Another Suit Struck Down

Does anyone keep track of all the unsuccessful lawsuits filed against Presidents? It would be fun to see who had what filed against them. Here is another one against Bush that failed:

A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit filed by a former congressman alleging that President Bush violated the 1973 War Powers Act by attacking Iraq.

Former Rep. Clair Callan had no legal standing to file the court action and failed to show that he would be personally injured by Bush’s actions, U.S. District Judge Richard Kopf ruled.

Surely this legislator should have known he would have no legal standing. Congressman understand the laws they make, right?

New Addition to the Family

Today was Tunch’s one year birthday, so I went to the pound and rescued another cat so that he would have a play friend. I now have two one year old cats, and I will not be in the market for another one anytime soon.

Things went relatively smoothly when I introduced the two- there was a lot of tension, some high pitched yelling, and hair everywhere- but enough about me. Tunch and Oliver (and no, I did not name him after Oliver North- when I saw him at the pound he just looked like an Oliver to me- and that seems to be as good a way to name a pet as any other, so it stuck) seemed to hate each other at first, then after a few hours their behavior turned into a sort of almost French indifference (“Yes- I see the stinking cat. What about it? He does not bother me. Give me a Pounce treat. You bore me, human.”)

After ten hours together, I am now John, the human Jungle Gym. The couch is now kitty high hurdles. I don’t know where my cell phone, my keys, any of my pens, or the remote controls are hidden. In other words, I am now servant to two masters. I will post some pictures when I borrow my friend’s digital camera.

Welcome To Your New Home, Muhammed

This is great news:

An Iraqi lawyer who helped the U.S. military find and rescue Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch, who was held prisoner in a hospital in Iraq, has been granted asylum in the United States, officials said on Tuesday.

They said the lawyer, his wife and their daughter were granted asylum in Arlington, Virginia on Monday. Further details were expected to be announced by Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge during a speech later on Tuesday.

I know some may think that Muhammed is nothing more than an Iraqi Uncle Tom and a craven opportunist, but hey- how many people, given the opportunity, do the right thing? That counts for something in my book. I want more people like Muhammed in the United States.

(via MommaBear)

Finding Their Voice?

Via the prolific and now professional Matthew Yglesias (I am sucking up- I have a favor to ask him if he would ever respond to my emails), I see the first sign that Democrats may be creating a coherent message with some substance:

“Ohio has lost 167,800 jobs, or more than 3 percent of its total work force, since Bush was sworn in,” Democrats on the House Government Reform Committee said in a statement. “More specifically, the Canton metropolitan area has lost 6,300 jobs (3.43 percent of its work force) and the Lima area has lost 2,500 jobs (3.18 percent of its workforce) since Bush took office.”

Now, of course, I hope the donks are not successful, and I probably will not agree with their message, but you have to admit that this is better than what we have had to deal with for the last two years, which was nothing more than a litany of bumper stickers saying Bush is stupid, he was selected, and, of course, the old standby, “No Blood For Oil.”

Maybe the donks are figuring it out- opposition parties oppose policies, not the person. Who would have thunk it?

The Truth is What You Want To See

Kevin Drum has this to say about the 90’s ascension of Newt Gingrich:

It’s hard to explain how this felt to a liberal like me. It was like waking up one morning and discovering that Norman Mailer was the new leader of the Democratic party. A guy who had been considered a fringe radical just a few years earlier was suddenly a serious statesman.

Umm, Nancy Pelosi? Ron Dellums? Jesse Jackson? There are enough wingnuts on either side, Kevin. I am not sure why Gingrich scared you anymore that the other collections of lunatics in both parties- except for the fact that Newt was successful at gaining power and changing the political make-up in Washington. As Kevin is a Democrat, I can see how that scared him.