2020 Election Open Thread: Never Forget

Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: The Unearned Confidence of A Mediocre White Man

If Harris hasn’t already asked for a Secret Service detail, looks like it’s time for her to do so. His 15 seconds of fame are gonna inspire all the other self-obsessed John Hinckleys, and the next one might be flapping something more dangerous than his big mouth.

And we can be sure if Harris had coldcocked him — which is what he deserved — every talking-head Sunday morning “news” show would’ve been gumming over the same topic: “Kamala Harris: Does This Hair-Trigger African-American Woman Have the TEMPERAMENT To Be President?”

Open Thread: Now I Like Kamala Harris Better Than Ever…

Yeah, right now my dream ticket is pretty much Warren / Harris or Harris / Warren.

The Atlantic has a long profile in its May issue: “Kamala Harris Takes Her Shot: No other matchup would be as riveting—or as revealing—as Harris versus Trump. But first she has to get through the primaries.”:

It’s all happening before you can even see her, so thick and aggressive is the press: the 20-plus reporters with TV cameras, boom mics, lenses larger than some dogs. Kamala shakes Scott’s hand; touches his arm; smiles her big, open, I-am-so-happy-to-be-with-you-right-now smile. She’s shorter, even in heels, than one expects. But she’s magnetic, authoritative, warm—leaning in, nodding, gesturing with both hands, moving those hands from a voter’s biceps or shoulder to a position of deep appreciation over her heart.

Kamala wends through the scrum of press, makes her way to the counter, and finds the woman in the red shirt, who happens to be Scott’s wife. Kamala greets her with a two-handed clasp (a simple shake would come across as too formal and masculine). Then, right there, a decision needs to be made on the fly: What is Kamala going to order?

Kamala Harris—the Democratic presidential hopeful and 54-year-old junior senator from California—is a prosecutor by training. She knows well that any misstep, anything you say or do, can and will be held against you. Her fundamental, almost constitutional, understanding of this has made her cautious, at times enragingly so.

Harris’s demographic identity has always been radical. She was San Francisco’s first female district attorney, first black district attorney, first Asian American district attorney. She was then California’s first female attorney general, first black attorney general, first Asian American attorney general. She was the second black woman, ever, to win a seat in the United States Senate. But in office, she’s avoided saying or doing much that could be held against her. Read more

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