IS this the Same Joe Lieberman?

Is this the same Holy Joe who sold all his values down the river to be a yes man for Al Gore? It can’t be.

The United States shouldn’t feel obligated to allow U.N. forces to play a role in stabilizing a postwar Iraq, presidential hopeful Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., said in Tucson yesterday.

“The U.N. truly lost its will in refusing to implement or enforce the resolution that it adopted,” Lieberman said, referring to the measure that required Iraq to disarm weapons of mass destruction.

“They can help us achieve what we want and share the costs, but I wouldn’t feel obligated to bring them in.”

The United States’ commitment to removing Saddam Hussein and its willingness to risk American lives has earned the United States the right to determine the fate of post-Saddam Iraq, Lieberman said.

That fate, ideally, would be the establishment of a democracy, but Lieberman said it will take time to reach that goal

But it is the same Joe. Well put, too.

West Virginian MIA

Keep this Mountaineer in your thoughts:

West Virginia woman who joined the Army because there were few jobs in her hometown is among a dozen soldiers reported missing after a supply convoy was ambushed in southern Iraq, her father said Monday.

Jessica Lynch, 19, of Palestine, worked as a supply clerk with the Army’s 507th Maintenance Co., said her father, Greg Lynch.

“The only thing they can tell us is she’s missing,” Lynch said.

Command Post

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This Is Genius

Go read this.

Anti-War Myths

Mark Steyn:

It’s interesting how much was clarified in the first hours of the war. On Thursday, the Palestine Liberation Front released a statement announcing the identity of the first verified casualty: PLF “1st Lieutenant” Ahmed Walid Raguib al-Baz was killed in Baghdad, “while confronting the treacherous US air bombardment on Iraq”.

The PLF is the terrorist group that, among other triumphs, hijacked the Achille Lauro back in the 1980s and pushed Leon Klinghoffer, a wheelchair-bound American Jew, into the Mediterranean.

What was a PLF terrorist doing attending a war council of Saddam’s inner circle in Baghdad? Well, I leave that to all the experts who’ve assured us that Baghdad has no ties to terror groups.

That was just the first of several myths to fall in the opening shots. If Hans Blix and Jacques Chirac are really interested in continuing with inspections, some of those missiles the Iraqis insisted they no longer have are now available for inspection in the sand on the Kuwaiti side of the border.