You’ve Been Warned

Never, ever write stupid things in the Vodkapundit’s comments section. It gets ugly.

Enjoy Your 72 Raisins

Just read some outstanding news, via the Dailypundit.

Arab News cartoonist Mahmoud Kahil died yesterday after undergoing surgery at a British hospital.

An internationally known political cartoonist, Kahil was the technician in charge of the publications of the Saudi Research & Publishing Company, which publishes Arab News and 16 other publications.

This particular anti-semitic swine will not be missed.

New Digs

Clubbeaux has fancy new digs. Go check em out.

And that is one mean looking harp seal.

Mark Steyn Interview

If you read only one thing today, it should be John Hawkin’s outstanding interview of Mark Steyn. Here is a snippet:

John Hawkins: Who do you see winning the Democratic primary and taking on George Bush in 2004?

Mark Steyn: Not the newly Jewish John Kerry, or whatever his original name is. There’s an Irish butter called Kerrygold, which seems vaguely apt. John Kerry is this season’s Al Gore: he’s being defined by the jokes about him. Not Howard Dean: he’s a lightweight already way out of his league, and his “pro-choice” pandering was pathetic even by Dem standards; he all but called for audience volunteers so he could demonstrate his bona fides by performing a partial-birth abortion on them.

Go read the entire interview, as it is well worth your time.

Feel the Heat of Cold Fury

Mike at Cold Fury is just unloading on people today:

One more thing I’d like to leave you with on this topic:

PRINCETON, NJ — Americans have a sharply more unfavorable image of France than they have had at any point over the past decade. Favorable opinions of the country have dropped 20 points in the last year, while unfavorable opinions have risen by 17 points. Americans’ attitudes toward Germany, which, like France, has balked at approving the U.S. position on the necessity of military action against Iraq, have also become substantially more negative since last year. The image of North Korea in the minds of Americans, already quite negative, has become even more so this year compared to last.

Voila, Pierre; there you have it: the Voice of the American Street. Hey, snail-eaters, can I get a puling, sniveling “Why do they hate us?” Got that in a French accent, plus-size?

Didn’t think so.