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Last Post Of Reader Photos From Saturday’s Demonstrations

These photos are from readers whose nyms I missed or who are lurkers.

I think it’s great how many got out to the demonstrations. I love all the photos and signs. There will be more opportunities to use them.


I didn’t take a lot of pics at today’s rally and march for immigrant families and kids, but wanted to share a couple of them. A decent turn out in Olympia, WA today, tho smaller than past rallies. In photo #2 in the lower right in the black jacket is our own Rep. Denny Heck.


[I missed that the identification and comment were at the bottom of the email!]  The spousal unit and I (lurking and occasionally commenting as The Very Reverend Crimson Fire of Compassion) joined the demonstration at Cape Girardeau’s Capaha Park. Yes, it’s a small crowd, but Cape NEVER has any kind of public protest, ever. This is deeply Republican country, and I was amazed at the level of support we received from people on the street. There was a voter registration booth, and I signed up to help get people registered, and to phone bank for our local Dems. We’re going to win this.


From juicer glaukopis in Dayton. I think around 600 were there, tho organizers say 769.


Terre Haute, Indiana


As they say in the newspaper business,


Still More Reader Photos From Demonstrations

From meander: A big crowd in San Francisco. The march took us from Dolores Park in the Mission District (in recent decades, the most Latin American part of San Francisco) to Civic Center. We turned off of Market Street at the Twitter headquarters. My photo of that location just happened to catch a sign calling to “End Twitler’s Internment Camps”.


From Mary (a long-time lurker): My favorite sign from the Portland OR rally. Guessing a couple thousand fired up folks.


From cynthia ackerman:

This is in The Dalles, Oregon today [yesterday].

About 150 in attendance, mostly gray-haired, 99% white, some young families.

This is a good turnout for Wasco County.

Followed by a smaller protest in front of the regional jail (NORCOR), which has a contract with ICE to house immigration detainees.

Three cheers for the dozen or so patriots who have been carrying on the jail protest DAILY for the last 426 days.

Feel their spirit, and send them some of yours!


From Barbara: Here is my single picture, at Lafayette Park in D.C.. It should give you an idea of how packed it was. The message was on the back of the t-shirt.


From mdblanche: The rally was smaller and not as organized in Providence [Rhode Island] than most of the other major rallies have been here recently and attendance was not helped by a rumor it had been canceled at the last minute (dirty tricks?). But there was no sign of any counter-protesters and the crowd was focused and determined. There were no prearranged speakers and everyone who wanted to say a few words had a chance to.


From Starfish: We had about 700 people at a rally at the Unitarian Universalist church in Boulder, CO. I was in the front row because I wanted to see Ingrid Encalada Latorre. She is the woman holding the blue phone in the photo. The church has been her sanctuary for a number of months. She is there to avoid being deported by ICE. You can see more pictures of her and her family here.

Jeanette Vizguerra, mentioned in the photos at the link, also took sanctuary in a church in Colorado for a number of months before ICE gave her a stay of deportation.

The speaker is Joe Neguse, the Democratic candidate for U.S. House District 2 for the state of Colorado. He is speaking because he is the son of Eritrean refugees.


From O. Felix Culpa in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Yesterday was also the Gay Pride celebration, so a vigil was held for the families at the State Capital in the evening.


One. More. Post.

More Reader Photos From Demonstrations

From Bob from Riverview – longtime lurker. This is the Tampa rally.


From Mary G. “Attached is a photo of our protest signs for the March in Irvine, CA – we were late due to my fault and there were so many people there we couldn’t park, so I drove up and down and we waved them out the windows at the multitudes of marchers still arriving and the police.”


From Paul Wartenberg (not all the pics). “It was a drizzly afternoon, we had about 80-100 people and 7 puppies braving the weather.

“I personally only marched about half of this, one circle around downtown Lakeland (Florida) and my back started flaring up. It wasn’t as flashy or big as Tampa’s – we had a few couples who attended that one earlier in the day – but we got a good number of honking cars in support… and about three big trucks of jerkass drivers (I had to explain to some of my fellow protesters about Coal Rollers and to watch out for them)

“The fat boy in the Captain America t-shirt is me.

“There is video but my phone and computer are refusing to cooperate. I blame trump’s inhumane policies.”


From Ceci n est pas mon nym. “These are from our little Borough near Philly. I didn’t get to the big Philly rally, but attended this Interfaith Council event, led by a local rabbi. Drew quite a crowd (comparatively speaking).”


From lurker lafcolleen in Chicago. “Next to last picture is me and daughter ladder. The crowd pictures are from the edge of Daley Plaza, one looking North and one looking South. Some.good signage too!

“I remember in the heyday of the “grassroots” tea party rallies, someone pointing out the obvious mass market signage of the participants.

So now that is what I look for – and the March was PACKED with home made signs plus clothing with signs. I was wearing a shirt that simply said NO!”


From Sister Golden Bear: “I’ve been housebound with my dying mother today, but a friend shared this amazing sign from today’s downtown LA protest.”

More to come!

Reader Photos From Yesterday’s Demonstrations

I’ve got quite a backlog, don’t know if I’ll get to all of them.

From truegster in Austin, Texas. Anywhere with shade was crowded.


From Gretchen in Kansas City, Missouri. “I think maybe 1-2000 people. I couldn’t get a crowd picture because there were some people in the sun by the stage, but many people scattered in the shade under the trees. It was 95 degrees and very humid. We had to leave early because my friend got heat exhaustion and we had to repair to the AC in the national WWI museum nearby.”


From Kelly. “Lovely Hi 70s protest weather in Salem OR. Here’s a pic of me at my first ever protest march at 62 years old”


From Eponymous in Flagstaff, Arizona. “I couldn’t attend the Denver rally due to previous plans for AZ. So – this was closest, and it looked like at least 300 people were there.”


From Schlemazel in Minneapolis (not all the photos he sent). “It was nearly 90 but the downpours predicted have been delayed. We waited in the park & this is the crowd.”

These dancers lead the march

This is about mid march. We went down & joined them but I really could not get a decent picture after. Minneapolis is too flat! No clue how many people but many more than I expected


From Dan B in Seattle. 10,000 people at SeaTac Detention Center. Dozens more demonstrations statewide with several topping 1,000 folks.

One crowd pic shows a small portion of the crowd. We could not see to the edge either in front of us or behind us.
There were also some friendly “minders” on the roof of the detention center. The crowd yelled “shame, shame, shame” politely…


Still more to come!

Still More Reader Demonstration Pics

From mostly lurker Rustypickup in Rochester, New York:


Another lurker – marshstars at the United States Customs House in Charleston, South Carolina. We had 400 or more people there. The pic mostly shows those on the steps—the early/ on time arrivals. The event was organized late so it was a good showing. Great vibes! No hecklers. Closest other ones were Myrtle Beach, Columbia, & Savannah, Ga.


From MoebiusKlein in San Francisco. Look how far that group reaches!


Another mostly lurker, mg_65 in New York City. There’s a dog just for Balloon Juice jackals! Again, not all the photos.


From Joy in FL. The photo is from Spring Hill in western Florida.


From JoJo in Milwaukee. Here we are in blazing 100 degree heat, in front of Sen. Ron Johnson’s office in downtown Milwaukee. I’ve been to a lot of protests in this location, but this was the first one that shut down the street.


Good to see so many lurkers emerging! More to come! Might be tomorrow morning.

More Readers At The Demonstrations

When you send photos, please tell me your nym so that I can give credit.


From HumboldtBlue in northern California, who sent a lot of photos, not all of which are posted.


From aimai: Mr Aimai and I have already been to vigils and protests last week in Boston, our home town. This weekend we were in Portland Maine to celebrate 23 years of marriage but we drove up with signs ready and hit the ground running at Portlands rally. I guestimate 1,500 people? Very fired up and justice focused.

The first photo is Aimai and Mr Aimai.



From Uncle Ebeneezer in Pasadena. Again, lots of photos, not all here:


From jackmac, occasional Balloon Juice commenter (and keeper of Daisy, Balloon Juice calendar girl)

In St. Charles, Ill. (in Chicago’s far western suburbs) immigration protesters braved temperatures in the mid-90s to gather on four corners of Randall Road and Illinois Route 64, a busy retail intersection.


More to come! I’m going to take some time off, will be back later.