Cold Grey Pre-Dawn Election 2020 Open Thread: C’Mon, Uncle Joe…

Per the Washington Post, Tuesday:

Former vice president Joe Biden is planning to enter the 2020 presidential race on Thursday, nearly finalizing the crowded field of Democrats with a candidacy that will test many of the questions coursing through the party.

Biden is expected to make the announcement in a video, according to a source close to him, which will be followed by a trip Monday to a union hall in Pittsburgh.

One of the first events for the campaign will be a high-dollar fundraiser Thursday night, sponsored by a group of supporters including Comcast senior executive vice president David L. Cohen. Biden over the next week or so is expected to travel to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Biden will enter the race in an unfamiliar position, generally at the top of polls nationally and in early states, following campaigns in 1988 and 2008 that ended in failure. His challenge this time will be to wrestle control of a party that has been energized by many demographics to which Biden does not belong — liberals, millennials, women and minorities.
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Late Night Election 2020 Open Thread: Go Home, Moulton, You’re High on Your Own Supply

As I’ve said before, Seth Moulton would be a perfectly adequate ‘Rockefeller Republican’ candidate, if only such a creature still existed, even in the toniest MA exurbs. And if he’d chosen to run in the GOP primary — maybe as Bill Weld’s VP — I might even have sent him a few bucks. But as it is, well…

Open Thread: It’s All Fun & Games Until Pence Gets His Hands on the Rapture Nuclear Codes

It’s a delicious read, actually, if you’re not already surfeited. (Also: keep an eye on Don McGahn, aka Brutus):

By the time President Donald Trump had passed through the prime rib buffet at Mar-a-Lago on Thursday to sit for dinner with family and a top aide, the damning picture Robert Mueller’s report painted of his presidency had become clear…

Perhaps more angering to a leader who detests weakness — but doesn’t necessarily mind an amoral reputation — were the number of underlings shown ignoring his commands, privately scoffing at the “crazy sh**” he was requesting and working around him to avoid self-implication.

Now, those close to him say Trump is newly furious at the people — most of whom no longer work for him — whose extensive interviews with the special counsel’s office created the epic depiction of an unscrupulous and chaotic White House. And he’s seeking assurances from those who remain that his orders are being treated like those of a president, and not like suggestions from an intemperate but misguided supervisor…

It was a sharp turn away from his earlier statements, which welcomed the report’s findings on collusion and falsely claimed total exoneration. Hours before his Mar-a-Lago dinner, Trump insisted to a crowd on the tarmac in Florida the dark days of Mueller’s special counsel investigation had ended.

“Game over, folks,” he said over the sounds of a busy airport. “Now, it’s back to work.”

It’s hard to tell, however, what Trump intends to head back to. Mueller’s probe and Trump’s constant focus on it have been the backdrop for all but a few months of the presidency, often diminishing whatever policy efforts have been orchestrated by officials or Republican lawmakers. The report depicts a President who for two years has been largely consumed by the Russia investigation, intent on short-circuiting it but repeatedly stymied in his efforts by aides…

What is clear is many of those who avoided carrying out Trump’s demands related to Mueller’s probe — often, it seemed, in a bid to protect themselves from criminal wrongdoing — are no longer employed by the White House. Instead, the aides who now surround the President appear less willing to write him off and more likely to encourage him to follow his gut.
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Late Night Open Thread: Depth of the GOP Field

Repubs don’t tell jokes, Ted; Repubs are jokes…

And finally… Click on the tweets below for the entire extremely NSFW thread:

Set Your Alarm – AG Barr To Hold Press Conference 9:30 Eastern Thursday Morning

Trump has also said he may do a press conference after. Obviously, if the report is released in the press conference, nobody will have had time to read it.


I am wondering if what is released will be the marked-up redacted 400 pages or a rewrite by Barr. Also if the text will be searchable or if it will be one of those inert pdfs.