C.R.E.A.M. Open Thread: Speaking of ‘Great Farm Product’…

This is one massive load of bullshit from the Oval Office Occupant.

The escalated tariffs don’t hit agricultural products directly, since most were already facing a 25% tariff imposed by China last year. But the news still sent commodity prices plummeting.
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Late Night Culinary Horrorshow Open Thread: Nope, Not A Taco

Apparently some half-bright assignment editor at the NYTimes is looking to replicate the 2015 ‘put peas in your guacamole’ wars — hey, clicks are clicks!

I believe potatoes are the true staff of life, and that broccoli is a cruelly misunderstood vegetable. But you can’t wrap them in a tortilla and pass the result off as a “taco”, because there are limits, people. I mean, I can remember the 1970s, when the college cafeteria tried to pass off a cheese-free version of ‘Johnny Marzetti‘ as ‘an Italian favorite’ — we’re supposed to have made culinary progress since then!

(P.S. Yes, a version of that casserole was a staple of my Bronx childhood, but we knew it was related to ‘Italian food’ only in the sense that I am related to Serena Williams. Also, we grade-school coastal elitists knew it by the name ‘Highway Fatality Cleanup’, which gave it at least some rhetorical spice… )

Street Food & Thrones

Okay, I’m dying to discuss the latest episode of Game of Thrones, but I realize not everyone is watching it in real time and many folks aren’t watching it at all. For those of y’all with Netflix, may I suggest an alternative that got me through the stomach-churning wait for the latest Thrones?

I love this series so far, primarily because it focuses on the people and their stories, which are fascinating. It’s really good!

If you are all caught up on Thrones, maybe you can access a hidden spoilers thread by clicking on the photo below of Arya Stark in her street food days:

Don’t know that it’ll work across all platforms, but maybe? Anyhoo, open thread!

ETA: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU WANT TO AVOID “GAME OF THRONES” SPOILERS! Not just the hidden thread; I can’t control what people say on the main thread either.

“I don’t care if you’re sick of snails, Clarissa!”

“You’ll eat it, and you’ll LIKE it!”

That’s what I imagined Mama Limpkin was saying to the baby as they trudged through the swamp in the rain this morning. Could be I read the interaction all wrong, though.

Speaking of picky eaters, my husband and I are both decent cooks who like to cycle new items through the home menu to keep things interesting. Our kiddo HATED that growing up. There were maybe five things she liked, and if we weren’t having one of those things, she’d sigh and roll her eyes and pick through her plate like it was a platter of wombat entrails and generally act put-upon.

Well, ever since she fled the nest, she’s decided she likes our cooking just fine. She joins us for meals frequently and texts us for recipes all the time. I am inordinately pleased by this, for some reason.

Open thread!

Butter Lamb Tutorial

What in the hell is a butter lamb? That’s what I asked the first time I heard of it. See this article for details — tl;dr version: it’s a lamb carved out of butter that is an Easter dinner tradition among Polish-American Catholics in Buffalo, New York.

I am neither Polish-American, nor Catholic nor an Empire Stater, but I married into that sort of family. In Buffalo, you can buy butter lambs in stores at Easter time.

My snowbird in-laws used to get family members to bring a butter lamb to Florida in a cooler for the Easter table each year. But one Easter about 10 years ago, there were no Florida-bound Buffalonians to bring a butter lamb, and everyone was sad about confronting a feast table bereft of butter lambs. So, I found a YouTube of a lady making one, and I carved a butter lamb for the family so everyone would be happy again.

Ever since, it has been my yearly job — store bought butter lambs aren’t good enough anymore! Below the fold is an illustrated 12-step process that explains how I make them, though honestly, the ladies in the linked YouTube video are more entertaining, but people have asked, so… Read more