Facebook just altered its policies to allow known false advertising by politicians:

Trump pays millions per week in Facebook ads, and they’ll let him tell any old lie that pops into his head.

The life blood of Facebook is engagement. Democrats need to make a concerted effort both to fight and to delete their Facebook accounts.

Facebook Is The Enemy

Transcripts of private company meetings have Mark Zuckerberg saying he’ll “go to the mat” to stop Elizabeth Warren’s plan to break up big tech companies.

Judd Leglum has been tracking Trump’s Facebook ad spend, and Trump is pouring millions into bullshit lies on Facebook:

Leglum has identified a couple of different completely fake, foreign-influenced astroturf Facebook pages, such as “Police Lives Matter”, which had 170,000 fans and spread misinformation about cop deaths and other police-related news. This page was supposedly run by a police officer living in New York City, but was actually run by people from Kosovo. Facebook took the pages down after Leglum pointed them out but, like Twitter, Facebook is absolute shit at policing their platform. And there’s no surprise why: having Zuckerberg monitor his own platform is like having Jeffery Epstein guard a girls’ middle school. Facebook has no incentive to police their platform because of the ad revenue they receive via all this trolling and fakery.

If Warren is nominated and loses, Facebook will be part of the reason, and Zuckerberg will be quietly complicit.

Mass Murder for Profit

This blog has been around for awhile, so I inevitably repeat myself from time to time, but I want to say it again. Whenever someone does the whole time travel/kill baby Hitler thing, I always say to myself, “To hell with Hitler, I’d go back and kill whoever was responsible for the first MBA program.” We beat Hitler and recovered nicely, and he never did near as much damage to the country as our current profits over people management. Here is yet another example (and this is a spectacular albeit maddening read):

Nearly two decades before Boeing’s MCAS system crashed two of the plane-maker’s brand-new 737 MAX jets, Stan Sorscher knew his company’s increasingly toxic mode of operating would create a disaster of some kind. A long and proud “safety culture” was rapidly being replaced, he argued, with “a culture of financial bullshit, a culture of groupthink.”

Sorscher, a physicist who’d worked at Boeing more than two decades and had led negotiations there for the engineers’ union, had become obsessed with management culture. He said he didn’t previously imagine Boeing’s brave new managerial caste creating a problem as dumb and glaringly obvious as MCAS (or the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, as a handful of software wizards had dubbed it). Mostly he worried about shriveling market share driving sales and head count into the ground, the things that keep post-industrial American labor leaders up at night. On some level, though, he saw it all coming; he even demonstrated how the costs of a grounded plane would dwarf the short-term savings achieved from the latest outsourcing binge in one of his reports that no one read back in 2002.*

There is so much stuff that just shocks in here, including the entire chain of events that led to Boeing basically hiding the MCAS system from pilots, but I had to read this several times:

So no more than a handful of people in the world knew MCAS even existed before it became infamous.

Jesus christ.

Open Thread: Oh Joy, A New ‘Demonic Drug’ to Abuse… Politically

Mandatory disclaimer: I don’t vape, and I certainly wouldn’t encourage anyone to start vaping. But whenever the Repubs start ginning up a new WON’T SOMEBODY THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!!! scare, I assume it’s an electioneering tactic…

The replies to Tolentino’s tweet are, so far, astonishingly sensible:

Update on the Fracking Pad

Apparently the squeaky wheel does get the grease, and a big congratulations to Mayor Shirley Kemp (women- they get shit done) for getting the SWN people to come to town council where we could all yell at them, because they are erecting a 360 degree sound barrier.

That doesn’t solve all the other problems we will eventually have with fracking, but at least we will be able to sleep.