Sunday Pre-Blizzard Open Thread

Saw this Birdshot Barbie on sale at the Tractor Supply store today:


Brewing update: Today I transferred my fermented beer to a carboy for secondary fermentation. We will be bottling it next week and hope to enjoy a chilled glass of it in approximately a month.

I snuck a taste today while siphoning from the bucket to the carboy, and it tasted like a flat, warm, hoppy IPA, so I’m optimistic about the eventual result!

There is a wealth of brewing education to be had on YouTube. There are also many videos of incoherent drunks babbling about beer after clearly having way too much of it.

What are you up to? Are you in the path of the Northeast blizzard, and if so, are you prepared?

Feel free to discuss whatever.

Late Night Music Open Thread

Hello kiddies. It’s a scorcher down here today, and that means margaritas. Tonight, I’m off to see Chekhov. In celebration, therefore, music!

ETA: Gay anthem request!

EATA: Crikey. I do love the Japanese kiddies.

h/t Peale @ Balloon Juice