Later Night Open Thread: Cole’s Favorite Candidate

Jason Kander — he understands how to meet the voters where they’re at!

Somebody may want to add “Thank you for putting on pants” to the rotating tags widget…

Goal Thermometer

Late Night Open Thread: Waiting and Rumor-Monging

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Alternate Working Titles

This made me laugh:


Here, guys. Let me help you.




At some point the media will notice that Pappy Bush and Susan Collins are not the GOP.

And the Stage is Set

We are so well and truly fucked:

The head of the Commission on Presidential Debates has some advice for debate moderators this fall: leave the fact-checking to the candidates.

Janet Brown, executive director of the commission, told CNN’s Brian Stelter that moderators should let the candidates check one another on “accuracy and fairness.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to get the moderator into essentially serving as the Encyclopedia Britannica,” Brown said Sunday on “Reliable Sources.”

While Brown said the commission depends on “independent, smart journalists” to make their own decisions about how to moderate, she said that historically, correcting the record has been left to the candidates.

And if Trump wins, this from Nick Kristof will have been eerily prescient:

In watching the campaign coverage this year, I’ve sometimes had the same distressing feeling I felt in the run-up to the war in Iraq — that we in the media were greasing the skids to a bad outcome for our country. In the debate about invading Iraq, news organizations scrupulously quoted each side but didn’t adequately signal what was obvious to anyone reporting in the region: that we would be welcomed in Iraq not with flowers but with bombs. In our effort to avoid partisanship, we let our country down.

When some in cable TV cover Trump endlessly without sufficiently fact-checking his statements or noting how extreme his positions are, because he is great for ratings and makes money for media companies, we are again failing the country. We are normalizing lies and extremism.

There’s no real upside to telling the political truth in our society any more. You won’t be held accountable. In fact, those who are honest, admit their flaws, and try to deal with reality are punished because the other guy, who lies at will or just makes up fantasy scenarios (this was true to some extent with Bernie and all the things that would just magically happen and voila PROGRESSIVE NIRVANA) looks so much better by comparison.

Early Morning Open Thread: Ted Cruz Slinks ‘Home’ to Trump

Principles! Character!… (craven careerism)

Remember when? The good old days, four months ago?…

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Reminder Open Thread: Trump’s Undercard Mike Pence Is Also Deplorable

What with one thing and another, I didn’t get to post this draft last week, but Pence’s latest LAWN ORDURE! news conference reminded me…

The more out-of-control Trump acts, the more the “establishment” Republicans try to pretend he’s some kind of unpredictable phenomenon that came down upon their beleaguered party like a new version of Ebola. Let’s not let them get away with this, because the standard GOPers on offer are no better:

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Open Thread: Trump’s Other Putin-Sponsored Adviser

Another Friday news dump. Michael Isikoff, at Yahoo News, “U.S. intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser and Kremlin”:

U.S. intelligence officials are seeking to determine whether an American businessman identified by Donald Trump as one of his foreign policy advisers has opened up private communications with senior Russian officials — including talks about the possible lifting of economic sanctions if the Republican nominee becomes president, according to multiple sources who have been briefed on the issue.

The activities of Trump adviser Carter Page, who has extensive business interests in Russia, have been discussed with senior members of Congress during recent briefings about suspected efforts by Moscow to influence the presidential election, the sources said. After one of those briefings, Senate minority leader Harry Reid wrote FBI Director James Comey, citing reports of meetings between a Trump adviser (a reference to Page) and “high ranking sanctioned individuals” in Moscow over the summer as evidence of “significant and disturbing ties” between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin that needed to be investigated by the bureau…

Page is a former Merrill Lynch investment banker in Moscow who now runs a New York consulting firm, Global Energy Capital, located around the corner from Trump Tower, that specializes in oil and gas deals in Russia and other Central Asian countries. He declined repeated requests to comment for this story…
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