Balloon Juice Public Service Announcement: Immigrant Integration Event in Denver on November 14th, 2017

TaMara emailed and asked me to do a PSA post on the immigrant integration event tomorrow night in Denver. Here are the details from one of our lurkers:

I’m a BJ lurker in Denver, and my partner and I are putting on an immigrant integration event sponsored by the city’s Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, designed to support and integrate immigrant populations with receiving community members. Last year, TaMara was kind enough to promote our event Night of Arabic Comedy on Balloon Juice. This year, we’re hosting a Mexican comedy focused event, featuring an immigrant stand-up comic, Miriam Moreno, who will perform in English & Spanish followed by a subtitled Cantinflas film, Gran Hotel. Cantinflas is a beloved Mexican comedian who has been called the Mexican Groucho Marx – and Charlie Chaplin called Cantinflas “the world’s greatest comedian”. It’s a completely free event at the Buntport Theater tomorrow night, Tuesday November 14th,  starting at 7:30. Hopefully it’s something that the politically-minded readership at Balloon Juice would find interesting, as our goal is to foster stronger connections with immigrants and the receiving community.

So those of you readers, commenters, and/or lurkers in the greater Denver area, if you’re free tomorrow night, please consider taking in a free show.

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The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

Forty-two years ago tonight the Edmund Fitzgerald was lost with all hands on Lake Superior. Most of us know the tragic story from the Gordon Lightfoot song about the wreck. In 2001 a documentary about the Fitzgerald debuted. One of the things that always stayed with me from the documentary, as both a testament to the men serving aboard her and as a potential counterfactual, is that Captain McSorley, the master of the Fitzgerald, slowed his vessel to buddy with the smaller, slower Arthur Anderson. This was done to increase the chances they’d both make port even though the Edmund Fitzgerald had the ability to make better speed to reach safe anchorage had she gone it alone. This part of the history is recounted in the documentary below beginning at the 15:3o mark (should be set to play from that point). Captain Cooper, the master of the Anderson, and his crew showed as much valor when they went back out to search for the Fitzgerald after they’d made it safely to port.

And, of course, the obligatory:

These Are, Indeed, Strange Days: All the Cowboys Take a Knee

Including team owner Jerry Jones!

ETA at 9:30 PM EDT: We have video!

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On The Road: Please Stand By…

Alain asked me to schedule a post for him. He has asked me to inform you all that he is experiencing technical issues and, as a result, today’s On the Road post will not be happening as normally scheduled. Please consider this an open thread while he waits for someone at tech support to answer his ticket/request.

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Santa Fe Meetup Monday

O. Felix Culpa and I will be having lunch at Joe’s on Rodeo Road Monday, June 19, at noon.

Any Juicer in the area is welcome to join us.

Santa Fe Meetup?

Valued commenter O. Felix Culpa has suggested a Santa Fe meetup. It would be after June 8, but I have observed that it takes some time to set these things up.

Please respond on this thread or by contacting me through the contact form if you would like to meet other Juicers at a Santa Fe restaurant. Also indicate what day of the week is best for you and which restaurant you prefer.

I’ll update as things come together.

Something Strange in the Greater DC Area: There Appears to be a Cluster of Missing African American and Latina Teen Girls

There is concern that there is a cluster or, perhaps, a spike in missing persons cases in the DC area where the missing person is either an African American or Latina teen girl.

The figure is startling — more than a dozen black and Latina teens have been reported missing in D.C. since March 1.

The apparent jump in the number of missing young people in the District has raised concern in neighborhoods and on social media.

Actually, what’s happening is D.C. police are now acknowledging a continuing problem.

As indicated by the social media response, DC authorities are taking the issue seriously.

Chanel Dickerson, who recently became commander of the D.C. police’s Youth and Family Services Division, said she was shocked by the number of missing children in the District. She said many of the cases involved runaways and she has pledged to publicize each case and provide equal service to all.

The 211 people who went missing in January did not reflect an increase in cases, Dickerson said, just better reporting by the families. While that may be true, it is far from reassuring. Few believe that the children are being snatched off the street in mass, but they do think that the children are endangered.

Sharece Crawford, a member of an Advisory Neighborhood Commission in Southeast Washington, said she believed that more black girls were getting involved with gangs and also being forced into prostitution.

“What we need is a citywide alert about the dangers out here and how parents can protect their children,” Crawford said. “Residents are very worried. They are wondering if the city is taking this seriously. They say things like, ‘If white girls were disappearing uptown, there would be a state of emergency.’ ”

The good news is that some of the missing teens are being found.

Amongst the teens missing, it’s been reported that 13-year-old Taylor Innis has been found in “good health.” Missing teen Antwan Jordan has been found safe.

Here’s the picture arrays with the pertinent information from one of the Essence authors/reporters.

As much as we are paying attention to a lot of important, fast moving things, it is equally important to pay attention to other equally important issues that impact people in different, but still important ways. It is important to remember that there are people at risk not because of anything the Federal, state, or local government may or may not be doing – though they may be at risk for things that should have long been done, but weren’t. Rather, people can be at risk just because of the reality of day to day life. It is important to keep in mind that as we focus on the big issues that we don’t lose sight of equally important things closer to home.