Second Night, First DNC Debate Liveblog

The Guardian‘s invaluable liveblog is here.
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Barstool Sports is two ranks beneath unspeakable, but I have a weakness for comedian ‘PFT Commenter’, who’s… probably not wrong here:

..I think the real fireworks are coming later on tonight where Bernie, Buttigieg, Harris, and company will have to reckon with the former Vice President, and the realization that if the Onion had made Joe Biden less rapey no one would want to vote for him, and if the New York Times had made Trump more rapey no one would have either. Cable news tells me Biden is the guy who could win votes in states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and other states that have forcefields around them for other nominees. Essentally Democrats want to run Biden because he repersents their version of Trump, except instead of calling Obama a Kenyan merely positioned himself to be president in the event that the birthers were right…

First DNC Debate Liveblog

The Guardian‘s liveblog is here — that’s probably how I’ll be following along:

In terms of what we can expect our diez Democrats to discuss tonight, the DNC has promised questions about the climate crisis, which were conspicuously absent from the presidential debates in 2016.

Many of the candidates have said they support the ambitious Green New Deal, but some of the more centrist types – including Biden – are holding off. Also expect quizzing on healthcare, a real point of differentiation where some contenders support Medicare for All, some are only up for improving Obamacare, and others are somewhere in the middle.

The DNC has been at pains to promote this as a more serious debate than we have seen from Republicans in recent times, which won’t be difficult, and expect other big topics such as college fees, student loans, impeachment and, given the current situation at the border: immigration policy…’s liveblog is here (they’re sponsoring the debate, in partnership with MSNBC and Telemundo.

May the best woman candidate win!

Pre-Debate Open Thread: While They Have the Media’s Attention…

(Have a plan — and bring your own folding chair ladder, as Shirley Chisholm would say… )

Other candidates, too:

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Schadenfreude Open Thread: But It’s His TURN!!!…

No doubt I will pay for this later. WORTH IT!

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Monday Morning Open Thread: Kamala Harris Had A Great Weekend

Chelsea Janes, in the Washington Post:

Throughout the weekend, she cast herself as a candidate of action, seeming to embrace the notion that the Harris brand is one built on practicality as much as any sort of sweeping vision.

“I think it’s important to have grand and broad ideas for how to fix this world,” Harris told voters at a Friday night meet-and-greet. “But it’s also important, and I believe for me it’s a priority, how can I address the things that wake people up in the middle of the night?”…

In a crowded field in which Sanders’s Democratic socialism and Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s heavily regulated capitalism are elbowing for supremacy on the far left and Biden is positioning himself as a centrist best positioned to beat President Trump, Harris is known more for her prosecutorial performance in Senate hearings than she is for advocating any particular approach to policy…

The thread that has connected her proposals is an emphasis on what she has presented as practical actions that can be put in place while long-term solutions are hammered out. Harris’s proposals for tightened controls on guns and a path to citizenship for young undocumented immigrants and their parents rely on executive action, an approach used by Trump and President Barack Obama in the face of opposition from Capitol Hill. Her proposals for rent assistance and a middle-class tax credit of up to $6,000 per year, her campaign staff argues, provide more short-term tangible benefits than, say, more dramatic moves like Warren’s pledge to break up big tech companies…

In South Carolina over the weekend, a must-win state for Harris, she maintained one of the largest and most vocal groups of supporters that was as big as Biden’s, Sanders’s and Warren’s, and thanks in part to that drum line, just as loud. The Rev. Jesse Jackson sneaked into her pre-convention rally. She sparked visible interest…