Call the Senate

You know what to do. Here are the highlights to argue.

1) Need to cover more people not less
2) Don’t punish states for taking care of their own citizens
3) Blows up state budgets
4) Medicaid covers people at less cost and same satisfaction as private insurance

And once you call your Senators, call your governor. If this bill passes, thirty five governors will be handed massive problems that they cannot solve.

Good time Charlie’s got the blues

We may have just gotten one seat closer to taking the House with Charlie Dent’s retirement. The district is +2 R PVI so not a gimme for Democrats, but Rothenberg at least seems to think Dems have an edge here.

An end may be in sight

The dramatic vote at 2:20 AM where all forty eight Democrats and three Republican Senators voted against Skinny Repeal did not kill the bill. It merely killed an amendment in the form of a substitute to the underlying reconciliation compatible repeal measure. Senator Majority Leader McConnell then pulled the vehicle from consideration at that time. He reserved the right to put it back on the calendar.

The big question remained as to when the reconciliation vehicle dies. It will die if it is not passed in the fiscal year for the budget it was created from. That means it is only a viable vehicle until midnight on September 30, 2017. Once must-pass bills are taken care of (CHIP, Harvey, flood insurance, debt limit, FY-18 funding) Democrats must insist on either immediate adjournment until 12:01 AM October 1st or promise to filibuster everything including post office renaming bills to run out the clock.

Once FY-18 begins, the reconciliation instructions need to be written again and it basically forces a choice between tax cuts or the repeal buzz saw for Republicans.

I Have a Dream: 54 Years Later

Today is the 54th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. King’s I Have a Dream speech.

On this 54th anniversary the Anne Frank Center brings the heat:

Here’s the video of the speech:

ETA at 11:05 PM

Lest we forget, today is the 62nd anniversary of Emmet Till’s murder. The date for the March on Washington was specifically chosen to coincide with the anniversary of Till’s murder.



Root for injuries

Open thread

The President’s Campaign Rally In Phoenix, AZ Live Feed

You all know what to do!

Economic leverage

Josh Marshall makes a very good point this morning about Trump’s toxicity:

Every president has these industry councils like the ones we’ve been talking about in recent days. They range from meaningless to not terribly important. They’re mainly symbolic. With everything that’s happened in recent days, I don’t want to make it out like the decisions of a small number of CEOs is the biggest news. Still, we should recognize that it is entirely unprecedented to have a sitting president become so toxic that corporate America feels unable to publicly associate with him. That is totally, totally new territory.

Last November, the Brookings Institute looked at the election and they made a very key point. The areas of the country where there was both population density and wealth voted for Clinton.

Visibly enraging not-Trump voters is a money loser.