambers, and at least two people have been wounded:

A man fired shots in City Hall this afternoon, hitting at least two people and sending city council members diving beneath their desks. Police officers swarmed into the building in search of the assailant.

Witnesses said the man appeared to be holding a silver handgun, which he was aiming at another individual in the balcony of the City Council chamber, which is on the second floor. Screams reverberated through the halls amid the gunfire.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg was in his office area on the other side of City Hall and was not hurt.

Mayor Bloomberg said the attack appeared to be “random act” and not terrorism.

Brooklyn Councilman James Davis was wounded, and the NY Times had that up before, but removed it- probably until the family is notified.

My question- How long before both sides of the gun issue try to score points on this tragedy?

Idiots Abroad

I was thinking the other day, and one of the issues that I kept chewing on was that what the Iraqi people really need right now are some help forming labor unions and keeping an eye on Halliburton and the Becthel Corporation. Actually, I am just kidding. But that is what these deranged peaceniks think the Iraqi people really need:

Some of the same peace activists who protested the U.S. invasion of Iraq have now set up camp in Baghdad, determined to scrutinize a military operation they couldn’t prevent.

Their new International Occupation Watch Center, which opened last week in Iraq’s chaotic capital, will keep a skeptical eye on the activities of U.S. troops and officials.

Its four-member staff will shadow U.S. companies Bechtel Corp. and Halliburton, whose role in Iraq’s reconstruction provoked protests at home.

More to the point, the center will actively oppose the occupation itself and call for its swift end. Its views, to be published in newsletters printed in English and Arabic, will probe the occupiers’ tolerance for dissent.

“This is a test of our rights — of freedom of speech, freedom of the press,

freedom of assembly — and we’ll press those rights to the full extent,” said San Francisco activist Medea Benjamin in an interview from Baghdad.

It is a shame these guys got scared and fled Baghdad before the War and didn’t get to live up to their lifelong dreams of being Human Shields for a brutal dictator. Then there would have been fewer of them to hassle the newly liberated Iraqi public. Maybe if they are lucky, they can hook up with some misogynistic anti-American mullahs and really foment some good old-fashioned Viet Nam era civil disobedience. That will help matters- and if we are lucky, the soldiers who have to put up with them might be able to shoot them in the ass with rubber bullets. Fair trade, I guess.

C’mon lefties. Someone come defend these losers. And if you guys ever wanted to know who right wingers were talking about when they mention the “Blame America First Crowd,” here is your answer. I am filing this under General Stupidity because these people are probably Nader supporters- but I am sure they have their sympathizers and supporters at the DU and among the Atriettes and the fringe that reads the Daily Kos.


If anyone has been found to be a liar regarding this whole uranium non-scandal, it is me, because I proclaimed I wasn’t going to talk about this anymore and then promptly posted 5 pieces on it. Here is one more to complete the package.

At any rate, Kevin Drum, in the comments section of this post regarding Ken Pollack’s pre-war predictions regarding the Iraqi WMD programs (and more specifically, the nuclear capabilities), states the following:

I don’t think Pollack is a liar. I think he truthfully reported the consensus of the intelligence community, which matches what Tenet said about the NIE in October. The CIA *did* think that Saddam had a large and active nuclear program.

Pollack blew it, but the real question is why the intelligence agencies blew it so badly. That story is just starting to come out.

Unfrotunately, the left does not seem willing to extend the same benefit to Bush. Regardless of the partisan shenanigans that the Donks are now engaging in (which appears to be having some serious blowback of its own), the real question is “What is wrong with our intelligence services?”

Let’s start from the top:

1.) I believe Saddam had and continued to possess weapons which placed him in material breech (including long-range missiles, chem and bio weapons, and perhaps part of a nuclear program).

2.) I can also list about 25 other reasons why I was an still am in favor of what we did in Iraq.

3.) Bush’s SOTU address with the infamous line is still not only technically accurate, but according to the Brits COMPLETELY accurate.

4.) The same people who are now in hysterics about Bush lying, even though he didn’t are the same people who all believed and agreed that Saddam had WMD. The only thing that differed was the approach to the issue. Most on the left wanted continued sanctions and inspections.

5.) No one in the House or Senate, and I mean no one, voted for the war because of the line in question. This, of course, is indisputable and undeniable. Pretending that war was not imminent after the Senate vote is merely additional evidence that Democrats and the anti-war crowd suffer from dementia.

All of that is pretty clear, and yet the Democrats are lauching into a full-fledged scandal mode, spinning their own webs of lies and deceit that are so obvious that the Daily Howler has now dedicated TWO days worth of posts pointing out the duplicity. What is going to happen because of all this?

Here are my predictions:

1.) Mucho partisan bickering at House and Senate hearings. Both parties will claim that they have been vindicated by the same testimony, not noticing the irony.

2.) Democrats, in their attempt to find something (“Please, Dear God, give us any issue to run on next year”) to attack Bush with will miss the really relevant issue, which is why are our intelligence services so f——d up? They probably won’t ask the question, because this is something that has taken a while to get to this point. God forbid they accept some accountability from their behavior during the Clinton years.

3.) Republicans, on the defensive, will blame it all on the Clintons.

4.) Tenet will survive, slightly bloodied, and Bush will remain unscathed. In fact, Bush’s numbers will probably increase (a la Clinton impeachment- the public recognizes witch hunts, and I am not sure why politicians have not figured out what clear BS detectors most people have.)

5.) Because the Democrats are in attack mode and the Republicans are in CYA mode (for no real reason), there will be NO FUNDAMENTAL CHANGES to the intelligence services. And that just really pisses me off.