Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Bigly Numbers, At Last!

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Thursday Morning Open Thread: Proud to Be A Democrat

From the party that can walk *and* chew gum!

Wednesday Morning Open Thread: Let’s Take Back the Senate

I’m thinking Kelly has a pretty good shot at helping to turn Arizona blue. Thoughts?

And here’s a far riskier campaign — but wouldn’t it be worth the fight to turf McConnell out of Congress? Politico reports:

Chuck Schumer is actively recruiting a high-profile fighter pilot to take on Mitch McConnell in 2020 — a calculated act of aggression against a leading Republican foe.

Schumer met with Amy McGrath, a Marine veteran-turned 2018 congressional candidate, at Democratic Party headquarters last month to pitch her on running against McConnell. McGrath listened and didn’t rule it out. The Democratic leader first contacted McGrath in December.

McConnell, the longest-serving Senate GOP leader, is gearing up for a reelection fight and leaving little to chance. His political team has begun compiling opposition research on McGrath and delving into tracking footage of her. On Wednesday, senior Republican Party officials involved with a pro-McConnell super PAC will meet in Washington to begin mapping out a potential campaign against McGrath…

Joining Schumer for the meeting with McGrath were Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairwoman Catherine Cortez Masto (D-Nev.), as well as top committee officials Scott Fairchild and Devan Barber. McGrath aides Mark Nickolas and Lori LaFave also attended.

Nickolas confirmed the meeting but said that no decision was imminent.

“The military officer in her always approaches these things pretty methodically and thoughtfully,” he said…

McGrath was one of the highest-profile Democratic House candidates of the 2018 election cycle. Initially rejected by Washington Democrats in favor of the better-known mayor of Lexington, Jim Gray, McGrath catapulted to a primary victory on the strength of a viral biographical ad touting her career as a Marine and groundbreaking fighter pilot.

Ultimately, the 44-year-old first time candidate was unable to parlay a multi-million-dollar war chest and national profile into victory in a heavily Republican district. She was narrowly defeated by B[a]rr…

McGrath ran a damn good race last year, and came close to achieving what the conventional wisdom deemed impossible. Mitch McConnell is a much harder target, but his long career of venality and crooked partisanship has been getting more sunlight with his party’s Dear Leader so much in (all the wrong) news. Even Kentucky has to move on from the 19th century some time.

Monday Morning Open Thread: Bread & Roses

I still hope I won’t have to give up my senior Senator. But as a childhood survivor of the ‘duck’n’cover’ era (the nuns at our primary school didn’t bother, since — as they pointed out — Manhattan was most assuredly one of the primary Soviet targets, so the only preparation we needed was to keep our souls in a perpetual state of grace), I think Warren’s already found some damned good talking points. Per NYMag:

In a bold and controversial move, Elizabeth Warren introduced legislation this week that would revoke Donald Trump’s existing authority to trigger a nuclear holocaust whenever he feels like it. The “No First Use Act,” which Warren co-authored with House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith, would legally establish that it is the policy of the United States to never be the first power to use nuclear weapons in an armed conflict…

Advocates of “no first use” believe the adoption of such a measure could spur more concrete changes in atomic policy, like putting our nuclear arsenal into a lower state of readiness (and thus reducing the probability of an accidental world war).

But leading Republicans believe that maintaining “calculated ambiguity” about whether America is a rogue, terrorist state that just might wipe a city off the face of the Earth at any moment is cool and good. Nebraska senator Deb Fischer said of Warren’s bill Wednesday, “With Russia and China increasingly attempting to intimidate their neighbors — some of whom are U.S. allies — this is the wrong message to send. It betrays a naïve and disturbed world view.”

Thank God our current leaders have a worldview that is sophisticated and sane.

Yeah, about that…

Open Thread: Stacey Abrams Will Give the State-of-the-Union Response

Historically this opportunity has been seen as… well… a bit of a career-killer for rising new talents. But Ms. Abrams says she’s up for the job, and to be sure, she is neither Jodi Ernst nor Bobby Jindal. I may actually have to watch stream her speech!

In Essence, last week:

… “Sometimes you have to be the loser so that the people can be the victor,” Abrams told filmmaker Ava DuVernay during a recent conversation about democracy and diversity. The pair sat down to chat at the National Day of Racial Healing, hosted by DuVernay’s ARRAY Alliance and the Kellogg Foundation…

“Democrats win by telling our story, by engaging communities early and authentically, and by fighting for every vote that shares our values,” she said. “But too often on the Democratic side of the aisle, the ones who share our values are the ones who least likely to be asked to share their voices”.

Abrams is hoping Dems follow her example and continue to reach out to those who may not have voted in the past.

“So what my campaign demonstrated…is that if you go into communities and treat them with respect, regardless of race, they will vote if we tell them we trust them,” she said. “So I want us to have 2020 candidates who are actually doing the work of expanding the electorate, not trying to convince people who’ve already told us they don’t like us to change their mind just this once.”…

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