The Thanksgiving Sandwich

And now, the best lunch of the year: the Thanksgiving sandwich.

Take a baguette, cut it open and add some slices of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, cranberries, and top with some gravy. That is right. You are putting stuffing and gravy inside tasty bread. Wrap it in tinfoil, throw it in the oven for 15 minutes at 350.

Don’t tell your cardiologist or skinny friends about this, because they will be appalled. I think this sandwich is actually illegal in some states, it is so good.

Saturday Night Open Thread

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Tammy’s masterpiece tonight. Behold, the tacosagne:


That is right. Multiple layers of refried beans, taco meat, cheese, salsa, rice and beans, all topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa verde, baked until perfection.

I’m in a food coma.

Things ain’t what they used to be

It’s easy to romanticize the past, of course. But I distinctly remember that 20 years ago, things like sudden increases in the number of people going hungry were considered important issues. Nowadays to even muse about whether this is something we can do something about as a society marks you as an unserious hippie. Even as we speak, Slate/Levitt/TNR are probably writing something along the lines of “you think that having a high percentage of the population without access to food is bad, but once you get past the conventional wisdom of our hippie overlords, you’ll see that blah blah blah.” David Brooks is probably on the Snooze Hour telling E. J. Dionne that the only solution is food vouchers and, anyway, in Red America, the hungry can always visit the Applebee’s Salad Bar for free. Robert Samuelson and Fred Hiatt are cooking up some bogus figures to tell us that there is no way that we, as a society, can do anything about this. And, anyway, Michael Moore is fat, so how can anyone really be hungry?

What the hell happened? How did all the conservative talking points become so thoroughly internalized in this country?

Open Thread: Thursday Night Menu

Bad Horse’s Filly writes:

I’m off with family, getting ready for my youngest brother’s wedding. I’ll be the one in the pretty bridesmaid dress, my 3-year-old niece and I playing princess in our matching dresses while mom and dad get hitched. But I didn’t forget you guys. I thought a fish recipe would be nice since we haven’t had one in a while. This fish is courtesy of my friend Alton Gunn.

On the board tonight:

1) Pico De Gallo Fish
2) Rice
3) Tomato-Avocado Chutney
4) Fresh Pineapple w/Ice Cream

Click on the blue highlight for recipes and shopping list.

(Enjoy your princess dress, BHF!)

Coffee Talk

Ran out of coffee this morning, so I ran to the store. I was in a rush, they were out of Peet’s, so I grabbed a thing of Seattle’s Best Saturday Blend.

This may be the worst coffee I have ever had, and I have had Army coffee. Not only is it bad, it is aggressively bad and appears to be a persistent agent. I have brushed my teeth four times since 9 am and I can not get the taste out of my mouth. I’ve had three club sodas today with a little lime, and every time I swallow I still taste the coffee.

Do people actually drink that crap?