How To Ruin A Turkey Sandwich/More Respite Open Thread

So, this image showed up in my messages:


I’m just hoping this isn’t a Betty Cracker creation already featured here that in my semester-starting-addled brain I somehow forgot.

Anyway: here’s a chance to talk about anything to do w. abuse of or abusive foodstuffs — or anything else that whets your appetite.

Respite Open Thread: Depending on Perspective


Let’s be honest: By the criteria of this batch — if you’re gonna include meatball subs, grilled cheese & pulled pork — America’s most popular sandwich is the hamburger, a front-runner of Joe Biden proportions.

Late Night Open Thread: Mmm, Grilled Cheese…

We all have our late-night fantasies of a different life…

“Get your wallet out, but don’t get your hopes up.”

Amazeballs Japanese Noodles w/secret ingredient



A few weeks back, I posted about Japanese mayonnaise and mentioned some noodles that used it for an amazing and unique sauce. At least one reader asked for more details, so here they are: Ippei-chan Yakisoba Japanese Style Noodles. They are so damned good, and yes, I try to make this 4 servings, so it only ends up being 20% of my daily sodium allowance.

I love a few different dried noodles and I’ll post about them sometime, and I’m sure I’ll want to also post on ramen and similar noodle soups. I love the fact that I can take this package of noodles, and with either a microwave, immersion heater, or camp fire/stove, I can easily have an amazing side dish. It can make a crappy motel room with reheated fast food much more welcoming, let me tell you. On the other hand, I try to limit such high-sodium foods and limit my palm oil consumption, so I enjoy just a few such noodles or soups a year, not a few a month like when I was younger. Age, it changes us!


Open thread – on noodles or anything else.

Foreign Affairs Open Thread: Australian Election Results

An Aussie commentor brought the election to my attention yesterday, so here is the Guardian‘s liveblog of the incoming results.

Also — and I say this with genuine admiration, not to mention drool — if ‘this is how the sausages are made’ culinary treats were to become an American institution, there would be a lot more interest from our notoriously lackadaisical voters!