I Hate Every Democrat…

…Who keeps on sending me begging email, even (or especially) five minutes after I’ve dropped a few more bucks.


I care about politics. By all the noodly appendages of the FSM, y’all know that, right?

I genuinely believe this is an existential election, one in which it’s not enough (though vital) to take the presidency.  We need the Senate, and we pretty close to need the House, which we are unlikely to get, alas.  It takes dollars to do all that, I know.  I understand that you don’t get if you don’t ask, which means the campaigns gotta try.

But I hit the breaking point yesterday.  My wife and I had decided to drop our last contributions in a flurry of mixed support and magical thinking (this $10 bucks to whoever will propitiate the electoral gods…or this one…or this on…).  I allowed all the emails from all the campaigns we’ve given to over the last  year, plus all the campaigns and PACs folks who bought my info from someone I actually support, to accumulate over a few hours.

There were more than 200.  I ended up sending off a cash to Hillary, the DSCC, the DCCC, and the top Senate races I’ve been following — PA, NC, NH, MO, NV.  YMMV, but that’s where I completely unscientifically decided to put what final $s my wife and I figured we could spare. Deleted all the emails. Exhaled.

Within a few minutes — really — more rolled in.  No surprise; why should the folks I didn’t give to stop — how could they know I’m tapped out?  But still, I was getting tired of the whole thing when I noticed within not that long yet more email from some of the folks I’d just given to.  I snapped.

I don’t want much.  Maybe a three hour window between last contribution and next ask? (I’d prefer 24 hours, actually, but I’ll take what I can get.)  And perhaps a little less agony in the subject lines? Every now and then, maybe a positive note — even something like “let me tell you how we’re going to put each new dollar to use”?

Anyway. Just ranting. Good news out of Nevada, and seemingly so out of Florida, which has me off the ledge.  And I’ll further calm myself by getting out and doing something — GOTV tomorrow and Tuesday in New Hamster.*

But sweet Jeebus on a corndog, it’s not just the sheer awfulness of the campaign on the other side, nor the grotesque reality of racism, sexism and misogyny, anti-Semitism, the power of post-truth ideology, the failure of the elite media, and all the rest of the horrors the Trump freak show has dragged up from the shadows.  I’m ready for this to be over so that all my first-name email friends quiet down. Just a bit.

Please.  I’m begging.

Rant away below; this is an open thread, especially for complaints, dyspepsia, and general fuckwuttery.

*Yeah. I’m a Masshole.  I wear it proudly.

Image: Edvard Munch, The Scream, undated drawing.

PS: Ain’t that a grand variation on a truly clichéd piece of art?

The Republican Party is tearing itself apart. It’s about damn time.

The following is from a Tweetstorm I composed yesterday in the hours before that shitshow of a “debate.” There are probably some spelling and grammar errors, because for the most part, I just copied and pasted from my Twitter account, @soonergrunt.

Someone asked me recently why I’m a dick to Conservatives who engage me on Twitter. I’m not to everyone. @RadioFreeTom is a notable example. There are others. But I’ll tell you the answer now. I came to political conscience in the age of Ronald Reagan. I liked him as a person, but I didn’t agree with him on much. But I respected him. He was my President, for one thing, but also my parents taught me that the other side were decent people who wanted what they saw as best for the country. They just happened to usually be wrong. And sometimes they were right. That kind of consideration is something I’ve rarely received in return. Rare enough that I remember a lot of those respectful interactions.  They stick out due to their rarity.

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Open Thread: Man in the High TRUMP Tower

… Mr. Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, an observant Jew who normally does not work on the Sabbath, was among those who gathered with him on Saturday, although the candidate’s oldest daughter, Ivanka, was not. Mr. Trump’s oldest son, Donald Jr., was there. Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey and Rudolph W. Giuliani also showed up, as did the Republican National Committee chairman, Reince Priebus.

Mr. Christie and Mr. Priebus told Mr. Trump that the situation with other Republicans was becoming dire. Other advisers assured Mr. Trump that attacking Mrs. Clinton over her husband’s behavior with women, and over reports that she had defended his behavior, would help rally Republicans again.

Ms. Trump and the rest of the Trump family made plans to travel with the candidate to the debate, in part to buoy his spirits.

But the real source of comfort to Mr. Trump seemed to be the small band of supporters waving Trump signs on the Fifth Avenue sidewalk outside the building. His fans clashed with people walking by, including a woman who told a female Trump supporter that she should go back to her “trailer.”

Mr. Trump could not resist the scene. Just before 5 p.m., he descended from what his aides grandly call “the residence” and strode through the marbled lobby, with his son and his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, in tow.

He slipped through the glass front door, startling some of his star-struck supporters.

The crowd screamed and reached out to touch his suit jacket. He bathed in the rapturous admiration.

He pumped his right fist in the air and smiled. He looked rejuvenated.

He stayed for just five minutes, electrifying the scene.

But before he departed, one reporter screamed a question at him, asking whether he would remain in the race. “Hundred percent,” Mr. Trump replied…

We must be the moral defibrillators of our time (or, “I have a Constitution to lend you”).

DEM 2016 Convention_Timm (3)

Chickens before they hatch and all that…. but the thing I think I am most looking forward to is the photos of Bill walking into the White House as First Gentleman.

I’m a cynical old trout, but Bill’s beaming mug on my ipad has made me giggle like a schoolgirl for the last three days. It seemed like every time someone cracked a joke, or ripped into the Toupéed Apricot Fucktrumpet (but I repeat myself), there was Bill, grinnin’ like a dog with three balls and a bone.

It’s been a barn burner so far, and the leading lady is yet to hit the stage, but my votes for best supporting act go to the Reverend William Barber for:

“We must be the moral defibrillator of our time. We must shock this Nation with the power of love.”

and the equally righteous Mr Khizr Khan for offering his copy of the Constitution to the Hairpiece.

If anyone can link me to a video or a transcript of both, I’d be most grateful.