Meaningless Poll Open Thread

Fresh poll of likely caucus-goers in Iowa has good news for Senator Warren’s campaign:

So, instead of Warren and Sanders duking it out for the lefty vote, it looks like Biden and Sanders are having the Battle of the Retreads.

Excerpt from an article in Iowa Starting Line:

Elizabeth Warren’s early investment in Iowa is paying off…

The horserace numbers reflect a shake-up that those of us on the ground in Iowa have been seeing for a while…

The other good news for Warren is that her support appears to be very broad in the party. She leads every age demographic (even surpassing Biden in the oldest age bracket, 31% to 28%) except for the youngest. Sanders has a 14-point lead here among the 18-34 range with 34%.

The article also notes that Senator Harris is going all-in on the Iowa caucus now, which seems to be the smart play. That’s a fairly recent development, according to ISL. We’ll see how the numbers shake out down the road.

All absolutely bereft of meaning at this stage, of course! Open thread!

Open Thread: Why We Need A (Democratic) Female President

Sorry, repeating WE WILL BREAK ALL THE THINGS is not a plan. Not a plan that’s liable to succeed, anyways…

I’ll vote for the eventual nominee, but this is why I’m hoping that will be either Warren or Harris.

I’d be fine voting for Klobuchar or Gillibrand, too, but right now it doesn’t seem like their chances are good. (And of course it would gravely affect my blood pressure to vote for Gabbard or Williamson, but they’re not candidates, they’re spoilers promoted by foreign powers and useful idiots.)

Side issue: Maybe Beto O’Rorke can be Warren’s VP candidate / ‘anger translator‘?

Open Thread: ‘KamalaCare’ (and Its Attackers)

I’m sure more knowledgeable commentors will have more to say about this proposal, but IMO, it’s not a bad starting point…

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Election 2020 Open Thread: The “Real” Kamala Harris

David M. Drucker, “senior correspondent” for the (very rightwing) Washington Examiner:

For months I’ve been in contact with a group of senior Republican strategists keeping tabs on Donald Trump and the party’s view of the unfolding Democratic presidential primary. Since the beginning of the campaign, these people have been worried that Biden constituted the biggest political threat to Trump’s reelection. Early public opinion polls certainly lend credibility to their concerns. But a smaller, though equally distinguished group of Republican operatives in my Rolodex, a sort of GOP cult of Kamala, had been insisting for weeks that Harris was being radically underestimated. With her surgical vivisection of Biden in the first debate, it seemed their fears had been realized. Now, as Democrats prepare for a second round of debates next week, these strategists are raising the alarm.

“I think she’s dangerous, and probably maybe the most dangerous, from our view,” a veteran Republican political consultant told me this month. “She theoretically would do very well with African American turnout and end up being positioned as a Vienna Soccer Mom.” In case you’re wondering, that’s Vienna, Virginia, an upscale bedroom community just west of Washington, D.C., that has accelerated its drift from the Republican orbit since a certain former reality-television star secured the Republican nomination three years ago. Suburbs just like it in critical battlegrounds could hand the White House back to the Democratic Party in 2020…

Harris, 54, is California’s junior U.S. senator and former state attorney general. She might have more natural political skill than any of her competitors for the Democratic nomination. She certainly checks more boxes—African American, woman, racially diverse, a legitimate strength in a party occasionally obsessed with identity politics. Harris also is something of a Washington outsider, or could claim to be, at least, having served in Congress for less than three years. Unlike Biden, she has not spent decades on Capitol Hill making tough choices or agreeing to imperfect compromises.

If any of this rings familiar, it’s because it is. The last Democrat to win the presidency, Barack Obama, was all of those things, save for the obvious. That is why some Republicans take it as an article of faith that by the time the Democrats gather in Milwaukee a little less than a year from now to coronate their nominee, Harris will be the guest of honor. Who else could they possibly nominate? some Republicans have told me, convinced. But in dismantling Biden on the big stage in Miami, Harris showcased how she might earn it—and why next week’s debate in Detroit could be decisive…

Ben Terris, in the Washington Post“Who is Kamala Harris, really? Ask her sister Maya”:

The Harris sisters don’t look all that much alike. Kamala resembles their father: taller and angular; where Maya has the softer features of their late mother who clocked in at 5-foot-1. But the sisters share a contagious, body-shaking laugh so similar that strangers often guess they’re related.

Only now, Maya kept a straight face. Getting exercise and sleep aren’t a treat, she said, but a necessity. Maya has always got Kamala’s best interest at heart, whether it’s ignoring the former prosecutor’s joke comparing a campaign to incarceration, making sure she’s fully up to speed on policy, or getting enough rest — and not just because she’s Kamala’s little sister, but because she’s Kamala’s campaign chairwoman.
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Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Dueling Nice

And a fun little interactive NYTimes story: “How to Get a Selfie With Elizabeth Warren in 8 Steps”

LANSING, Mich. — Sure, you could wear a campaign button. But a photo with the candidate is so much more versatile: suitable for avatars, posting with a clever hashtag, even printing out and framing if you want to go analog.

Posing for the camera with a presidential candidate used to be a perk generally reserved for wealthy donors. At Senator Elizabeth Warren’s events, all it costs is passing some time in a well-organized selfie* line…

Eight hundred of the 1,700 people at that particular event opted for their selfies. Which I can believe, because I attended a much smaller Warren town hall last fall, and more than half the 200 or so people in the auditorium were waiting for their shots when I decided I was too shy to join them!
Extra-credit Midwest/Canadian “nice”: