Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Delicious!

I swear, this election is turning into a Donald Westlake novel. Dancing Aztecs, perhaps, with the Oval Office instead of a solid-gold statuette as the macguffin…

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Apart from schadenfreude hangovers, what’s on the agenda for the day?

Hillary Clinton: “We Need to Make America Whole…

Been saving this article for the right time. Buzzfeed‘s Ruby Cramer, back at the end of January: “Hillary Clinton Wants to Talk With You… “

“I am talking about love and kindness,” she says.

As Clinton sees it, she’s really talking about a “shorthand” for her personal and political beliefs, for all the impulses that shape what she does and how she does it. She is talking about the core of “what I believe and who I am.” Even if no one views her that way. Even if she’s never been quite able to explain it. Even if she still isn’t known for the vision she’s been trying to share for decades, going back to the beginning. Even if her earnest efforts to connect with people are hampered not just by her image, but by the actual barriers of public life. After so many years, how do you convince a nation full of people who think they know everything about you that they don’t?
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Bring on the New Messiah

Trump is an interesting opponent, in no small part because the press glugs down his watery bullshit the way someone lost in the desert would inhale an ice-cold beer. Just look at the KKK incident — as hard as every opponent is trying to pin that on old Donald, he’s probably going to get away with a too little, too late disavowal of David Duke.  That’s not even a dog whistle, it’s like a racist-calling foghorn.  Still, the media, by and large, will sweep it under the rug, because they and Trump are both beholden to the God of the click, and Trump makes it rain clicks, every single day.

The media love means that  Trump has a unique opportunity to pivot to a kinder, gentler Donald as soon as he sews up the nomination.  He’s already doing it by trotting out his wife and kids, and there’s no doubt that we’ll see him get his prostate examined at Planned Parenthood, forget that he ever called himself a Christian, and attend a gay wedding by the end of June.  If I had to guess at his anti-Clinton strategy, I’ll bet that he skips the personal attacks and concentrates on Hillary being a bought-and-paid-for shill for the establishment.

Still, in her speech tonight, Hillary brought up one thing the New Trump™ can’t run away from:  What kind of asshole do you need to be to think that America isn’t great?  As she said tonight, “America never stopped being great.” We have our problems, like every other country, but anyone paying attention can see that we’re top turd on this rocky shitpile orbiting the Sun.  And, if America isn’t great for some minority voters and immigrants, the reason is Donald Trump and the people like him.

So, while I don’t think a Trump candidacy is an automatic win for any Democrat, I’m pretty optimistic about our chances against this clown. Bring on the dancing horses.

Open Thread: More GOP Dumpster Fires

Yeah, it’d be more entertaining if the rest of us weren’t gonna have to live with the results…

Expectation setting and open thread

It is hailing outside right now. My son is convinced it is coconuts falling from the sky. Should i readjust his ezpextations before i go to the gym to watxh the primary returns?

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