Riskier Than Risky?

What is riskier than a war to the DNC? Why, tax cuts, of course:

Dear ,

Senate Democrats won a huge victory for working families this week, winning a crucial vote to cut by more than half President Bush’s latest scheme to give an enormous tax cut to the wealthiest sliver of Americans.

Every Democrat in the Senate chamber voted to slash Bush’s tax giveaway from $726 billion to $350 billion, protecting the future of all Americans by dedicating the savings to protecting Social Security!

… But Now Bush Is Using the War to Justify Risky Tax Scheme

But this fight is far from over. The White House proved it will say anything to pass its enormous tax scheme, even using the military conflict in Iraq to find an advantage.

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer told reporters that we need the Bush tax scheme “so that when our men and women in the military return home, they’ll have jobs to come home to.”

Not only is this a shameful political exploitation of the men and women who are putting their lives in danger, but it’s also misleading.

Under a 1994 law passed by the Democratic Congress and President Clinton, employers must reinstate reservists who return from active service.

Yawn. A pox on Ari Fleischer for stupid remarks (although in the abstract, accurate), a pox on the DNC for trying to get mileage out of this.

(Via Drudge- so take this with a grain of salt)

Just Out of Curiosity…

Am I the only one who finds it moderately amusing that the most partisan of Democrat webloggers are claiming a major victory when only half of the President’s tax cut passes the Senate ($350 billion over 10 years). My, how the landscape has changed. Yes guys,- half a tax cut is quite a spanking. A Whopping defeat. Snicker.

Now if you damned Republicans would cut spending.

Charles Rangel, Jerk (D-NY)

Go read.

The Obnoxious Left

WHat to do when you are so bitter about being on the wrong side of history, on the wrong side of every issue, and on the wrong side of this war? Obviously, the answer is to vote ‘NO’ or ‘PRESENT’ in a resolution supporting our troops.

It’s the usual supects- Conyers, Rangel, McDermott, Stark. Go see if your representative is there, so you too can be embarassed.

Bad Tactics

The indispensable TalkLeft has several links of note up that should be followed closely.

The first involves questionable tactics that the FBI are borrowing from the DEA, the second involves legislation introduced to jail file-sharers.

Calpundit and Howard Dean

Howard Dean was on Meet the Press yesterday, and I was not particularly impressed (I love the fact that they show it again at night on CNBC so I can watch all the Sunday shows). At any rate, Kevin Drum states what he sees as the problem with Dean’s message:

I caught a few minutes of Meet the Press, where he appeared, and he seemed pretty uncomfortable with the subject.

In fairness, I think this really is one of those cases where the liberal position is hard to articulate. Why should we care what France thinks? Still, if Dean’s position is that this is a problem that needs broad international support to be resolved successfully well, he’d better figure out a way to explain that in a soundbite or two. Maybe that’s unfair, but this is the big leagues.

Many times I perceive Dean’s message as incoherent sentimentality for the “Old World Order” rather than anything specific.

Calpundit also takes Tapped to task for a few things (and he provides some recommendations.) Because I love Tapped so much, I have one more suggestion:

Stop the gutless anonymous posting on your weblog.

Or am I just a witless monkey and everyone knows who is writing their weblog?

The Lost Tribe

Welcome and good luck:

Over the next two years, nearly all of the Somali Bantu refugees in Kenya about 12,000 people are to be flown to the United States. This is one of the largest refugee groups to receive blanket permission for resettlement since the mid-1990’s, State Department officials say.

The refugees will be interviewed by American immigration officials in this camp, which is less violent than the camp near Somalia. The interview process has been slowed by security concerns in the aftermath of Sept. 11. Despite the repeated delays, the preparations for the extraordinary journey are already under way.

And, as Atrios noted– ‘Good for us.’

Good for us for doing the right thing for a change, and good for us to have another 12,000 people to make this country better.