Election 2020 Open Thread: Golf Clap for Hickenlooper

Good for him realizing the inevitable. He decides to run for Senate, I’ll do a full standing ovation!

The big picture: When Hickenlooper and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer met at the beginning of the month, a source familiar with the meeting said Schumer made his hopes very clear.

– “You could be the person who is the firewall between Mitch McConnell staying as majority leader in 2021 or the Democrats taking the Senate,” the source said Schumer told Hickenlooper. “Chuck Schumer needs John Hickenlooper real bad.”

– Earlier this week, Axios reported on a Democratic group that launched a “Draft Hickenlooper” campaign to encourage him to drop out of the presidential race to run for Senate.

Ditch Mitch: Amy McGrath for Senate

Another veteran throws their hat into the ring.  Semper Fi! I’ll do anything I can to help her, that’s for sure.

Here’s her website for donations

I am trying very hard to tune out this week. I am seriously on the edge of complete burnout. Any suggestions on how to take care of ourselves so we can continue to fight?

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SSDD Open Thread: Roy Moore Wants to Run for Senate Again

Sure, his fellow Repubs have publicly vowed to ‘crush’ him‘This place has enough creepy old men’. They’re even trying to recruit Jeff Sessions to run against him (as if that idea wasn’t six different nightmares in its own right). But FiveThirtyEight refuses to dismiss ‘Sheriff’ Moore’s chances:

… [T]here is one factor working in Moore’s favor — a crowded primary field. Because the eventual GOP nominee stands a good chance of beating Jones in the general election (Alabama is 27 points more Republican than the country as a whole), even more candidates could join the race. A large primary field may fragment the vote, making it unlikely that a candidate could win a majority and avoid a runoff and making it easier for Moore to advance to a runoff with only the support of his base…

I kicked in a few bucks, as a preemptive offering, because I’m superstitious like that.

Take Back The Senate 2020: MJ Heger

I’m going to keep reminding everyone that if we don’t take back the Senate, nothing will change. If we can take back the WH, our candidate will face the same or worse obstruction by the turtle as Obama did.

If you want to send me links to candidates that interest you, I’m happy to front page them. And hopefully, DougJ will continue his ActBlue posts.

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Afternoon Open Thread: Cory Booker on Ellen

One of the things about this rich field of Democrats is getting to know them. Corey Booker had a good interview on Ellen that airs today.  Here’s the full interview:

Kamala Harris was on Jimmy Kimmel last night, but I haven’t had a chance to watch that yet. I may post it later if someone else doesn’t. Looking forward to it.

I like the casual nature of the talk shows and seeing them semi-relaxed. But I also think the town halls are really important for understanding their policies. I’m invigorated by the intelligence and compassion of these candidates. Such a contrast from what we’ve been faced with daily since 2016.

Now I need some candidates to remember we need to take back the Senate and they are needed there, too.

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