Friday Evening Open Thread: Canvassing Social Notes


Apart from GOTV, what’s on the agenda as we start the weekend?


Join Democrats Abroad for our fifth Global Town Hall of 2016 with special guest George Takei

Monday, October 24,

8:00 AM EDT (Washington DC time) by video-conference

Our very own Martha McDevitt-Pugh, DNC Member, Vice-Chair in the Netherlands, and Chair of the LGBT Caucus, will start things off by discussing the Democrats Abroad LGBT Caucus and Advocacy Work.

George Takei will be sharing his thoughts with DA about what really makes America great, why he supports Hillary for President — and why we must win the White House and Take Back Congress.

Just a Gentle Reminder that Mike Pence is a Fucking Bigot Himself

If I see one more story like this I am going to blow a gasket:

On Monday evening, Pence refused to use the term during an interview with CNN host Wolf Blizer.

“There are some supporters of Donald Trump and Mike Pence who ― David Duke, for example, some other white nationalists ― who would fit into that category of deplorables. Right?” Blitzer asked.

“Donald Trump has denounced David Duke repeatedly. We don’t want his support and we don’t want the support of people who think like him,” Pence said.

When Blitzer pushed Pence on if he’d call Duke, who is running for the Senate in Louisiana, a “deplorable,” Pence answered, “No I’m not in the name calling business…” He added, “What Hillary Clinton did Friday night was shocking. I mean, the millions of people who support Donald Trump around this country are not a basket of anything.”

Beyond the fact that Mike Pence will engage in all sorts of name-calling if it involves calling Democrats a name, Mike Pence if god damned bigot, so why would we give a shit if he calls a Klansman deplorable. Remember, we’re talking about this fucking guy:


Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) quietly signed legislation Thursday that could legalize discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act would allow any individual or corporation to cite its religious beliefs as a defense when sued by a private party. But many opponents of the bill, which included business leaders, argued that it could open the door to widespread discrimination. Business owners who don’t want to serve same-sex couples, for example, could now have legal protections to discriminate.

“Today I signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, because I support the freedom of religion for every Hoosier of every faith,” Pence said in a statement Thursday. “The Constitution of the United States and the Indiana Constitution both provide strong recognition of the freedom of religion but today, many people of faith feel their religious liberty is under attack by government action.”

Mike Pence is a bigot. Yes, arguably, Trump might be worse. But let’s go full Godwin, because fuck it:

Der "Fhrer" und der "Duce" stellen sich dem FotografenAufnahmedatum: 1938Aufnahmeort: RomSystematik: Geschichte / Deutschland / 20. Jh. / NS-Zeit / Auáenpolitik / Reisen ins Ausland / Italien / Hitler

Der “Fhrer” und der “Duce” stellen sich dem Fotografen
Aufnahmedatum: 1938
Aufnahmeort: Rom
Geschichte / Deutschland / 20. Jh. / NS-Zeit / Auáenpolitik / Reisen ins Ausland / Italien / Hitler

Just because the guy on the right is worse doesn’t mean the guy on the left is any fucking better. So why won’t Trump or Pence call Duke deplorable? It’s like the old joke- “Why don’t sharks attack lawyers?”

“Professional courtesy.”

The end.

A Timely Demonstration That There Isn’t Much Difference Between Nazis, the Klan, the “Alt- Right,” and Good Old Fashioned Conservative Hate Groups

This is a skosh embarassing for WV’s Attorney General:

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey fired a spokeswoman Thursday, after it was revealed that she took part in a video called “The Stop White Genocide Video” that recites slogans of white supremacists.

Carrie Bowe, who was Morrisey’s assistant communications director, appears throughout the video, speaking about white genocide, a white nationalist conspiracy theory that alleges immigration and integration will cause whites to become extinct.

The YouTube video, first uploaded in December 2012 by someone with the screen name of “Johnny Mantraseed,” boasts that it was banned in 18 countries and was once removed from YouTube. It was re-posted to YouTube in 2013 and has been viewed more than 260,000 times.

Throughout the video, Bowe, who started working for Morrisey in January 2015, repeatedly states, “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,” a phrase coined by well-known white supremacist Bob Whitaker, who lives in Charleston, South Carolina.

She has since taken to facebook (of course) to say she had no idea what the final video would look like, as if that somehow excuses her for saying the following on video:

“If I tell you the ongoing truth about genocide against my race, the white race, liberals and ‘respectable conservatives’ agree that I’m a Nazi that wants to kill 6 million Jews,” Bowe says.

Bowe also says white children in schools are being misled.

“Throughout elementary school, junior high, high school and college, I was told that my race, the white race, was the cause of all the world’s problems,” Bowe says in the video. “Now, many of you have jobs where minorities say things that would get you as a white person instantly fired.”

The four women ask viewers to “recite The Mantra,” a series of phrases embraced by segregationists.

“Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, white countries for everybody,” another women in the video says, the first phrase of “The Mantra.”

Here’s my favorite part:

Bowe, who made $40,000 as a Morrisey aide, served as his acting press secretary in September 2015. She also helped manage his field office staff members.

Before Morrisey hired her, she was member relations director with the conservative Family Policy Council of West Virginia.

That’s the state level version of the Family Research Council, who just recently have been up this bullshit a few miles down the road from me:

The conservative Family Policy Council of West Virginia is asking Wheeling leaders to release any and all documentation of the proposed protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender residents with a Freedom of Information Act request.

The request states that any such ordinance would elevate “changeable” sexual behavior to a special level of legal protection. The Charleston-based council’s president, Allen Whitt, said this ordinance has already likely been drafted under residents’ noses, despite Mayor Glenn Elliott assuring no such legislation is anywhere near a draft, let alone fully realized.

“That is misinformation. It is untruth,” Whitt said. “Their position is to pass a city ordinance. We’ve seen this multiple times. That’s a straight up lie.”

The council describes itself as a “leading conservative policy group championing social issues,” such as religious freedom.

You ask me, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between alt-right, the klan, and good old fashioned “family values” conservatism.

Open Thread: RuPaul Is A Wise Soul

And I’m not just saying that because he’s a Clinton supporter (though that doesn’t hurt). In light of his first Emmy nomination, NYMag‘s E. Alex Jung interviewed RuPaul:

What do you think about Hillary Clinton and the Democrats?
[Laughs.] I fucking love them. I have always loved them. And let me just say this: If you’re a politician — not just in Washington but in business and industry, you have to be a politician — there are a lot of things that you have to do that you’re not proud of. There are a lot of compromises you have to make because it means that you can get this other thing over here. And if you think that you can go to fucking Washington and be rainbows and butterflies the whole time, you’re living in a fucking fantasy world. So now, having said that, think about what a female has to do with that: All of those compromises, all of that shit, double it by ten. And you get to understand who this woman is and how powerful, persuasive, brilliant, and resilient she is. Any female executive, anybody who has been put to the side — women, blacks, gays — for them to succeed in a white-male-dominated culture is an act of brilliance. Of resilience, of grit, of everything you can imagine. So, what do I think of Hillary? I think she’s fucking awesome. Is she in bed with Wall Street? Goddammit, I should hope so! You’ve got to dance with the devil. So which of the horrible people do you want? That’s more of the question. Do you want a pompous braggart who doesn’t know anything about diplomacy? Or do you want a badass bitch who knows how to get shit done? That’s really the question…

I wanted to talk about the shooting at Pulse in Orlando. You made a statement at the Trailblazer Awards, and I wanted to hear about when you first heard the news and how it impacted you.
I have a long, long relationship with Pulse nightclub for years and years. It’s a safe space. It’s a safe haven — a place where people can meet our tribe. It always has been. To have it encroached by such an evil force hurts very deeply. I’m 55. I’ve witnessed so many assaults — emotional assaults, physical assaults, all of that. I was assaulted after the first attack, assaulted again just by how the media handled that stuff. So, it was a hurtful situation, and even more hurtful that I don’t believe that we as a people, as a culture, have really learned from it and how to deal with it.

What do you think needs to happen?
We need to talk about the subconscious mind. We need to talk about the hateful darkness that lives in each of us. We don’t all have it to that extent, but we definitely need to shed light on that area of us. All of us have been sold this idea that we deserve the whole world, and that everybody’s going to get the big house, the big cars, the two and a half children, and all of this stuff that the media sells us. And then people who don’t get it get angry. And they say, “Dammit, if I’m not going to get mine, no one’s going to get it!” So we get angry, and from the anonymity of a keyboard online, we troll people, we put them down. Some people go to the extent of killing people or being horrible in that way. And that’s obviously the extreme. But we all have that element. I think the way we approach this is we need to acknowledge that area of our consciousness that lives in all of us, and we need to start that dialogue. We need to recognize it when it pops up.

It’s all throughout the whole Trump thing: Ego wants to divide us up. Ego wants to believe that we’re separate from one another, but the truth is there’s only one of us here. So for us to move forward, we have to acknowledge that element in us, and then when it comes up, say, “Thank you for sharing, but I’m going do this, because I’m not going to act on my fragile ego.”…

Capital Idea, Old Chap!

Words fail me:

On Thursday morning, the Daily Beast published an exceedingly gross and bizarre article by a straight, married male writer who lured in gay Olympians through hookup apps for no particular purpose. The entire piece is an astoundingly creepy exercise in Grindr-baiting, which involves a journalist accessing Grindr in an unlikely setting and … seeing what happens. But the Daily Beast piece, penned by Nico Hines, is a uniquely disgusting and irresponsible entry into the tired genre. Hines entices his (often closeted) subjects under false pretenses; effectively outs several closeted athletes who live in repressive countries; then writes about the whole thing in a tone of mocking yet lurid condescension. By 10:30 a.m. ET, the Daily Beast had, in response to criticism, edited out the most identifying details about closeted athletes—but that’s too little, too late. (Update, 9:15 p.m.: On Thursday evening, the Daily Beast took down the piece entirely.)

I’ve been steaming about this all day.

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Bright Futures

Ladies & Gentlemen, Vice-President Joe “Rhymes with Bucket” Biden!

George Takei, Living National Treasure. Per the AP:

In an English-subtitled video that’s drawn more than 12 million views in less than two weeks online, the “Star Trek” actor compares Trump’s proposed deportation of undocumented Latino immigrants to the World War II internment of more than 100,000 Japanese-Americans, including Takei and his family.

“I’m addressing this to my Spanish-speaking fans and their friends,” he says in the four-minute video. “I want to give some personal, historical context on how Donald Trump’s words and plans can have very real and terrible consequences.”…

“It was my parents who heard the sounds we are hearing today from Donald Trump, the sweeping statements he makes characterizing and stereotyping a whole group of people,” Takei said in an interview. “My father lost his business and we lost our home and our freedom. With no charges, to be locked up, imprisoned.”…

Takei said he learned Spanish growing up with Mexican-American neighbors in East Los Angeles, a connection that he said makes Trump’s comments all the more difficult.

“It’s very personal to me,” said Takei, who in the video urges viewers to register to vote and to help defeat Trump in November.

And on a whole different plane, I am insanely jealous of the toys kids can get these days: mattell thingmaker 3d printer

Thingmaker™ 3D Printer is an easy-to-use, 3D printing system for the creative home! With the Thingmaker™ 3D Printer, you can easily make your designs come to life. It’s specifically engineered with ease-of-use and family-friendly features in mind…

Create your designs on your mobile device using the Thingmaker Design™ app (available for free in the Apple App store and Google Play, data rates may apply, smart device not included), or select files to download on the Thingmaker Central™ app or on You can even use your own 3D software. Then, easily export your designs to the Thingmaker™ 3D Printer and see them come to life…

Includes 1 3D Printer, 2 0.25kg PLA Filament Reels, 1 USB Thumb Drive with the Instruction Manual, 1 Quick Start Guide, 1 USB Cord, 1 External Power Supply, and 1 Print Removal Tool. Additional filament packs are also sold separately and available in 12 different colors: Red, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Yellow, Teal, Purple, Black, White, Gray, and Gold. Two filament reels (0.5kg) can create approximately 10 basic figures!

Back in the mid-1960s (ask your grandma), state-of-the-art technology toys were Easy-Bake Ovens and — for boys — “machines” where you squeezed packets of colored sugar and chemicals into molds to be extruded in the shapes of insects and race cars. Every society encourages its offspring to play-pretend their adult roles, and our adult roles were expected to be gender-coded into housekeeping (from name-brand packages, for modernity) or working the assembly line to extrude those name-brand products in factories (or, for the white-collar guys, in cubicles). It’s really very cheering that today’s kids — both genders, although I’m sure there will be pink & purple ‘princess’ versions available for the holiday shopping season — are being taught that as adults, they’ll be expected to use their brains and produce what’s in their imaginations. Even if this iteration happens to be an overpriced corporate branding exercise…

Apart from dreaming & working for a brighter future, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Stonewall Inn Now 1st National Monument to LGBT Rights

President Obama made the announcement today:

Thanks, Obama! Open thread.