Late Night No-Sympathy Open Thread: Don’t Go Away Mad…

When Bernie Sanders inevitably bumps up his non-stop nationwide grifting tour to a rerun presidential campaign, he might as well headline it RESPECT THE WHITE PENIS, because there isn’t one of his ‘positions’ that isn’t already being presented by a better (and in many cases more effective) candidate already. But, hey — maybe after last week’s debacle(s), genius ex-Repub media guru Steve Schmidt can persuade Howard Schultz to ‘defer’ his own vanity campaign in favor of supporting the dude voted Most Likely to Undercut Successful Opposition to Trump 2020!

And then these two can duke it out (quite possibly literally) for the undercard position as Sanders’ ‘In case of senile decline, break glass’ vice-presidential candidate:

Also, speaking of political traditions I hope 2020 will finally put into their coffins, let’s hear it for the end of the Great Whitebread-States Media-Mulcting Processionals:
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Getting To Know Kamala Harris

Let the infighting begin. I haven’t had a chance to listen to it in its entirety, gonna do that now.

I’m going to try and get a photo of Baby and give you guys an update later.


Monday Morning Open Thread: Bread & Roses

I’m still of two minds about Senator Warren’s campaign. On the one hand, she’d make a fine president; on the other, we here in Massachusetts — and the country in general — would lose a dedicated legislator and a fierce proponent for consumer protection. But, yeah, I’ve donated already and will no doubt continue to chip in as necessary.

Elizabeth Warren formally launched her presidential campaign Saturday with a call for “fundamental change,” even if the “cowards and armchair critics” call it “extreme or radical.”

“Because the man in the White House is not the cause of what’s broken, he’s just the latest — and most extreme — symptom of what’s gone wrong in America,” Warren said of President Donald Trump at an outdoor rally on a chilly, but sunny winter day.

“It won’t be enough to just undo the terrible acts of this administration,” Warren continued. “We can’t afford to just tinker around the edges — a tax credit here, a regulation there. Our fight is for big, structural change.”…

Her staff said 3,500 supporters filled the courtyard of the mill complex, some of whom had ridden campaign busses from as far away as Cape Cod.

Then she told the story of why she wanted them here.

After realizing their pay was cut in the winter of 1912, the women who worked here stopped the looms and started a political conflagration that became known as the Bread and Roses strike, which saw tens of thousands of workers clash with police and armed militiamen called out by political leaders aligned with the mill owners.

“Nevertheless, they persisted!” Warren said, invoking her now-famous slogan as she looked out at the phrase plastered on hundreds of signs waved by supporters in the crowd…

“People will say it’s ‘extreme’ or ‘radical’ to demand an America where every family has some economic security and every kid has a real opportunity to succeed. I say to them, ‘Get ready, because change is coming faster than you think,'” Warren said…

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The Devil Sends Mean Emails (and CCs everyone)

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar is expected to launch a 2020 presidential campaign today. But according to anonymous staffers interviewed by HuffPo, Klobuchar is a terrible boss who ridicules, demeans and publicly humiliates employees.

Other employees went on the record to dispute those accounts. But Klobuchar consistently has among the highest staff turnover rates in DC, and HuffPo claims her reputation as a bad boss made it hard to recruit campaign staff.

It’s true that male politicians treating employees like shit doesn’t attract the same sort of media attention. Trump is famously a jerk to everyone, and that evidently wasn’t disqualifying. But JERK is on-brand for Trump.

If the emails that supposedly show Klobuchar unreasonably berating employees leak and people come forward on the record with credible tales of tirades and cruelty, would it matter to you?

It would to me. Prada-wearing (alleged) devil Anna Wintour would make a better president than Trump, obviously, so I’d vote for her if she were the Democratic Party’s nominee. But I’d definitely take her management style into account in the primary.

I’ve been unfortunate enough to work for assholes (both male and female) who’ve created fearful, toxic office environments. Not only does that kind of behavior speak to a lack of character and leadership skills, it impedes efficient operations.

It’s a fact that intense, driven people who rant and rave and humiliate employees sometimes succeed wildly. Steve Jobs was famously an asshole, for instance.

But successful assholes could probably have accomplished even more if their underlings weren’t devoting X percentage of their workday to not incurring the boss’s wrath. In short, yeah, it matters.

Thursday Morning Open Thread

Hill headline is — not for the first time — confusing. Sandusky voters will not be going to the polls in mid-October, but the city is changing one of its paid-leave holidays from the second Monday of October to the first Tuesday in November. Far from a perfect solution (for one thing, I’m sure people will complain about non-volunteer poll workers getting overtime comp), but it’s a start.
Elsewhere in debatable election decisions…