Late Night Open Thread: Good for Harris

Vermont’s been considered a high-risk, low-reward state — only 16 primary delegates out of 4,690 nationwide”, chosen on Super Tuesday when the media attention will be on bigger prizes. And Sanders is popular with his constituents, if only because he’s familiar (and their expectations are low). But if Harris is running a fifty-state campaign, putting a VT marker down now would seem the smart move. If there’s local interest, she’s in a position to expand as the race heats up (and it’ll draw media attention!); If the new office doesn’t do well, best to get it out of the way early.

Speaking of late-night weirdness, and the Green Mountain state’s senator…

Thursday Morning Open Thread: Inspiration for Us All

And for my Garden Chat peeps…

Monday Morning Open Thread: Remember the Ladies…

Rep. Chisholm, and Bella Abzug, were my first IRL political heroes when I was in high school. In 1972, she became the first black candidate for a major party’s nomination for President of the United States, and the first woman to run for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, as well as the first ever woman (of any race) to appear in a United States presidential debate.”

It’s not just Black women she inspired / motivated, either! From the NYTimes, “Warren and Harris Rise in Democratic Primary, Challenging Male Front-Runners”

… “I want someone who I know will stand up, that has a backbone,” Ms. Krerowicz said, suggesting that Ms. Warren and Ms. Harris could perhaps form a ticket. “They’re both very, very strong women. I would love to see them together, but I think Elizabeth has the experience.”

In the span of just a few weeks, voters like Ms. Krerowicz have pushed the race into a new, highly uncertain phase, propelling a pair of women toward the top of the Democratic pack at the expense of the onetime front-runners, Mr. Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Neither woman is yet in a position to take control of the race. Mr. Biden and Mr. Sanders retain considerable advantages, most notably the backing they enjoy among working-class voters and their significant financial reserves. Mr. Biden, 76, is still the clear front-runner, and both he and Mr. Sanders, 77, are not likely to see their support simply melt away.

But recent polls, and interviews with voters in the early primary and caucus states over the last week, found that Ms. Harris and Ms. Warren had plainly broken through, drawing on a deep hunger within the Democratic electorate for big ideas and groundbreaking female leadership…

Gonna be another busy week, like it or not; remember the long game, and try to hang on to your sense of humor…

Late Night Open Thread: Kamala Harris & Pride

Meanwhile, per Newsweek:

CNN political analyst and American Urban Radio Networks Washington, D.C., bureau chief April Ryan on Monday asserted that President Donald Trump’s administration is threatened by 2020 candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Cali.) because she’s a “strong black woman” that claps back.

During a segment on CNN’s The Situation Room, host Wolf Blitzer discussed the president’s son Donald Trump Jr.’s retweet of a post from conservative commentator Ali Alexander claiming that Harris is “not an American black. She is half Indian and half Jamaican.”…

“Eerily familiar, isn’t it?” Ryan said of the incident. “President Trump began his political career with birtherism, and that gave him basically the Oval Office. He began that way, and now his son is trying to throw this at another black person who is of mixed race, but who was born in this nation.”

“No one questions President Trump when he talks about his father was ‘born in Germany,’ or even Ted Cruz,” the political analyst noted.

Ryan went on to declare that “Kamala Harris is a threat to this White House because she is a black woman. This president has a problem with strong black women, or black women period. End of story.”

“And then watching her in those debates, Kamala Harris showed, as the young people say, the clap back,” she continued. “She had a clap back when she went after Joe Biden, and she definitely showed in this first round of debates that she could stand toe-to-toe with Donald Trump and give him what he gives her. So she is a threat to them in more ways than one.”…

And nobody knows better than April Ryan how much Lord Smallgloves hates self-confident black women!

Friday Morning Open Thread: Kamala Harris Had A REALLY Great Debate

(Transcript here, courtesy the Washington Post.)

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