Late Night Open Thread: Trump’s Reverse-Midas Touch

POST-RACIAL AMERICA!!! Truly, there is no bad-but-popular stereotype that Donald Trump can’t expose to public opprobrium, like lifting up rocks to show the squirmy things hiding beneath them…

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Open Thread: Even the Very Serious People Think He’s Lost the Plot


Yes, I fully agree it’s croggling to find any point of agreement with James ‘NSA’ Clapper… but there it is.

Lord Smallgloves is well on his way to achieving a warped form of his vision of ‘America United’ — we all agree the man is lacking. And dangerous.

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Open Thread: “Fewer, But Better!” Repubs

He may not be well-informed about politics, but when it comes to Potemkin-village-style showmanship, Donald Trump knows his audience!

And much of that audience is Village-Idiot pundits…

Open Thread: “Loyalty Day”


“Actually… “

Late Night Open Thread: A Solution for the ‘Mike Pence Would Be Worse’ Worriers

Doghouse Riley could’ve told us, his Congressional colleagues didn’t call him ‘Mike Dense’ because his hair was so thick and luxurious. USA Today:

INDIANAPOLIS — Vice President Mike Pence routinely used a private email account to conduct public business as governor of Indiana, at times discussing sensitive matters and homeland security issues.

Emails released to The Indianapolis Star, part of the USA TODAY Network, in response to a public records request show Pence communicated via his personal AOL account with top advisers on topics ranging from security gates at the governor’s residence to the state’s response to terror attacks across the globe. In one email, Pence’s top state homeland security adviser relayed an update from the FBI regarding the arrests of several men on federal terror-related charges.

Cybersecurity experts say the emails raise concerns about whether such sensitive information was adequately protected from hackers, given that personal accounts like Pence’s are typically less secure than government email accounts. In fact, Pence’s personal account was hacked last summer.

Furthermore, advocates for open government expressed concerns about transparency because personal emails aren’t immediately captured on state servers that are searched in response to public records requests…

Pence fiercely criticized Clinton throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, accusing her of trying to keep her emails out of public reach and exposing classified information to potential hackers…

“There is an issue of double standard here,” Gerry Lanosga, a professor at Indiana University and past president of the Indiana Coalition for Open Government. “He has been far from forthcoming about his own private email account on which it’s clear he has conducted state business. So there is a disconnect there that cannot be avoided.”…

IMAX only wishes their equipment could project with the strength of your average Republican.

Open Thread: More Calls for An Audit of the Election

Gabriel Sherman, at NYMag, “Experts Urge Clinton Campaign to Challenge Election Results in 3 Swing States”:

Hillary Clinton is being urged by a group of prominent computer scientists and election lawyers to call for a recount in three swing states won by Donald Trump, New York has learned. The group, which includes voting-rights attorney John Bonifaz and J. Alex Halderman, the director of the University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society, believes they’ve found persuasive evidence that results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania may have been manipulated or hacked. The group is so far not speaking on the record about their findings and is focused on lobbying the Clinton team in private.

Last Thursday, the activists held a conference call with Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta and campaign general counsel Marc Elias to make their case, according to a source briefed on the call. The academics presented findings showing that in Wisconsin, Clinton received 7 percent fewer votes in counties that relied on electronic-voting machines compared with counties that used optical scanners and paper ballots. Based on this statistical analysis, Clinton may have been denied as many as 30,000 votes; she lost Wisconsin by 27,000. While it’s important to note the group has not found proof of hacking or manipulation, they are arguing to the campaign that the suspicious pattern merits an independent review — especially in light of the fact that the Obama White House has accused the Russian government of hacking the Democratic National Committee…

More detail at the link. Supposedly, “a senior Clinton adviser” says that “the White House, focused on a smooth transfer of power, does not want Clinton to challenge the election result”. The sitting President certainly considers it his job to prevent, as far as possible, the incoming Trump administration from blowing up the world. But surely (she said piously) President-Elect Trump deserves to start his administration without the shadows that a cloud of accusations would entail?

Late Night Creepsters Open Thread: Watch Out for the ‘Alt-Right’

Just for the record: Yes, the white supremacists have found a home in Trump’s Republican party. Dave Weigel, in the Washington Post, last Thursday:

Geert Wilders strolled toward Quicken Loans Arena, drawing the usual amount of double takes. Clad in a trim blue suit, wearing sunglasses under his silver-blond coif, he stopped to talk to Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and a small crowd of foreign journalists began to gather.

“He heads the Freedom Party in the Netherlands,” King explained to a delegate who was wondering about the fuss. “A little bit of controversy here and there, but who among us hasn’t created some?”…

Whenver two or more racists and bigots are gathered together, surely there you shall find Steve “Pig Muck” King.

… In another year, the far-right Wilders would not have made it past the Republican National Convention’s perimeter. He has proposed moratoriums on new Muslim immigration to his country and a similar halt on mosque construction. “I don’t hate Muslims,” he has said. “I hate Islam.”

But the rise and nomination of Donald Trump had inspired Wilders — and expanded his American fan base. He was just one of many people who might have been labeled extremists, and whose views are rejected by the old elite of the Republican Party, but who attended the convention and related events with a sense that their politics were finally winning…

Many members of the “alt right,” racially conscious and opposed to new immigration, came to Cleveland with the same praise of Trump’s revolution. They held meetings, co-hosted parties and happily met the news media. Richard Spencer, the president of the National Policy Institute, held a cheeky sign encouraging journalists to “interview a ‘racist.’ ” Peter Brimelow, founder of the anti-immigration and race news site VDare, stopped by a Tuesday night party headlined by Wilders…

For a week, those people had their run of Cleveland. The Tuesday night party, billed as a “fab” gay rights celebration, took over a dark rec center and paused for 30 minutes of speeches. Wilders was just one speaker; the event’s poster portrayed the anti-Islamist activist Pamela Geller and the provocative Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos as superheroes, charging into a fight behind Trump.

All of them congratulated the hundreds of conservatives in the room for seeing that liberal Western democracy in general, and gay rights in particular, were under siege from Islam…

Steve Peoples, for the AP, on Sunday — “Energized white supremacists cheer Trump convention message“:

They don’t like to be called white supremacists. The well-dressed men who gathered in Cleveland’s Ritz-Carlton bar after Donald Trump’s speech accepting the Republican nomination for president prefer the term “Europeanists,” ”alt-right,” or even “white nationalists.” They are also die-hard Trump supporters.

And far from hiding in chat rooms or under white sheets, they cheered the GOP presidential nominee from inside the Republican National Convention over the last week. While not official delegates, they nevertheless obtained credentials to attend the party’s highest-profile quadrennial gathering.

Several gathered in the luxury hotel well after midnight following Trump’s Thursday address, a fiery appeal they said helped push the Republican Party closer to their principles.

“I don’t think people have fully recognized the degree to which he’s transformed the party,” said Richard Spencer, a clean-cut 38-year-old from Arlington, Virginia, who sipped Manhattans as he matter-of-factly called for removing African-Americans, Hispanics and Jews from the United States…
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