Monday Evening Open Thread: Ohio Trump Voters Rewarded

Just in time for the holidays CHRISTMAS!

And you know there will be a tweet from the Oval Office Occupant, blaming this on Sherrod Brown’s ‘lack of respect’…

Tim Ryan’s district. Maybe he should’ve paid more attention to his job, and less time trying to kneecap Nancy Pelosi?

Good news for the Thief-in-Chief’s actual base, though…

You knew he was a snake when you took him to your bosom…

Open Thread: The White House Showrunners Are Out of Ideas

Given Mike’s “dead, doll eyes”, dumping him for a publicity bump might actually qualify as Jumping the Shark…

In recent weeks, with his electoral prospects two years from now much on his mind, Mr. Trump has focused on the person who has most publicly tethered his fortunes to him. In one conversation after another he has asked aides and advisers a pointed question: Is Mike Pence loyal?…

Within the White House, most people he has talked to have assured the president that Mr. Pence has been a committed soldier, engaging in activities that Mr. Trump has eschewed, such as traveling to Hawaii to receive the remains of veterans of the Korean War, or visiting parts of the globe that Mr. Trump has avoided.

But some Trump advisers, primarily outside the White House, have suggested to him that while Mr. Pence remains loyal, he may have used up his utility. These advisers argue that Mr. Trump has forged his own relationship with evangelical voters, and that what he might benefit from more is a running mate who could help him with female voters, who disapprove of him in large numbers…

Mr. Trump has never completely forgotten that during the 2016 campaign Mr. Pence issued a disapproving statement the day after the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape was made public, on which the president was heard making comments boasting about grabbing women’s genitals…

On the one hand, Mike Pence is a strong “evangelical”; on the other, his fellow Talibangelicals have been so publicly forgiving of Trump’s every little peccadillo, it seems unlikely they’d abandon him over a minor personnel disagreement.

But demanding that Mike Dense further debase himself to prove his ‘loyalty’ might just give some of the other Oval Office apparatchiks a cue to update their resumes…
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Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Second Time, As Farce

No surprise: The Thief-in-Chief’s “princess” acts as though the law doesn’t apply to her, because when has it ever?

Hot take: This news will change exactly zero opinions about the Trump Crime Family… but the NYTimes is (further) beclowning itself, because the suits responsible for assigning front-page headlines have decided they can’t back down now

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Sunday Morning Open Thread: Trump’s State Visit to France, Illustrated

The little man who wasn’t there. As our opponents would say: This is the world Repubs want.

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The ‘Privilege’ of Voting: High & Low

This NYMag article got a certain amount of twitter pushback (look below the fold, at the end of this post, for a sample) last week:

Roxanne Gay had a excellent rebuttal:

We are reaping what has been sown from voter disillusionment and we will continue doing so until enough people recognize what is truly at stake when they don’t vote. A representative democracy is flawed but it is the political system we must work within, at least for the time being. We have a responsibility to participate in this democracy, even when the politicians we vote for aren’t ideal or a perfect match. Voting isn’t dating. We are not promised perfect candidates. Voting requires pragmatism and critical thinking and empathy and now, more than ever, intelligent compromise…

Every single day there is a new, terrifying, preventable tragedy fomented by a president and an administration that uses hate and entitlement as political expedience. If you remain disillusioned or apathetic in this climate, you are complicit. You think your disillusionment is more important than the very real dangers marginalized people in this country live with.

Don’t delude yourself about this. Don’t shroud your political stance in disaffected righteousness. Open your eyes and see the direct line from the people in power to their emboldened acolytes. It is cynical to believe that when we vote we are making a choice between the lesser of two evils…

And then there’s *this* argument:

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Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Nekkid Emperor Accepts the Public Submission of His New Lictor

#Bubbly4Brett is the #LetThemEatCake of this Backlash Decade. How, after all, could one expect the poor man to go through this farce with no alcoholic lubrication?…

To the pain

Susan Collins thinks her supporters are suckers.

We don’t.

Let’s make 2020 as unpleasant as possible for her.

CrowdPAC has been fundraising to support a general election challenger with almost $2 million dollars in pledges being held contingent on the Kavanaugh vote. Let’s go.

And also the core organizing principal should be that “these go to 11” in a world where “51 and Fuck you” is the most recent precedent: