Time to call Congress

Okay now that we are starting to collect stories, we also need to start finding out what will happen to Medicare. That means calling Congress.

When you call Congress, you need to call your Representative and your Senators.  Those are the only people who may or may not take action on your call.  Everyone else will at best forward your message to your Rep or Senator.  Right now we do not need to do advocacy, we need to do an intelligence appreication of where people stand on Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” for Medicare.

So when you call your Congressional office, let’s ask a very simple question that we should be able to get a yes or no:

“Does Congressman Doe support Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” plans for Medicare?”

The next round of calls we’ll start getting a little more pointed.  My objective is four fold.

  • Gain an accurate appreciation of the current reality
  • Get us moving and engaged
  • Make Paul Ryan’s plan a strictly partisan thing and turn this fight into Social Security 2005
  • Split the Republican Senate caucus as they’ll have to provide all the votes and can only afford three defectors

Report your results in comments:




Obstructionist Open Thread

p.a. says:
November 12, 2016 at 10:36 pm (Edit)
We have to be hard. They are now beyond ‘usual evil’ (h/t Dumbledore). We can’t do anything to soften their incompetence. Total noncooperation. The Constitution and the progress of the last several generations is at stake. If their supporters can’t learn (and they can’t) they have to be kicked back into apathy. And yes it sucks; lots of people will be hurt.

It would be lovely to ask for legislative quid pro quos, but without the SC it’s all smoke and mirrors.

mai naem mobile says:
November 12, 2016 at 10:36 pm (Edit)
The way to fight the GOP in Congress is to ask for something that you know they aren’t going to give you. Something that is popular and polls well. $15 minimum wage, mandatory paid leave, universal pre-K, therapy animals for vets… whatever It has to be something the GOP isn’t offering on that legislation. It has to be your idea and it has to be ridiculously expensive for their business supporters that you won’t get it. No compromise. It gives you an excuse to vote against the legislation and you can sit there and say that the GOP is indeed against puppies and kittens.

So this. This is what I mean by obstruction.

Don’t work with the Republicans to make crappy laws they and the media will spend the next four years and three elections blaming on our side because we voted for them.

We have a really good Democratic Party platform we worked out a couple of months ago for… some unknown reason. Over half the voters at the last election voted for that platform, so our representatives in Congress should demand that our policies – guaranteed college for all, climate controls, minimum wage, abortion rights, as well as mai naem’s list, be considered and debated in Congress. Every single Democratic elected representative should plot and scheme and finagle and barge their way onto the media and into the offices of Republicans everywhere, and demand our policies be debated here and now.

Yes, most, if not all, of our demands will get knocked on the head, but our reps would have stood up and argued for what is right, and been seen repeatedly and publicly doing so.

This government is going to be brutal. Millions of people are going to get hurt, whether the Democrats fight, or cravenly participate in the evisceration of Obamacare, of gay marriage, of women’s right to make choices about their own bodies.

And while I’m at it – call those things by the names the wing nuts have taken from us and take them back – we want Obamacare to survive because it is one of the proudest accomplishments of our President, President Obama. We want gay marriage to survive because it is right. We want women to keep the right to, yes, have an abortion.

Let us own what our side has done to better this nation.

Let them own what they do to destroy it.

Morning Reads

There’s a lot of talk about the White Working Class  (WWC) but I thought this piece by Joan Williams, who’s written a couple of books about the work life of women, and who teaches at UC Hastings School of Law, was worth a read.  I’m not going to excerpt it, but her explanation of why WWC members resent the poor, and why class trumped gender, are worth reading.

Here’s a DNC member writing to Josh Marshall about why the new DNC chief needs to be full-time.  I think it makes sense.

Saturday Evening Open Thread

TS says:
November 12, 2016 at 8:28 am (Edit)

2008 – Republicans lost the house, the senate and the presidency – they then proceed to impede in any way possible (with the help of a few dems) anything that the President tried to do. They stated it was their goal and they voted 100% in unison. The Media helped them with their non stop attacks on the new President – and the support of the birthers.

Democrats now need to stop talking about why and how & who won the vote and what is wrong with the electoral college & who should lead the party & how they can attract the undesirables. Democrats should be working as a united group to impede each and every thing this government wants to do. Don’t assume they can just “do it” – didn’t work that way in 2009/10.

This lot have NO idea what the President does – nor how he does it. Time to work non stop to show them up every hour of every day.

WereBear says:
November 12, 2016 at 9:46 am (Edit)

@Enhanced Voting Techniques: What are Republicans? CUT TAXES AND SERVICES.

What are Democrats? TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE.

There. Done. You’re welcome.

New tag: Election 2018. Should get a lot of use, I suspect.