Stonewall Inn Now 1st National Monument to LGBT Rights

President Obama made the announcement today:

Thanks, Obama! Open thread.

Two Clips…Or Magazines, If You Prefer, and a Reminder

For non-wingnut Floridians, one irritant at the edge of the shock and grief we feel after the massacre in Orlando has been watching our state’s wingnut politicians try to reconcile their past efforts in service of a similar brand of the bigotry that animated the killer with newfound public concern and sympathy for the slain. The pols have approached it in a variety of ways.

Florida’s incomparably vile governor, Rick Scott, who has spent millions of taxpayer dollars promoting and maintaining anti-gay laws, stole a page from Ronald Reagan’s “How to Ignore the AIDS Crisis” handbook, refusing to even utter the words “gay” or “LGBT” during his many post-massacre statements and TV appearances, as if the victims were targeted at random.

Slimy opportunist Marco Rubio, who opposes marriage equality, LGBT employment protections and adoption rights for gay couples, acknowledged that gay people were targeted in the attack but crassly used the massacre as an excuse to reconsider his decision not to run for reelection to his senate seat, now that he’s washed out of the presidential race and will soon have to find a real job.

And then there’s Florida AG Pam Bondi, who campaigned on a full-metal wingnut platform, vigorously opposed marriage equality with taxpayer dollars and is now trying to paint herself as a champion for LGBT Floridians. Anderson Cooper was having none of her bullshit:

Way to grill some Pammycakes, Mr. Cooper!

Next up, Samantha Bee expresses what many of us have been thinking in the wake of the latest mass shooting, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton, i.e., that it’s pretty fucking stupid to allow stores to sell a weapon capable of mowing down a room full of people in under a minute as if it were a common garden implement:

In the clip above, Bee refers to the assault weapon used in Orlando as an AR-15 because that’s what the early reports said the killer used. We now know it was actually a Sig Sauer MCX. The Washington Post issued a correction on that, no doubt in part to address the rage of the gun-humper community, which becomes weirdly disturbed when someone misidentifies a weapon…almost as if a personal body part were being slighted in some way.

I’m going to outsource my response to that annoying phenomenon to valued commenter Mnemosyne:

I don’t give a shit what the exact model of the gun was. I really don’t. IMO, getting into gun nerd discussions about the exact make and model is a deliberate attempt to get off into the weeds and pull the discussion away from the fact that 49 people were murdered. Forty. Nine. The exact type of gun used doesn’t fucking matter.

I don’t need to speak the gun hobbyists’ language. If they’re more concerned with the exact make and model than the fact that 49 people are dead, then we need to be discussing their lack of fucking empathy and human feeling, not gun models.

If hobbyists want to have that discussion among themselves, fine, but the whole the news didn’t have the exact make and model right! is misdirection, and we all know it.

Amen, sister. Amen.

And finally, a comment from Served, which was posted in that same thread linked above:

Just a note to everyone to reach out to any LGBT friends and family and tell them you love them. They need it more than ever.

Amen, Served. Amen.

ISIL Can’t Kill Us (But They Can Encourage Us to Kill Each Other)

Charles P. Pierce, in Esquire:

[B]efore we start talking about banning anyone from a Muslim country, or even before we wring our hands again about how easy it is to get your hands on an AR-15, a weapon that is built for, and exists only, to kill people in this country, we should all accept that, for all the advancements that have been made in ensuring equal rights for our fellow citizens who are gay, there is still a kind of virulent hate that we can see in its more polite forms in our legislatures and some of our courtrooms, and now we can see it in its most raw and unreconstructed form in our nightclubs.

The events in Orlando do nothing more than demolish our most treasured illusions about ourselves and our country and—most trivially—our politics. How many of the congresscritters now sending “thoughts and prayers” to the victims in Orlando, and to their families, spent a lot of time in their day jobs making the everyday lives of those victims more miserable than they had to be? There’s still an audience for clean-shaven, well-tailored bigotry of all faiths.

Yes, it appears that Mateen might have come to his violence through his religion, which will make him no different from practically any homophobe—including, I would point out, Eric Rudolph, who bombed the Atlanta Olympics. Allegedly, shortly before he opened fire, he called the local 911 operator and “pledged allegiance” (whatever that means to a guy walking into a club intending to slaughter 50 people) to ISIL, which has claimed responsibility, which is what it would do, under the circumstances.
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The Orlando Massacre: One Way to Help

From the GoFundMe page:

Equality Florida, the state’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) civil rights organization is collecting contributions via this GoFundMe page to support the victims of the horrific shooting at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub…

Funds raised on this page will be going directly to the victims and families affected by the horrific shooting at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub. Equality Florida is working with local organizations – who are also helping to raise funds – to ensure the money is distributed properly. Thank you for the support!

You can also visit to get more information on vigils, counseling, and blood drives happening across the state. We’re also posting updates on Equality Florida’s Facebook page here:…

Remember, circulating this link around your social media network helps, too. Let everyone know that we’re not defined by the monsters…
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Orlando Mass Shooter Update: 1:30 PM EDT President’s Remarks and Law Enforcement Update

Update: The next law enforcement press update/briefing is now scheduled for 2 PM EDT.

Here’s the link to the WFTV Orland Channel 9 live stream for the 1:30 2:00 PM EDT law enforcement update;

It may get pushed back because President Obama will deliver a statement at 1:30 PM EDT.

Here’s the live feed for the President’s remarks:



That is all.

Late Night Clown Shoe Open Thread: Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Dan Patrick is not just any homophobic schmuck — he’s the Lieutenant Governor of the state of Texas.

And a fine illustration of the ancient joke about the deceased Texan too tall for any available casket: “… so they gave him an enema, and buried him in a shoebox.”