Trump & Pence, Deliberately Undermining Our Voting Process

… because OF COURSE HE DOES, since he’s a committed proponent of the Republican plan to restrict and obstruct the rights of all Americans who are not reliable conservative Republican voters.

Ari Berman has a book to sell, and it looks like a very worthwhile read. Here’s a review by David Cole, in the NY Review of Books, “How Voting Rights Are Being Rigged”:

The Brennan Center for Justice identifies fifteen states that have new voting restrictions in place for the first time for the 2016 presidential election, and five more that have had restrictions in place since the 2012 election. These include several states considered “battlegrounds” in the upcoming presidential election, or that have competitive elections for Senate seats, including Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, New Hampshire, Virginia, Illinois, and Arizona. In each of these states as well as many others, legislatures have imposed rules, like those in North Carolina, that limit opportunities to register and vote, and that demand forms of identification at the polls that many poor and minority citizens do not have—all in the name of fighting nonexistent “voter fraud.” Meanwhile Donald Trump, also invoking the specter of fraud, has sought to impose voting restrictions of his own, urging his followers to watch polls in November, a practice designed to deter Democrats from voting.
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Open Thread: Lost (of Their Own Volition) in A Mirror-Maze

Yeah, it’s (mostly) not about “economic anxiety”, but some 27% of our fellow citizens seem to be wandering around in a toxic haze. And they’ll still be here after (Goddess grant) the Democrats win the Oval Office and both houses of Congress, come November…

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Open Thread: Paul Ryan, Attempting to Spin Shit into Votes

You and your puppetmasters painstakingly built this monster, Ryan — too late to claim you had no idea…

At least the Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver still has one defender among the Media Village Idiots. Chris “Mad Bitcher” Cillizza:

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Pull the Chain


(Tom Toles via

Political cartoonists have to be among the small minority of those who’ll regret Trump’s return to his native fever swamps. Regardless of anyone’s personal stance, how can you not miss a guy who gave you so many easy targets?

Apart from the happy thought of Deadbeat Donnie getting beaten, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Open Thread: Could Not Happen to A More Deserving Zombie-Eyed Granny Starver


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Wednesday Morning Open Thread: At the GOP, It’s Liars All the Way Down

As “everyone” keeps reminding us, VP debates usually have little to no impact on election results — even if they do provide running gags for the punditerati to repeat to each other for the next several decades. (Hey, remember that hilarious Admiral Stockdale bit back in 1992?) But this particular debate may have a positive effect for the Democrats (and the world), in that conventional wisdom is coalescing around the meme that Mike Pence didn’t work very hard to defend his overcard… and Donald Trump is not the man to let disloyalty like that just slip unnoticed…

Tim Kaine, IMO, did just fine. He stood up for HRClinton, fiercely. Just as importantly, he kept reminding people exactly what Donald Trump was like — and that Mike ‘the Sane One’ Pence was just as duplicitous, racist and greedy as Trump, no matter how smooth his delivery or how furrowed his noble brow…

If you don’t believe me, here’s a counter-example — Mark Halperin gives Pence two sucked thumbs up!

One could almost believe this here new-fangled social media gimcrackery might have its uses…

Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Veep to Veep


(Tom Toles via

All apologies to Tim Kaine, who deserves better, but I’m having difficulty cranking my enthusiasm up for tonight’s Vice-Presidential Candidates Debate. Partially because watching Mike Dense is bad for my blood pressure, because he’s such a mealy-mouthed sack of Christianist shit…

…”Mike Pence needs to go in there and try to change the trajectory of the race, but he can’t do that because the biggest problem with their campaign right now is the presidential candidate,” said Mo Elleithee, a former Kaine ­adviser who now directs Georgetown University’s Institute of ­Politics and Public Service.

Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon insisted that Pence will not be able to wash away the worries voters have about Trump’s temperament and qualifications: “No matter what type of performance Mike Pence turns in, it’s not going to resolve the underlying concerns.”…

The debate’s setting in Farmville — which was chosen long before Clinton and Trump picked their running mates — gives the former Virginia governor a home-field advantage. Farmville was the epicenter of Virginia’s civil rights struggle, a point of resonance for Kaine, a former civil rights lawyer and the son-in-law of former governor Linwood Holton, who helped integrate Richmond’s schools in the 1970s. The state’s emergence from its segregationist past as a diverse economic powerhouse may give Kaine a dramatic backdrop against which to criticize Trump’s nationalist agenda and remarks…

Ahead of Tuesday’s forum, there is pressure on Kaine and Pence to shore up their tickets by sending reassurances to key constituencies that remain skittish. Kaine could look to validate Clinton’s progressive credentials and make a hard sale to young voters, while Pence could use his evangelical roots to make overtures on Trump’s behalf to social conservatives.

Ralph Reed, founder of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, said Pence’s asset will be convincing churchgoing Republicans of Trump’s allegiance. “If he gets a slow, underhand pitch on a moral or cultural issue, you know he’ll be able to do really well with it,” Reed said. “There is no better ambassador for Trump among social conservatives.”…

Pence, with his neatly cut white hair, tight smile and soft-spoken manner — “Rush Limbaugh on decaf” is an old nickname — will offer viewers a striking contrast with Trump.

“There is a saying in radio that the Midwestern accent is the best one,” said Rep. Peter T. King (R-N.Y.), a moderate who served with Pence in the House. “It gives people a peace of mind. That’s what Mike’s going to bring.”

Nevertheless, Goddess willing and the router don’t fail, I expect to be here at nine EDT, carping along with the rest of you reprobates and sinners…

Apart from that, what’s on the agenda for the day?